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LEDs! Developing a pattern based on roto-ciphers. #teensy #creativecoding #LEDs

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Pokemon Go released 80 of the Johto Pokemon! (Yes, I’m still sorta playing it.) In celebration of MORE POKEMON, here’s another blanket/wall art pattern that I made based off of @nyankyuuarts painting.

A link to the original picture (and some of their other pokemon pieces) can be found here!

Now to wait for PoGo to release better battling and trading features…..


Ok, Yuri on Ice Pokemon AU I’ve been thinking about since episode 3, where everyone gets at least one ice type in their teams because ice skaters, and the action is more focused on Pokemon Contests than battles.


  • His family raises Swinubs because of their ability of occasionally finding hot springs while rooting for food
  • Yuuri’s family believes that the reason their hot springs still prospers while all the others in the region closed is due to Yuuri’s Snorunt
  • Yuuri rarely catches Pokemon in the traditional way, most of his team are Pokemon he befriended that decided willingly to go inside the Pokeball. He is a very caring trainer and a natural at dealing with Pokemon, but he is still very insecure in his own abilities
  • He is not the biggest fan of battling because he doesn’t want his Pokemon getting hurt, but he still engages in it because some of his Pokemon like it and he wants them to be happy. It’s his biggest shortcoming when it comes to Contests
  • Yuuri was inspired to become a pro Coordinator by watching Victor’s performances when he was young. He also took a liking to Furfrous and started raising and training one of his own (Vicchan) to be his main contester
  • He did terribly at his Grand Festival run because, shortly before it happened, Vicchan passed away due to illness 


  • A legendary Top Coordinator who started very young and won the Grand Festival in multiple regions. He also remains the undefeated Pokemon League Champion for five years and counting
  • Has a competition-retired Furfrou (Makkachin) that he now keeps as a pet
  • He mostly keeps League battles and Contests separate but some of his Pokemon double for both (like his Ninetales)
  • As a coordinator, Victor likes to surprise the audiences by using his Pokemon in unexpected ways instead of going for the obvious 
  • Has grown dispassionate with both battles and Contests and starts considering dropping out of the circuit all-together and go traveling with his Pokemon
  • He watches a video of Yuuri and his Pokemon doing one of Victor’s routines with his Ninetales and decides to retire from competing in Contests to coach Yuuri instead and make him and his Pokemon win the next Grand Festival
  • Victor gifts Yuuri with a Dawn Stone to evolve his Snorunt into a Froslass, which would become one of Yuuri’s main Pokemon in the upcoming competition


  • His entire team consists of cat Pokemon
  • Yurio enjoys battling more than Contests but he has a natural talent as a Coordinator. He was scouted by Yakov when he was young and has been training as a Coordinator under him, but he often skips on training to go challenge random people to battle
  • He met Victor through Yakov and quickly decided he would be his rival. Victor calls Yurio “little Litten”, much to Yurio’s annoyance
  • Victor is his goal, both as a Coordinator and a Trainer. He wishes to end his reign as the Pokemon Champion and is actively collecting Gym Badges during Contest off-season so he’ll be able to challenge him
  • During Contests, Yurio tends to focus on showing off his Pokemon’s strength and power and his routines tend to be very showy but also sometimes reckless
  • When Yurio was young he made Victor promise to choreograph a routine for one of his Pokemon for Yurio’s debut at the Grand Festival. When he finds out Victor decided to mentor Yuuri instead he challenges Yuuri
  • After being defeated by Yuuri, he decides to take Contests more seriously and makes it his goal to beat Yuuri at the Grand Festival

Cassian Andor with Hutt Youngling

AU where Cassian Andor accidentally rescues and adopts a Huttlet named Babosa (”slug” in Spanish), but nicknames it Babi (”baby” in Spanish).

Background pattern is by gingerhaole!

Based of course on the meme-worthy nonsense of Diego Luna expressing enthusiasm over Jabba the Hutt, truly we are blessed as Star Wars fans.

You’re fighting for your life inside a killer
Thriller tonight

So like I said, I’m kinda free for now :D Halloween is coming up and I wanted to do something special for it! Enjoy this little tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, as well as these two dummies we adore so much <3

(All my MJ/Zootopia fans, expect more stuff like this! :D)

What’s this??? Mondo drew an anthro character? Damn right!!

Commissioned by @rageclaw

The fur patterning is based of Eurasian wolf, but upon closer inspection I think I made it more like german shepherd dog hahahah
oh well, first time for everything :p

I don’t think anthros have nipples, since its covered by the fur. should wolf anthro have nips? ah, whatever…


It’s been so long since I’ve drawn Ethrean. Finally tried to do something more complicated with the armor! 

Tried to make it look like a fake screenshot lmao

another monster girl for october, this time a gorgon! I’ve kinda been creating my own monthly challenge since I can’t stick to a daily schedule lmao

since I’ve been trying to put my own original twist on these gals, I gave her cute ball python hair! all the colors/patterns are based on real ones which was super fun to reference <3

I also gave her vitiligo because a) why not and b) some ball pythons have leucism which causes white patches of scales, so I thought it’d be cute to tie that into her design c:

let me guys know which snake is your favorite if you reblog! :D


Is this Obi-Wan’s [the Jedi Order’s?] version of the birds-and-the-bees talk?

‘You see, Anakin, when two people love each other very, very much, you repress your feelings and extricate yourself from the situation as soon as possible. What you’re experiencing is natural, but incredibly wrong.’


‘… well, I’m glad we had this talk.’