patter mixing

Ghost Crew as illusionists

Sabine: Fire tricks, no doubt about it.  Chances are she’d use all sorts of metals for flames of all sorts of colours!

Ezra: Tricks that involve lots of slight of hand and keeping a vocal patter going

Zeb: A mix of gimmickry and outright raw physical skill to dazzle and delight 

Kanan: Gun tricks, sword tricks and illusions with any and all sorts of dangerous implements

Hera: She flies.  To be honest, she’s good at everything, but flying is her pièce de résistance.

Chop: Is a prop

Preference #2: Rain

Niall: The pitter-patter of rain against the windows and the steady drip-drip-drip from a pipe running right outside the opening caused a smile to grow on your face as you awoke. You have always loved rain, but you can never quite explain why. Perhaps it is the mysteriousness of the gray skies, or the sense that the earth is alive and the rain was already working it’s magic on plants, causing them to perk up. But maybe it is the time you and Niall spend inside on rainy weekends, the window cracked open, so you can clearly hear the rain. And on this rainy day, that’s exactly what is happening. You are sitting on the couch, waiting for Niall to return from getting his guitar. You turn your head as you hear his heavy footsteps coming toward you. Niall catches your eye and returns your smile with his own dazzling one. “Move over love,” Niall says as he gently pushes you. You slide over a bit to make room for him and his guitar. “Can you play Truly, Madly, Deeply?” You request. “Of course, Y/N,” Niall replies, and he begins strumming the strings of the guitar. After a few beats, Niall’s sweet voice mixes with patter of rain and you feel happy and content. For the rest of the day, your home is filled with the calming sound of rain and Niall’s beautiful voice.

Zayn: It was a rainy day in London and you were walking along the streets with Zayn. He didn’t like to go out into public with you much, due to the mobbing that often occurs when he goes to busy places. However, this afternoon, you wanted to get out of the house and not many people were walking the streets, due to the downpour soaking everyone who ventured into the rain, so Zayn agreed to come with you. You and Zayn’s hands were clasped together and you carefully walked down teh street, avoiding the larger puddles. “It’s nice to be out here with you, in the middle of London, without a screaming herd of girls behind us,” you commented. “I agree!” Zayn said. “I love this, we’re just like every other couple walking around right now, and its nice to have some anonymity once and a while.” You squeezed his hand for a moment in a gesture of agreement and appreciation of him, and you continued on down the street. “Y/N, let’s stop in this cafe and get a drink,” Zayn suggested. “Okay!” you replied. Zayn went up to order and you sat down and looked out the window. Raindrops were making ripples in puddles on the street, and a few people curried from shop to shop. You turned your head and saw Zayn getting your drinks without hundreds of screaming people around him, and all you could think was ‘I love rainy days’.

Louis: He was so excited to take you to play football. He had been training with the team for several weeks now, but it was very intense, and he was ready for a fun, stress-free, afternoon on the field with you. Louis had tried to get a game going between you two a few times, but with both of your schedules, it had been impossible. Now, Louis was ecstatic to get a chance to take you to play. “Hurry up, love!”  Louis called to you as he ran around the field, dribbling the ball with a soft thunk each time it bounced off a cleat. “I’m almost ready,” you replied, as you finished tying the knot on your own cleats. You jogged over to Louis and he passed the ball to you. For the next few minutes, you warmed up and talked. You glanced up at the sky as you waited for Louis to get the ball that he had missed, and noticed it wasn’t as sunny as it had been when you arrived. In fact, it was gray and cloudy. However, Louis didn’t seem to take notice, so you decided not to say anything and continue your playing. A few minutes later, the sky seemed to open up and rain came pouring down. You looked over to Louis, his face set in determination. “Nothing, not even this rain, is going to stop us from playing! It’s been put off for too long!” Louis exclaimed. You smiled in response and simply stated, “Well then, what are you waiting for?” Louis began chasing you around the field as you fought to keep control of the slippery ball. When you were just about to shoot, you slipped in a muddy area, and shrieked as the grown came up to meet your body, causing Louis to lose his concentration and footing, and tumble down to the ground, coming to rest next to you. You locked eyes and began laughing. “You. Are. So. Clumsy!” Louis gasped out in between fits of laughter. “You aren’t much better!” You responded, your own sassiness coming out. You and Louis lay in the mud, laughing and just enjoying your time together without any conflicts as the rain continues to pour from the sky and soak your clothing.

Harry: You and Harry had been planning to head to the beach for weeks. He had been on tour and you had barely been able to see each other, so you wanted to do something special. You had put on your favorite bathing suit, and had everything in your beach bag, ready for a fun day. But, when Harry came to pick you up, right at nine in the morning, you noticed the sky was much darker than when you awoke. “That doesn’t look good Harry, do you think it will rain?” You questioned, but just as the words left your mouth, a drop of rain hit your shoulder. Then another on your arm. Then another plopped onto your foot. Suddenly, a huge BOOM of thunder shook the ground and you sprinted into your house with Harry in tow. “Well, it seems as though we’ll be staying in today, Y/N,” Harry noted. You have him and unamused look. “We’ve been planning this for ages, how could the weather betray us!” You complained dramatically. “Well, how about we set up our towels, turn on all the lights, and make our own beach, complete with ‘sun’?” Harry asked. You grinned, “Sounds like a plan to me!” So you and Harry spent the day relaxing in your living room on your own private ‘beach’. The thunder acted as huge, crashing waves, the lightening as the flash of a camera from a group nearby, and the rain the steady sound of the ocean. Maybe the rain had ruined your plans of getting to swim and go to a real beach, but you and Harry still had each other and could still have an amazing time together, even with the rain. 

Liam: You walked downstairs and were met with Liam, looking as though he was about to cry. You quickly ran over to him and embraced him, “What’s wrong, Liam?” “I was going to surprise you,” he responded, his voice muffled due to his face hiding in your shoulder. “I had everything planned out. The walk, the picnic, the romantic kiss under the stars, everything. It was going to be the perfect six month anniversary, but then it had to go and rain. Now everything is ruined.” You were surprised that Liam had even remembered the day’s significance in your relationship, let alone actually planned out something so sweet. “Oh, Liam, don’t worry! It was honestly so sweet of you to plan everything, but it’s not your fault that it started to rain, and everything is most certainly not ruined. We still get to spend time together, right?” Liam brought his eyes up to meet yours and smiled at you. “Really? You don’t mind?” You silently giggled at Liam’s silliness, of course you don’t mind. Any time with Liam is fine with you. “No, I don’t Li, besides, we can have an indoor picnic! And I don’t need stars to make the kiss romantic. Come on, lets set up some blankets and get everything set.” Liam smiled and pecked your cheek in appreciation. Then both of you set off to work preparing your living room. A short while later, everything was in place and you and Liam were enjoying the lovely meal he had prepared himself. “Thanks for making today special, Liam. You’re amazing,” you whispered to Liam. “I love you, Y/N,” Liam responded as he leaned over to give you a passionate kiss. “I love you too,” you mumbled against his lips, before being pulled even closer to him.

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