patterened shirt

Modern Shakespeare aesthetics // 7/? // Much ado about nothing - Benedick

He doesn’t try to keep up, he tries to stay ahead. Prefers being everywhere at once, being the thrill of every conversation. He doesn’t know if he enjoys it when someone finally catches up, holds an even pace with him. When she someone tells him his rose patterened shirt looks ridiculous he buys five, and some ties to match.

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I was tagged by martin–munster (such a rad dude)

=>Nicknames: none anymore

=>Birthday: September 28th

=>Gender: Male. Mostly.

=>Sexual Orientation: pan

=>Favourite colour: blue/grey

=>Time and date at current location: 3:07pm 19th of April 2015

=>Sleeping hours: around 3-5am until 12-2pm

=>Last thing I googled: david hasslehoff true survivor

=>First word that comes to mind: ache. woke up with a bunch of ache. sharp and insistent.

=>Places that make me happy: repurposed industrial areas. nicely groomed side yards or back yards. balconies.

=>Blankets I sleep under: one comforter at the moment

=>Favourite character: Snake Plissken

=>Favourite anime: i cant pick one. the last one i watched was knights of sidonia and it was awesome

=>Favourite TV show: i watch more youtube or netflix than tv. like anime i have way too many to pick but the last thing i watched was daredevil and it was also awesome!

=>Last movie I watched in theatres: i honestly dont remember. return of the king maybe?

=>Dream wedding: whatever my amazing idea my mom cooks up. that’s one of her jobs after all.

=>Dream job: a tv show or youtube series where i just get people to cook me fantastic and crazy meals and i eat them and talk about how good they are and we hang out and play video games and talk about stuff. so basically just getting paid for what i do normally.

=>What am I wearing: black shorts, grey FLCL shirt, white patterened button up with short sleeves over the t shirt.

=>Last book I read: I shall wear midnight by Terry Pratchett

I tag: caseyhawke, moustachemanaged, finnickfoxes, sleep-boogeyman, xv-vi, in-pace-simul, theviolentflame, paronomaniac, magicalsauce, critically-acclaimed-queef