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GUYS IT IS DONE! From one teeny little 3.5" hexagon to 366 my Temperature Blanket 2016 is done! She’s about 65" from side to side in any direction and weighs 6lbs!

Thanks for following this super rad project because it was definitely one of my favourites!

‘Pathfinder’? Don’t you mean… 'Space Wayfinder’? OwO

QN Evolution Concert Twitter Round Up/Report


This is a really long post so I put it under the cut! I haven’t put everything I could onto this post but if there’s things you want to read up on you can read more about the live with #カルライレポ2017 on twitter!

Also no DVD/BD announcement yet

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  • Jimin: You've heard of Murphy's Law, right?
  • Hoseok: Yes.. why?
  • Jimin: It states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, but have you heard of Cole's Law?
  • Hoseok: No...
  • Jimin: It's thinly sliced cabbage
  • Hoseok: Did you just wake me up to tell me a joke about coleslaw?
Earthbender!Woozi as Your Boyfriend

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  • When you guys were kids, there were these ugly bullies who would pelt rocks at all the other students
  • You were their target for a day and Woozi got so infuriated that every rock that came at you turned into dust when they almost touched you
  • Little You fell in love with him the instant he helped you up 
  • Sike, the second he helped you up he also called you weak and then you cried on the way home from school
  • You guys were like eight though (it was just Woozi’s kid way of saying he cared for you)
  • Not gonna lie though, after many years, Woozi still couldn’t keep his eyes off of you and you were just really cute and he wanted to protect you and like it was obvious that he liked you and that you liked him back lmaoooo
  • You asked him out first and it was really cute cause you guys were like in a park nearby your high school and Woozi got so happy that the little pebbles around him started to float 
  • You guys like to spend most of your time at a pond skipping rocks cause it’s just so easy and Woozi likes to show off that he can skip it like 2023953209 times before it lands on the other side 
  • When his friends pester him about his relationship with you, his ears get really red
  • He would compact small balls of dirt and throw it at them cause it wouldn’t be as painful as an actual rock 
  • “They’ll learn from the pain.” is something Woozi says a little too often 
  • PDA is nonexistent unless you initiate it cause he’s actually so shy and like he won’t… he won’t back away from it ;^)
  • Sometimes he’s laying on your couch and like you see him try to levitate and swirl rocks above his head and like… where did he get them?
  • “Your front yard has a lot of rocks.” lmao okay Woozi, thanks for swirling around the rocks from my yard ahaha???
  • When there’s snowball fights during the winter and you join in, he makes you a barricade out of the earth and it’s like really cool (like you would do it too, but he always says that he wants to do it for you awww)
  • A real cheat during snowball fights cause he can just beND the EArTH from anyWHeRe which is why his friends had to come up with rules to make the game as cheat-free as possible
  • He throws really hard like u got hit by a snowball from him once and like now you know why Dino doesn’t tease him anymore cause he probably got bombarded with a lot of those dirt balls omg 
  • He was teaching you some cool bending tricks and one time you weren’t really concentrating and somehow the baLL U MadE HIT HIM LiKe sQUARE in THe FaCE LOL
  • He couldn’t even stop it cause it was so sudden and like he pouted for three days straight, but the both of you weren’t really mad cause man Woozi’s pouts are cute and it wasn’t like u meant to really hurt him :’)
His || Jungkook || 0.5

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5

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Baking Pancakes | Zach Dempsey

Pairing: Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey x Reader

Warning: TOO MUCH FLUFF! Almost full smut

Request: Just my imagination


I woke up to the smell of freshly cooked breakfast downstairs. I looked at the time and saw it was 6:30am in the morning. 1 hour before class.

I stood up from Zach’s bed and put my underwear on. I grabbed his grey shirt that smelled strongly of him. I went downstairs and saw him in nothing but his boxers hanging low on his waist.

I went to him and saw that he was mixing a pancake batter, I hugged him from behind and saw the red claw marks on his back, I mentally gave myself a pat on the back.

“Hey baby.” He kissed my forehead and went back to mixing the batter.

I had other things in mind, I dipped my finger in the better and smudged it on his nose. He looked at me with excitement and a dangerously playful grin on his sexy lips.

“y/n. You did not just-” I ran from him but whats the point 3 steps later he grabbed me from the back and spun around.

“Oh my god Zachary!” I laughed so hard because he was tickling me.

“Say your sorry!” He demanded while laughing and tickling me.

“N-n-never!” I managed to wheezed out in between my laugh.

“Then I’ll never stop!” He tickled me harder this time reaching for the sides of my waist.

“Fuck! Okay okay!” I said laughing harder. “i’m sorry!” I panted while still in fits of laughter.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” He smiled smugly and sat me at the counter top. Good thing his sister is with his mom on a trip or else it would have been embarrassing to wake them up with the noise.

“Fuck you, Dempsey” I playfully pouted.

His eyes turned 3 shades darker and lifted me up to get a better position on the counter top,

“Tell me y/n, baby, when?” He kissed my jawline, “where?” He kissed my collarbone, “how?” And kissed me roughly on the lips.

“Right here.” I moaned.

“Now.” I gasped him grabbing my breasts and squeezing them, kissing me. He tore the shirt I was wearing and my bra top.

He sucked on my left breast, “Here, Now. Hard!” I moaned loudly.

Well, let’s just say we were late on 1st and 2nd period.



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After that it was like “Okay! i’m on tour like when do you need it done, How can we going to make this happen” and uh… we you make things happen When you really wanna do them, So we really figured it out. - Carrie Underwood Behind The Scenes Of “The FighterMusic Video. ⭐️
Official L/L Fic Recs Page
A compilation of Luke x Lorelai fics that I really like. Click the "faves" tag for my favorite fics! Happy Reading!

since a lot of people have been constantly asking for fic recs, one of my friends suggested that i should make an official fic recs page and i was like “why not?” lol so here it is! i’ll try to update it as much as i can. but for now, here are the ones that i like. enjoy!

Leliana's Development & Why It Is Natural (DA:I spoilers)

Alright, fandom, we need to get square on the character development of Leliana, because an astounding amount seem shocked at how she is presented in Inquisition, when in fact hers is one of the most genuien and smoothest transformations I have seen in any character.

Now the most common reactions I see to Sister Nightingale are;

  • “What happened to Leliana?! She was so sweet and innocent!”
  • “That’s the real Leliana! Badass and ruthless, she was just acting before!”

So neither of these are entirely wrong, but neither do her character justice.

I feel like I have to begin from scratch, meaning Leliana’s Song and up Inquisition for this to be conveyed understandably. So head’s up for spoilers on both (and Origins).

First and foremost; what we see in Leliana’s Song is the start. She is not innocent from the start (, in fact she’s never truly that)What you see in Origins is a result of everything that happened in Leliana’s Song, which although released after Origins was already a part of her character through an edited version of the events told by Leliana herself.

The ‘everything’ is important here, because Leliana’s lessons from LS was not only that the Grand Game is dangerous and hurts people (which notably was something she had carelessly ignored because she had fun tricking and killing people) and that Andraste will guide her. The probably most defining change in her character is from when she trusts Marjolaine to remove the incriminating documents that would pin them both as traitors to Orlais and potentially start a war, to Marjolaine instead stabbing her in the guts and leaving her and her friends to take the blame and (unecessary and excessive) punishment.
Leliana has lived a careless life of adopted nobility most of her life up until now, and when the Game suddenly isn’t as fun as its name makes it out to be Leliana is shocked. She now realises she had been blindly trusting,putting not only her own life but also her friends’ lives and the stability of two nations in danger. The fact that this realisation shakes her is what splits her and Marjolaine apart in personalities. (In the last paragraph you will see how she learnt from this and does not trust blindly in even the Chantry’s teachings.)

Now after Dorothea gives Leliana the key to escape (which in Inquisition Leliana phrases something like 'she showed me that I could save myself’) we see a beaten and apathic Leliana. She’s lost, she doesn’t have a purpose, she doesn’t even want vengeance on Marjolaine because she doesn’t know who she is anymore. A recurring theme for Leliana is doubting her identity. When she was young she sought fun and danger, now she feels guilty for ever having wanted that because the idols she had were people like Marjolaine who are ultimately egoistic and unsympathetic.

Leliana stubbornly refuses any similarities with Marjolaine, and leaves her for the new guidance of the Chantry. When Leliana is lost she goes from one guide to another, to reveal but not create her core. This is later seen as the Warden and Inquisitor can influence how she acts upon her morals.
Back on topic, however; Leliana refuses Marjolaine’s comparison of them because they do not share the same purpose. Leliana’s Song concludes with Leliana reflecting how her finding purpose is the heart of her story. She has found what she truly wants to dedicate her life to – the greater good, not the Game’s egoistic agenda, showing a great divide between Leliana and Marjolaine’s otherwise similar characters.

(A fun addition to this is the psychologist Søren Kirkegaard’s interpretation of mental development, in which a human goes from being satisfied by a life of aesthetics to a life dedicated to (religious) purpose and service.)

She now spends the next five years being taught how to be idealistically good. Desperately, we see her cling to this ideal way to be when she joins the Warden. She acts overwhelmingly innocent despite her natural contradictions because she needs to convince both those around her and herself that she canBut what gives her away is when her grey morals show, as in a few out of many examples here;

  • She happily accepts Zevran, an assassin of an organisation with legendary loose morals (to put it mildly) and deadly efficiency, in joining their quest as he will be a tool to help the greater good.
  • In conversation with Alistair, we also hear her saying that she does not fully regret leaving the people in Lothering to die at the hands of darkspawn as their effort overall will be worth more than she could do there.

Both in Origins and Inquisition we see her willing to be merciless if it benefits a greater cause. This is also why I believe that some/most of her positive attitude in Origins is genuine; she is happy that she can lead a life of both elements of what has defined her so far, and she belives she is utilizing that for everyone’s best. Leliana has both idealistic and pragmatic sides to her. (This is likely why your Warden will get negative reaction from her when they can be helpful, and why she didn’t react as strongly to choices in Redcliffe as Alistair did among other reasons).

What Origins and Inquisition does, however, is show the doubt even now (yes, with a ten years gap and further adjustment of her character to the dark side of good). As stated earlier we are able to guide Leliana in both games because she lives a life of such conflicting morals, and the fact that this is believable is what makes her a well-written and strong character. The fact that she is doubting herself is why the Warden and Inquisitor can influence her – and fear not, dear gamers! Both unhardening and hardening Leliana is true to her character;

  • Hardening Leliana makes her embrace her more morally grey side, that she can act bad on behalf of good and that does not automatically make her an evil person. Hardening her does not rob her of her faith in the Maker and that she is doing His work.
  • Unhardening Leliana as well makes her content that she is doing what she does for others’ sake, that the Maker approves, convincing her that she is therefore not like Marjolaine (in Origins, in Inquisition this doesn’t bother her because she has matured). Unhardening her does not rob her of her willingness to kill and cheat.

Either path shows that ultimately, Leliana does not only believe in the Maker no matter what but also in herself, which convictions are now so intertwined it is hard to say where one begins and the other ends.

This is why she does not hesitate to become the Left Hand of the Divine, knowing what shady work it entails but also that she is doing it for the people of Thedas.

This is why she is shaken seemingly out of her faith after the Conclave, but bounces back soon after.

This is why, when she realises her socially-imposed ignorance towards the oppression of elves and mages, that she takes a stand for them because she believes without being told so that it is right.

This is why her goal as Divine, no matter what, will be for the betterment of the oppressed and the inclusion of the excluded.

Even in Origins you hear her contradicting the Chantry with her own interpretations of what is important, and as Left Hand and Divine she continues on this path by working towards conversion. No matter what paths she takes, she stays true to herself.

Leliana’s strength lies in her faith and doubt in herself, in others, in the Maker and everything. With both factors the writer has made a balanced, believable and still surprising character, who can genuinely be both merciful and merciless.

“Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves.”
                                  - Leliana, Dragon Age: Origins.

Namjoon: So do you like my gift? 

Jin: You gave me a mutilated tomato. 

 Namjoon: It was a tomato rose! I cut it myself! 

 Jin: *pats Namjoon’s back* It’s the thought that counts.