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Every year I take a trip back home to Boston to see my family and catch a Pats game. This year I decided I would document the trip in a quick video since there always such a quick whirlwind of craziness and this one lived up to the billing. Would like to thank NRG for providing sets of tickets not only for me, but for the two “Frenemy” giveaways I did, along with the swag bags that we handed out at the tailgates before the game. Met so many awesome people in such a short time, and that includes Patriots fans AND Jets fans. Nothing better than family and football and this is what the video’s all about. Enjoy!


HUGE thanks to @LetsSkedaddle & @PatsPropaganda for bringing us to Brady’s Homecoming Sunday. @TheOtherPatsFan & I had w icked good time meeting new friends, hanging with fans, stealing other people’s grub and of course seeing the greatest QB evah back on his home field. Let’s do it again soon! Minus the Tom Brady suspension crap. GO PATS!


A collection of our favorite memes, pics, designs & photoshops from one of the craziest weeks in recent Patriots memory.

Seriously…SERIOUSLY. This week has been insane. Can’t really remember a week like this. Nor a season, really. So I guess the way that game unfolded, and how this week has progressed, is almost a perfect mirror image of this already absurd, beautifully bananas season. And yes, I know - Pats fans aren’t allowed to complain. We’ve had it so good. They’ve won both games and no Brady, so no bitching. Plus now some moonbats are probably thinking, “Well, you know Belichick! He’ll do his thing and have this third string guy probably win and play amazing and then he’ll trade both Brady AND Garoppolo, and then they’ll dominate for another 15 years!” Someone’s thinking it. YOU KNOW!

Let’s just all calm down and, for a moment, take in the lunacy of the Patriots being on their third quarterback in three games (FAHK YOU, GOODELL, YOU GINGER-PRICK!). This was “Designated Survivor” unthinkable before the league got involved and deflateblahblah and all. And who saw Jimmy G, JFG, going down in a heap of pain under a guy named Kiko in a blowout-in-progress like that? Well, it happened. And it is what it is. So now the Pats move on to JFB, Obi-Wan-Jacoby, Lando QBrissian, to get the job done against a forer Pats OC whos’ got things rolling in Houston witha revamped O and a mighty D (yup!) Billy O and the Pats South squad has them as prepped and passionate as they can be for the TNF up here where Houston has not fared well. They’ve performed like “new Ghostbusters movie at the box office” bad in Foxboro, and they’re looking to fix that shit ASAMFP. Welp! Gonna take every trick in the book, and then some, from the Pats, to win this one. Belichick has been in chopbuster supreme mode this week, engines at Maximum Prick - and for good reason! Look at this madness with players and injuries and nonstop media bullshit. For most teams this would be too much. But not the Pats. NOPE! If there’s any team in the league I believe can bust out the effort, trickery, creativity, guts and will to win a home game they’re 2 point dogs in, with a slot receivr as the #2 QB? Yup…THESE GUYS.

Man, I can’t wait for this game. And holy shit do I love this team.



Just wait until Edelman throws a Td pass to himself…

(H/Ts to DeRoy Designs, Scott Bilotta, Edelman, Pats Propaganda, Masshole Sports, Ch 7, Michelle Ploof and everyone who gave good meme this week…even the asshat who did the Manning in a Pats jersey thing…GROSS!