Bring it on!

Below is my schedule for the 3rd term :) Quite satisfied with my classes and the schedules. 

  • No 7 am classes (except every Thursday w/c is okay)
  • Ugh. Saturday classes. Suck balls! I don’t have any choice tho. :(
  • My dismissal is 4:00 pm, everyday.
  • My friends and I have the same sched  ☺
  • Got dual sports for P.E. Ohai Table Tennis!

Oyiii. I promise to do my best. I really want to be part of the Dean’s List. Puh-lease ☺

Upload limit.

This is what my drawing table usually looks like when we’re having our Free Hand class. I purposely removed my sketchpad from the table cause I’m awesome laek dat.~ lolwat. Annnd I always make sure that I have something to eat during our class.

  • I’M

And this is my fail mirror shot. ‘nuff said -.-

HAHAHAH you can now see my sketchpad!!! lololol. 

Anyways, I’ll be having two shoots tomorrow. First is for our documentary in SCI015 and the second one is for ITlec. Awesomeeee! 

And for the title, upload limt. Eh. I didn’t know that Tumblr has upload limit pala :| I was uploading some of my photos at my drafts cos’ they will reformat our laptop on Monday. Ugh guhhhhreat :| What is hassle.