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Brady getting the hero’s welcome as he takes the field for Day 2 of Pats Camp 2017. Sheesh, I almost need a cigarette after watching this…

Okay but following the events of Space Kid getting hurt and having to go to the hospital, don’t think about how Daniel can’t leave the campgrounds so he can’t even go with Space Kid as the ambulance takes him away.

I mean, David probably goes instead, which leaves Gwen to deal with an emotionally-confused Daniel, who spends most of the following evening/night either pacing back and forth around the counselor’s cabin or just sitting still for long periods of time and looking like he has no idea what to do or say.


Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates and Happy Holidays to everyone who doesn’t! I was really excited to post this yesterday, but decided to wait until I could post on Christmas day.

This was inspired by @greenfire2908art‘s post about Nesta’s behavior surrounding Feyre and Rhys’ mating bond. Thank you so much for letting me use your idea! I’m sorry it took so long, but I hope you like it anyway! Also, because you asked for whoever wrote the headcannon to tag you: @t-ryukraven


Cassian was completely infuriating.

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A wide grin grew on Daniels face. "Aw David. I just came here. I wanted to take a look around in my favorite camp!" patting David's shoulder he walked a few steps past the counselor. "How are the kids?" He was sure he would not allow mistakes like the last one again.

As Daniel steps passed him, David grabs his arm and forces Daniel back in front of him. Once Daniel asks about the kids, however, a white dot appears in each of David’s pupils.

“They’re. Fine. Why do you ask, Daniel?”

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*coughs and clings to david shaking* f-fuck you.....i hate this c-camp

*he pats his back and nods* I know max *he smiles down at him* now let’s go get you a warm blanket and change of clothes

TSOA!AU where instead of Pat being killed, he ends up stuck in a coma

• The Myrmidons carrying Pat back into the camp
• Patroclus having the biggest head wound ever, and when Achilles sees the other, he already thinks Patroclus is dead, crying and shouting but being stopped by one of the medics
• ‘Achilles! He is still alive!’
• Achilles doesn’t understand at first, but then sees Patroclus’ chest slowly going up and down and crying in relief
• ‘Patroclus, please wake up..’
• Patroclus doesn’t wake up. They carry him into a tent to try to get him out of this weird trance
• Achilles begs and cries near Patroclus’ side, but the other cannot respond, even though he can hear everything
• He sleeps next to the man every night, cuddled against him and murmuring sweet words begging for him to wake up each morning
• Pat doesn’t wake up
• After a few days, Achilles panics; Patroclus cannot eat, cannot drink. He will die of hunger any day soon if he isn’t helped
• Achilles begs on his knees to his mother to help him. The gods get fed without eating, can they not do the same for his lover?
• Patroclus gets fed by the gods, but Thetis reminds Achilles Patroclus will probably never wake up
• Achilles, completely engulfed in mourning and rage, hears the news of Hector claiming he has made both Patroclus and Achilles armless, and decides to avenge his lover
• He kills the warrior and his followers
• When he returns with Hector’s body, The Greeks are happy that the man is victorious, but Achilles doesn’t want to feast, doesn’t want to party
• Instead, he stays the night at Patroclus’ side. 'My love, i killed him, i avenged you, can you wake up now?’
• Patroclus still doesn’t wake up
• Achilles stops eating, stops drinking, doesn’t talk to anyone but his lover’s unconscious body
• He gets sick and weak over time, listens passively to Thetis’ words saying that Patroclus is never going to wake up
• One day, after being forced to fight, Achilles gets shot by Paris, and the man hopes for a quick death; not the suffering his lover has experienced so long
• As if mercy of the gods, in Achilles’ tent, Patroclus breathes out his last breath
• They die together, and meet each other in the underworld