patter mixing

"I love the rain.”

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Word count: 557

For @bucky-plums-barnes 8K celebration / writing challenge :) 

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Although your body ached and screamed for a soft bed – or an ice pack even – you dressed yourself in a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt before making a cup of hot tea and going outside. You were greeted with one of your favorite sounds: rain hitting the ground.

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datanullyx  asked:

11 and 16 cuddle prompts.

I went a little crazy (lack of sleep maybe) and made sims to go along with both drabbles! 
NSFW below the cut! 

16. With rain outside


Scully stared listlessly at the TV, which still held the image of the Stupendous Yappi for a moment before blinking to another commercial. She sighed and absently petted the dog’s head.  The rain picked up drowning out the meaningless words coming from the TV. In the days since Clyde Bruckman died a deep depression settled over Scully. The therapist at work said that she was finally starting to come to terms with the loss of her sister but Scully didn’t have the energy these days to put much thought into it. When she wasn’t working she found it difficult to leave the apartment and she screened most of her calls.

As if on cue the phone started to ring from its place on the floor where she had thrown it. Instead of answering it she turned over and curled more in on herself. As she fell asleep she heard Mulder’s monotone voice on her voice mail.
The knocking on the door woke her up an hour later. She was surprised to find herself in total darkness. After trying to turn on the lamp she realized that the power must have gone out. The knocking on the door continued and Scully started to sit up.
“Who is it?” She mumbled as loud as she could.
“Mulder.” Came the response.
Groaning, Scully pushed herself off the couch and went to let him in.
“Sorry, I tried using my key….” He gestured uselessly at the now free chain that she’d put in place a few hours before.
Scully just nodded tiredly and let him in. He took of his sopping wet coat and hung it up.
“You weren’t answering my calls, and then the power-” He started to say before the dog ran to him and started jumping and barking at his feet.
Mulder made a face and backed against the door. His fear of the small dog brought a foreign feeling smile to Scully’s face.
“So you’re keeping it?” Mulder said still dodging the little puffball at his feet.
Scully nodded and scooped the dog up, “I always had a dog growing up. I miss it.”
“But that dog Scully? After what it did?” Mulder made his grossed out face and kept his distance.
“He’s a dog. He can’t help it.”
Mulder shook his head but moved on, “Are you going to name it?”
“Yeah. Queequeg.”
She waited for him to ask about the name but he didn’t, he’d already moved on.
“Are you okay Scully?” Mulder’s thumb brushed her cheek and she had to look away.
She distracted herself by putting the dog down, “I’m fine.”
Her voice had a forced casual sound to it. She could have held out the charade if not for the open empathy and compassion written all over Mulder’s face.
The tears that she had been holding back for the past few days began to brim at her eyes. Mulder pulled her forward into his arms and she buried her face in his already damp shirt.
It smelled like him and Scully wanted to wrap it around her and never leave. Sleep had been scarce for days and suddenly she was feeling very tired. She began to slump against Mulder. Gently, he led her over to the couch.
They sat but in a moment Mulder lay down and pulled her next to him. His body spooned around hers and Scully closed her eyes against the tears that were still coming.
Mulder kissed her cheek and she could feel his breath in her hair. His left arm pillowed her head while his right lay slung around her waist; his hand resting on her flat belly.
The pattering of the rain mixed with Mulder’s breath calmed her until finally she felt relaxed enough to fall asleep.

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angeryginger  asked:

DID U KNOW that Derek Nurse and William Poindexter AT THIS VERY MOMENT are cuddling and Dex is idly twirling little locks of Nursey's hair and Nursey is reading a book and whispering passages that strike him into Dex's stomach??? And they are smiling little sleepy smiles and they can't see each other's faces but they know the other one is happy right now. Wow what a world.

God, once again, you have struck me dead with your nurseydex content! I am okay, but I am dead. Thank for the headcanon!

Yeah, I can see them studying on Dexs bed.  

It is raining outside. 

Dex was trying to work on some stuff on Nursey’s back while Nursey was reading on his stomach. 

He gave up after like 15 minutes to stare and listen to Nursey read from his workbook.  (Probably weird combo of Neruda, Maya Angelou, and Rupi Kaur poetry)  

Dex blushes at some of imagery. Nursey just smiles into Dex’s chest, and Dex returns the smile with his own.  

And it ‘s just them cozy; 

fairy lights (that Nursey put up around Dex’s bed), 

soft raindrops pitter-patter sounds mixing with Nursey’s deep rumbling voice, 

the faint smell of tea tree oil, coconut, and pineapple(maybe mangos?) from Nursey’s hair and Dex’s hands,

 and feeling the warmth of smiles that don’t fade. 

Nodus Tollens (Todoroki Shouto) 1/3

Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader

There were only 2 sounds that could compete with the loud booming of your feet along the pavement at this very moment. Each connection of your worn out sneakers to the very cracked and much older pavement echoing through the air.

The first sound was that of the rain itself. The millions of droplets falling, hitting and cascading down the buildings and objects along the streets. The water making the ground more slick than usual, your mind having to take an extra precaution because of such. One wrong step and you could easily slip into a bench or trashcan.

The second sound was that of sirens. The flashing lights reminding you that you were not exactly model citizen number one, or any for that matter. Instead, you had been on the high alert list for not only the police department, but also various hero agencies across Tokyo.

The pitter patter of your feet, mixing in with the torrential downpour and ear pitching sirens were not the biggest concern though. Nor was it that you had decided to rob a jewelry store in broad daylight.

No, what was the biggest issue in your current escape was a certain hero who you had been captivated by your activities for the past 2 months. His efforts never ceasing to catch you, but failing miserably every single time.

“Freeze!” The hero declared as Shouto hollered from behind you. Your mind instantly reminding you that his voice sounds much closer than the last time he had shouted this at you.

“You can’t do that yourself, Ice Prince?” Your voice dipped, face turning slightly for him to see your masked face, an ever-present and familiar smirk on it.

Shouto’s eye widened, his right side extending with a swing of his hand, a wall of growing ice catching up to you. Seeing your chance to escape him and this chase in total, your well trained and agile body quickly leaped up. Your smiled widely as you used the ice wall to skate your way further down the street, dashing into an alleyway.

Todoroki’s eyes widened, realizing if he didn’t follow and fast he would lose you- again.

And not to his surprise, the minute he did indeed lock vision with the alleyway, you had disappeared. Escaping was not a word he liked to use about this particular criminal… as she seemed to simply vanish.

The minute all eyes were off of you, you vanished like a phantom. No trace of evidence or even a calling card. Just gone, like you never existed in the first place.

And it was slowly beginning to drive him insane with how you did it. He was at least sure you had a teleporter quirk, nothing else could explain how you moved around. But what kind of quirk not only acted so fast, but basically erased your presence.

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The mailman brought my latest subscription copy of FLASH that contained big news! One of the first decisions made by new incoming publisher Jeanette Kahn was to do away with the 8-times-a-year release model. It’s difficult to believe today, but for thirty years, even titles such as SUPERMAN and BATMAN didn’t come out more than 8 times a year. (The anthologies titles such as ACTION and DETECTIVE did maintain a monthly schedule.) This was due to concerns about overexposure and the need for more time to ensure quality and so forth–but by the mid-1970s, when almost all of the Marvel books were monthly, it didn’t make sense to leave some of your best sellers off the shelf four months out of the year.

Coincidentally, this was also the issue where the Flash got full title to his series back again. Green Lantern had been moved out into his own revived magazine, and now the Scarlet Speedster had a full book in which to shine. There’d still be the occasional back-up tale, especially on those occasions when the overall size of DC’s books was increased in page count. But book-length tales was now the name of the game.

So we open up where the previous chapter left off: in the 64th Century, wherein Flash has been captured and incarcerated by the authorities for his seeming execution of the villainous magician Abra Kadabra. Barry is being held in a special futuristic cell whose walls are able to match his vibrational rate, preventing him from phasing through them. His efforts to escape are all in vain. He’s convinced that Abra’s demise was all a trick, and so the criminal illusionist is on the loose doing who-knows-what–so it’s imperative that he regain his freedom.

Meanwhile, Abra has used the energy of the Flash’s seemingly-fatal punch to propel himself back to the 20th Century. But when he arrives, he’s immediately confused, as the city is in the midst of a ceremony honoring his enemy, the Flash. but this is no Flash that Abra’s ever encountered before. And that’s because, in a fluke similar to that which Wonder Woman experienced in her own comic a short while ago, Abra’s trip tot eh past has crossed dimensional barriers, so he finds himself on Earth-2, confronting that world’s Jay Garrick Flash.

Back in the future, Flash figures a way out of his cell. He throws the one object of furniture in his cell–his chair–at the wall vibrating it at one frequency, then shifts his own frequency to a different wavelength, allowing him to penetrate the wall when it adapts to the speed of the chair. Even with this, Flash is immediately pursued by robot guardsmen, and has to fight his way to freedom.

The comic pauses at this point for the inaugural edition of the Publishorial, a new regular feature written by newly-arrived publisher Jeanette Kahn in which she attempts to commune with the readership in Stan Lee style. It’s an honest and earnest attempt, but like so many others both before and since, Jeanette is no Stan Lee, and lacks his ease of patter and mix of gregariousness and bombast. Meaning that most of these pages are a bit of a snooze (or were to me when i was a kid, anyway.) I did like Neal Adams’ goofy portrait of Jeanette, though.

This issue also announced the advent of a new DC feature, the DC Hot-Line. Essentially, this was a toll-free phone number that played a pre-recorded message made by one or another of the DC editorial and creative staff plugging upcoming story events and releases. It was a number that I dialed a lot throughout the year or so it was in service–it was always impossible to get through on a Monday, which is when the new messages would be posted. I can remember that the recording technology was terrible enough that it often took three or four repeat calls before you could make out the full gist of what was being said. Still, it was a neat idea.

Back on Earth-2, Abra Kadabra has captured jay Garrick, but he’s still confused, thinking that Jay is his old foe in some new costume. By playing dumb, Jay tricks Abra into outlining the events of his escape and Barry’s predicament. Meanwhile, Flash has continued his battle with is pursuers, using one of the robots to re-enact his destruction of Abra and thereafter following Abra’s trail back through time. He arrives in time to snatch Jay out from right under Abra’s nose.

From there, after a short scuffle, the twin Flashes are able to knock Abra back through time to his native 64th Century, where his reappearance proves Barry’s innocence and the magician is once more incarcerated. A fun if inconsequential tale and a decent wrap-up to what was a pretty underwhelming set-up installment last month.