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hi guys so my girlfriend’s name is blue sargent and this is why i love her

  • she accidentally became a vegetarian she just isn’t fond of meat so she eats so much yogurt and salads and totally packs fruit kebobs for lunch,,, what a nerd
  • she has an emergency sewing kit
    • henrietta high school legend says if you say “blue sargent” and spin around three times in the girls bathroom she’ll walk out of the stall and have the exact right button to replace the one that got ripped off your sweater
  • literal embodiment of “aesthetic or die”, she’d choose overheating in the middle of a virginia summer over ruining her look
    • “blue you look like you’re gonna pass out”
    • "i’m sorry, i misheard, i think you meant i look fucking great”
  • her guilty pleasure is 90′s boy bands she loves *nsync and backstreet boys and totally knows all the bad dance moves from the music videos
  • she’s tone deaf though can’t carry a tune to save her life but sings loud and proud anyway
  • she has a gap in her teeth just big enough to be noticeable, it whistles when she’s trying not to laugh
  • she’s a mug hoarder that brings tea up to her room but has like twelve mugs on her window sill from forgetting to bring them back down
  • her dad’s a fuckin woodland nymph so she’s ridiculously good with plants and her vegetable garden is the envy of the neighborhood
  • she’s a dog person she walks dogs as a job because she gets paid!!! to spend time with dogs!!! she loves it so much
  • once whipped out her switch on a boy twice her size for catcalling and scared the living daylights out of him,, attitude makes up for height and this girl’s got plenty of it
  • she’s not a bad student but she does get asked to leave class for sassing her teacher’s or telling them theyre wrong
    • “[insert historical figure] was gay”
    • “ms. sargent please don’t”
    • “history is so fucking gay you don’t understand-”
    • “please sit outside for the remainder of class” 
    • *cue deep dramatic sigh from blue*
    • the teacher called maura, who laughed her ass off and hung up the phone
  • she was riding her bike home one day and was late because she got distracted talking to a homeless guy while waiting at an intersection and she bought him some mcdonalds and played cards with him
  • LOVES stargazing so much, persephone taught her the constellations when she was little
    • when she misses her she goes and sits under the stars with smelly tea, wearing a pair of persephone’s socks. she feels closer to her that way and it hurts a little less.
  • the gray man didn’t teach her how to fight, calla did.
    • by the time calla is done with her blue can flip ronan on his back
  • speaking of ronan him and blue are best friends i don’t make the rules these are just facts
    • she has dream hair clips that change color
    • she sewed pockets into all his jackets for chainsaw
    • theyre combat boot buddies
    • she is Tiny and rides on ronan’s back or shoulders
    • she has literally taken a running leap and jumped on his back while he was in the middle of a conversation and he didn’t falter in the slightest
    • he rips up clothes for her so she can get that Punk Aesthetic
  • she gives the best hugs on the planet she is a tiny lady but will pull you in so tight and you can rest your head on her soft hair,,, wow
  • her nail polish is always chipped it lasts like an hour tops
  • there’s always kids running around the house and she is so good with them, playing tag, teaching them crafts and cool friendship bracelet patterns and she wears all the ones they make for her
  • you think ronan cusses up a storm? blue could give him a run for his money the girl’s got a mouth like a sailor
  • loves yoga but only knows like 6 poses that she does over and over, calla judges her
    • “blue why are you laying on the ground”
    • “im doing yoga. its called corpse pose. leave me alone youre fucking up my zen.”
    • corpse pose is a lie it’s literally laying on the ground 
  • that’s about it
  • my girl is a dorky feminist hippy and i love her
  • she deserved better
  • :))))
The only constant in my life
  • Me: (minding my own business, reading a pattern, making a bracelet)
  • Person: How are you doing that?!
  • Me: I'm just reading a pattern.
  • Person: But how?
  • Me: It's like any other craft pattern. This tells me what to do when and where.
  • Person: But, HOW?
  • Me: These lines are my strings. Those circles have arrows on them. There are 4 knots I can make. Each arrow represents a different knot. I just make the knot it tells me to make when I get to that string.
  • Person: (states blankly at me)
  • Person: (looks at pattern)
  • Person: nope, I don't get it. This is impossible for anyone to understand. You must be a witch.
Sherlock Jewellery Commissions

Hi everyone ! I’m still having cat problems and vet bills so I’ve decided to try and do some commissions.

Exemples of my work:

Fandoms: BBC Sherlock but I’m open to other Sherlock Holmes incarnations (Granada Holmes, RDJ Sherlock…). If you want anything else, it doesn’t hurt to ask, I’ll probably say yes.

What I don’t do: I don’t  do cuff bracelet from fan art that isn’t yours. Don’t even ask, sorry.

How a commission works: Message me on tumblr. If you want a cuff bracelet, I’ll need a good quality picture and the size of your wrist. I’ll then work on a pattern. If you’re happy with the pattern, I’ll start the bracelet or order the beads if I don’t have them already.

Turnaround time: It depends on the beads I have and the beads I need for the cuff. If I have all I need, it takes a week. If I have to order some beads, it can take up to one month. At that point, if the turnaround time is too long, you can still change your mind. Once I’ve started the beading or once I’ve passed the order, you can’t change your mind.

Pricing: The price of a cuff bracelet depends on the number of beads I need. You have to count a minimum of 45€. I’ll ask you to pay upfront using Paypal  or through my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for reading and I’d appreciate a reblog. 

Have a nice day!

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Lance knows how to make string friendship bracelets and he makes them for just about anyone who could be considered a friend. He made one for Pidge as soon as she joined the garrison team originally and another one when she decided to stay with voltron and then a third in red white and yellow after the adapter disaster. Hunk has seven but his favourite is actually a yellow anklet that he wears full time. Coran was given his the first day lance found thread.


- When they find thread though, Lance is so ready. Shiro gets one in black and silver at first, and then Pidge gets this idea that if Lance made him a purple bracelet, he could have some good connotations with the colour instead of just reminding him of the Galra? He does it and explains it kinda nervously but Shiro is Incredibly Appreciative Of This Bracelet And His Teammates And His Friends

- Allura gets one in pink and white at first. During space mall maybe he found thread… sparkly thread… he starts figuring out how to make a patterned bracelet that’s kinda thick and has this simple star design in it… Allura Gets Her Sparkly Thing….. She never takes it off, ever,

- Keith gets one in red at first, and then he gets another one in red and blue a few days after their first kiss. Keith basically begs Hunk to help him make one back because Um Hello He Needs To Keep Up?? 

- I love him

Hi, guys! I wanted to let you all know that I sell friendship bracelets. The ones pictured above are ones I made for myself (either representing something or matching with a friend) but this picture was taken a while ago now and I’m much better at it than I was). I’ll try to make a future post with pictures of each type.

The bracelets normally take me about an hour to an hour and a half (not including food breaks lol), but this fluctuates greatly by the kind. Because of this, and the cost of thread, the price of each is different but averages about $8.00 for knotted ones and $4.00 for braided ones, including Kumihimo.

SO, here’s the kinds I offer:

  • Chevron, arrows, diamonds ($8.00)
  • Stripes ($7.50)
  • Bracelets can have a line or dots running through the center (I’m not sure what this pattern is called; I figured it out on my own) - ($6.50)
  • Alpha pattern bracelets (names, numbers, and pictures) - the example on my wrist in the picture is the bottom blue one, which is actually in Hebrew - ($9.50)
  • Off of that, I can do non-English style letters as well. So far I’ve only ever done Hebrew and Quenya, but I’m sure I can figure something out. Another example of this is a pair of corresponding skyline bracelets that I’ve made for myself and my best friend but SHH it’s a surprise ($10.00)
  • Kumihimo bracelets (I’m most familiar with round and spiral but I know how to do the others as well) - ($5.00)
  • I’ll also do simple braids if you’d like ($2.50)
  • I’m also happy to learn a new pattern if there’s something specific you would like

All bracelets can have borders added to them (+$0.50)

I’ll ship anywhere in the United States and will happily cover the cost of shipping.

50% of all proceeds go towards donations for my local animal shelter (the Bay Area Humane Society in Green Bay, WI)

^ Instead of donating money, I instead see what they need at the moment and purchase that for them every time I reach $100 dollars in sales.

For the end of Pride Month (but actually, this will be going on until the end of July since I am a bit of a numbskull and forgot to post this earlier) 100% of the proceeds from bracelets representing a part of the LGBTQ+ community (see my pansexual flag bracelet) will go towards an LGBTQ+ charity of the buyer’s choice.

Send me a message if you’d like one!

I do also have a couple finished ones that aren’t actually for anyone specific, so if you’d like me to send you one of those, they’re free of charge.




Room Decor


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do ever consider that ziam was in love but someone fell out of love, or cheated, or they both decided they weren't right for each other?

I’m gonna be a liar if I say it didn’t cross my mind at all that maybe Ziam is no longer together and are currently single or seeing somebody else (but NOT Gigi and Cheryl–geez no matter what happens I will always believe their respective “relationship” with Zayn and Liam is PR and for bearding purposes). On a very rare occasion I’d asked myself, “If I look at the big picture, are they still together?” but when I recall stuff that supports Ziam nowadays I always come up with the same conclusion–yes, I believe they’re STILL TOGETHER. Just now when I’m going through my tag on “proofs” they’re still together it just strengthens my resolve that they are still in a relationship with each other. Coz if they weren’t together anymore I don’t think we’ll be having these things happening at all.

As I’ve said before, I went through my tags and here are the latest Ziam stuff that I reblogged and posted through the latter part of this year (I restrained myself in just posting from Jun 2016 onwards so as to make this as recent as possible):

First off, they engaged in their unique kind of “internet” flirting back in June: x 

It’s important to note that Zayn posted his selfie right after the media onslaught about Liam looking like he lost a lot of weight due to the sharp cheekbones he’s sporting on his selfie so it seems like Zaynie is trying to make a point that a selfie with sharp cheekbones doesn’t tell the whole story about a person’s weight. Zayn’s being a supportive bf here y’all x

These particular selfies they posted just hours between each other (Zayn: 5:06AM; Liam: 7:42AM) 

When Liam decided it’s high time to change his twitter handle (RIP Real_Liam_Payne) his new twitter handle bears a strong resemblance to Zayn’s and not only that his new Twitter name also match Zayn’s (Bonus: Larry matches too. Hah!) x

They wore matching shirts: x

Matching bags (their respective bags came from the same season) x

And matching necklaces:

[Dang I just realized that Liam on that day at the airport is brimming with Ziam connections lolz]

About the necklace, Liam doesn’t wear necklaces. His choice of accessories is a big ass expensive watch. But for him to wear a necklace (which he doesn’t seem to take off when he’s out and about) and then Zayn wears a similar looking chain afterwards is worth noting for. (And Zayn doesn’t wear that kind of chain. He usually opts for thinner chain.)

They also had a similar selfie once again with them both wearing their chains and Zayn wearing a red shirt. x Zayn usually posts b&w pics on his IG and he rarely pose for selfies like these nowadays. So to him to post a selfie in COLOR wearing a red shirt (a color strongly associated with Liam) and a matching chain with Liam is really telling (does he wants us to show off the red and the color of the chain? Hmmm).

When Liam posted his #LoveFeelsBest graffiti pic, the graffiti on the wall bears a strong resemblance on how Zayn does his own grafitti wall art: x

And when Liam went to Vegas this October his after party outfit is a clone of what Zayn wore when he went to Vegas a year before: x

November is an interesting month (and heartbreaking towards the end). Zayn upped the ante and have been more upfront with his shade about Ziam:

First off, Zayn followed two interesting accounts on Twitter: x x

I mean…ZiamSyndrom? Ziam is real bitch? He followed an account that has a description like that on her bio! It’s impossible that he didn’t read that before he followed her and yet he still did. (Bonus: Liam also follows her! 

Lucky gal. Her otp follows her account. Zayn and Liam follows a Ziam account. An account that has a Twitter bio description that says Ziam is real. Doesn’t that tell you something?) 

And of course on the AMAs Zayn chose to copy Liam’s outfit on the last public event they attended together from HEAD TO TOE: x x

Why would he copy an old outfit of his ex-bandmate? Is it because he can’t bring Liam to this important event so he went ahead and brought a piece of Liam with him on this evening? But why? Why would he want to do such a thing if Liam doesn’t mean something very important to him?!

And to every Ziam supporter’s delight that evening, Zayn is also spotted wearing a CARTIER LOVE BRACELET which Liam has religiously worn for about 4 months on the early part of this year: x

So Zayn and Liam has MATCHING Cartier Love Bracelets ain’t that something? And I’m not seeing that bracelet strapped on Gigi’s nor Cheryl’s arm. Especially Cheryl since Liam has worn that for four months and Cheryl never sported that bracelet to match Liam during that period. Liam’s close friend Andy is wearing one as well as his long-term gf. So to me it seems that Liam’s close circle is aware of that bracelet and what it traditionally means to romantic couples and such. If Andy’s has got a matching bracelet with his gf who is Liam matching with his bracelet then hmmm?

Anyway, what I find really interesting about their bracelets are the dates when these debuted on Zayn and Liam’s wrists. So Zayn first wore it publicly on Nov 20:

 And for good measure, he wore it three days later (Nov 23) when he had his pap stroll at WeHo:

And a week later we’re bombarded with this: x x

Now let’s go a few months back. Liam debuted his bracelet on his stylist’s ig post on Feb 23:

The next day he wore it at the Brits:

And then two days after we saw him still wearing that bracelet when he got out of Sony’s London HQ’s:

The following day Wootton broke this news over at The Sun: x

Did you see the pattern here? The Love bracelet debuted on their respective wrists days before an important SHAM development hit the news. With Zayn’s bracelet it’s the SHAM pregnancy debacle being deemed as “confirmed” due to the enormous bump Cheryl is sporting at the pics and of course Liam being named as the father of Cheryl’s unborn child. And with Liam’s it’s the debut of this head scratching fauxmance. Do you still think it’s a coincidence? Why do they both debuted wearing a bracelet that is very symbolic for romantic love just before a major SHAM breakthrough was about to be played out in public? I dunno about you but to me that speaks of them making a stand about the true nature of their relationship and against the fauxmance Liam is currently embroiled at. Especially now that Liam is being pointed at as the father on Cheryl’s baby (which I believe doesn’t bore Liam’s DNA AT ALL)

So this is what I have to say about this matter. It’s your call whether to believe all or any of this ofc I’m just here stating my opinion. So bye!!!

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Hi! Can I get 2d headcannons with a s/o who has SUPER DUPER long hair. Like down to their butt long. Thanks <3

A/N: I literally cut off all my hair cause it never listened to me how could you do this to mE? ):

  • He’s probably more invested with your hair than you are yourself.
  • He’s just very appreciative of well-kept hair.
  • Has probably gotten wacked in the face multiple times.
  • He didn’t say anything because he low key liked it.
  • He braids it literally all the time, even without you knowing. You could be standing in line at the grocer and you’d have half a head of braids by the time you reach the cashier.
  • He probably uses your hair as practice to make different friendship bracelet patterns. He tried to make a Chinese staircase and ended up knotting a good chunk of your hair and it took like 30 hours to get it out.
  • He’s definitely that type of asshole to flick the bottoms of it for no reason.
  • If you ever cut it he’d cry, even if it was a few inches off the ends, he’d literally just fucking bawl.

DIY Easy Twisted Friendship Bracelet

Make the easiest friendship bracelet ever by tying one knot over and over again. The button closure makes this a cheap and easy summer DIY for every age group.

My friend Hannah loves to make friendship bracelets of all kinds. She made this really short video for my readers, showing how to make this colorful twisty friendship bracelet.

For more friendship bracelets of all kinds go here or see these roundups below.