pattern animal drawing

FOR ALL THE HUFFLEPUFFS OUT THERE. Keep on badgering friends. This is another desktop wallpaper you can download and hopefully love with all your hufflepuff heart. Gryffindor is on my blog, and the other houses will come soon!


🌱 Nena & Mio🌿

Young lovers, cursed to be together forever.

I ended up getting sick and finishing this in one sitting because I kept coughing myself awake. Pretty proud of this, especially the hands and faces. Chibi Nena turned out a little bit too evil-looking, though.

 On another note, why can we sit on rocks but not have permanent dark skin? How frustrating.

The lovely Elephant Sweet was made by @bramblescrossing

Day #202
Luwak Coffee

Luwak is an endemic animal of Indonesia who loves to eat raw coffee beans. Though they often eat it, they can’t digest it, so the coffee beans come out with their poop on processed condition. Weird, I know, but it is a delicacy and known as one of the most expensive coffee types.