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Well, spring is practically over and I only just finished this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Who says seances have to a nighttime affair? This is for laying on your stomach in your back-garden, in the sunshine with two glasses of lemonade (one for you and one for the ghost).

I used the same base pattern as last time, but all of the spring-themed changes and the planchette are my own 💖

~my last cross stitch ouija board~

~for people wondering about the pattern~   

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Quote from Welcome To Night Vale Episode 22: “The Whispering Forest”
Pattern based on this piece by Jedishywalker


This is one of my very, very favorite quotes from Night Vale. It is now on my couch. This is how you nerd-adult.

Thank yous!
@crinoline-gremlin for talking me off the ledge during the pillowcase portion! <3

@jedishywalker for the pattern base!

My lovely co-worker for lending me all the jellyfish colors!

Dear Chris,

You cannot pick a wedding date that will work for everyone. Stop freaking out about it. The people you care about the most will be there no matter what, and everyone else will just be a bonus. Plus, you won’t have to pay for food/drink for the people who can’t come, and they might still send you presents! 🎁 So stop agonizing about picking the “right” date and JUST PICK ONE ALREADY!


I’ve recently hit 200 followers (more like 212 now oops) and i couldn’t be more grateful for every single one of you. I haven’t felt so welcome in a community in a long time; all of you are so supportive and helpful and I really have no words for how much I love all of you.

So I made you a gift!

It’s not much, and it’s not the best tbh but I’ve been teaching myself to recolor for awhile and even though I’m still a little shaky, I’m really proud of how these turned out. It’s a simple recolor of one of my favorite shoes in the game, the high top sneakers. I hope y’all like them, and thank you so much for sticking around and being amazing. 

Okay enough of me being a sap, let’s get to the good part lol.

  • 14 swatches (8 solid colors, 6 patterns)
  • Base game compatible
  • Please don’t reupload or claim as your own.
  • Tag me if you use them maybe?
  • Credit to EA for the mesh, and I found the patterns on Google

Download: SFS (no adfly)

fatdragonquest  asked:

I was wanting to make a tiled floor for fire alpaca, but when I used the line guides I often get mistiled floors. Is there a way that I can make it so it only counts the red lines?

No, they are only a visual indication of vertical/horizontal constraint, they are not actually guidelines.

If you can create a four-tile piece, you can set it as a Pattern-based bitmap brush for perfect tiling.

One of many ways to create the four-tile piece - fill a 100x100 pixel image with black (size and colours for example only, change to suit). Create a new 200x200x pixel image and fill it with white. Copy and paste the black tile into the new white image. It will fill the top left quarter as another layer. Paste it again, use the Move tool and a steady hand to align the corners of the two black tiles.

Save the four-tile piece as a PNG image.

Load the image as a Pattern brush - use the Add Brush (Bitmap) at the bottom of the layer list, pick your PNG image, set the Type to Pattern.

You can now paint in your tiled floor.

You can use the Transform function to give it perspective.


Update: If you are using a view mode that does not show comments, incaseyouart added: “Alternatively you can find a tiled floor texture online, load it into the program as a layer, then erase what you don’t want, and then transform it.”  

Thank you for the suggestion!

Some more variations!

These babies are, as always, totally viable babies!

Every variation here is based off the Fairy Egg Group! These lil ones are based off the lower-most evolution of their lineages, so even though the Easter Bush is labeled as Roselia, it’s a Budew-Togepi variety. Baby pokemon can’t breed, though, so they’ve been labeled with their older forms.

The fun thing is the top three eggshell patterns are based on anime-canon eggs for that particular species! Cleffa eggs are pink with white stars, igglybuff eggs are that soft purple color with pink spirals, and happiny eggs are striped!

Gideon of the Trials: Done!

Not quite in time for this morning’s story, but it didn’t focus on him anyways, so that’s fine! Look, Gideon of the Trials is crocheted!

Shield detail!

Sural detail!

Altogether, not that bad, and no where near as complicated as Ral was (I purposefully kept this one less complicated). The Sural just sit, which is nice, though I may experiment for a way to keep them up. Gideon’s Intervention does show his back.. but it came out today, so no real time to incorporate that, whoops. 

But! Enough artist notes, look at how nicely Gideon game out!