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Guardian Angel - Part 4 - Jimin angst

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I’m thinking about making this AU a series? Like, all of the members have their own stories with their charges and references to other members? What do you guys think lmao

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“Go on another date with me.” Jimin said, cutting off your speech about how he should confess to Mina.

“What- Another- Jimin- This was a date?”

“I said it was a date, didn’t I?”

“I thought you were joking!”

“No. I’ve never been so serious about anything in my entire life.”

You stared at him in shock across the table, and he met your gaze evenly. One, two, three minutes you spent staring at each other before you cracked and burst out laughing, dismissing this whole thing as one of his intricate jokes.

“Okay, fine. If you wanna hang out, we’ll hang out.”


“Hang out.”


“Hang out.”

“Why won’t you let me take you on a date?” Jimin burst, surprising you.

“Because you love Mina!”

“I love-”

He suddenly stopped, falling backwards so his back was planted firmly against the back of his seat as if some kind of invisible force had forcibly stopped him.

“Lay off, Jimin,” Namjoon warned, a hand resting on Jimin’s shoulder. “Ease her into it.”

I don’t have the time to lay off, Namjoon! She’s sick!

“Does she look sick? I don’t know what happened but she looks fine. You can’t rush her into this.”

Namjoon, I love her.

“I know you do, but she thinks you love Mina and isn’t going to just accept it if you confess your love in this shitty place.”


“No, you listen to me, Jimin,” Namjoon had started using the tone of voice whenever one of the younger Guardians were playing up. Immediately, Jimin froze and fell silent. “Look at her, and look at her properly.”

You were staring at Jimin, mouth set in a kind of defiant way that he would have found annoying from anybody else but it looked so right on your face.

But your eyes…. Your eyes didn’t fit the expression on your face. They were stormy, as if you were fighting with yourself or something else. They were sad and full of happiness and they were so beautiful, Jimin didn’t think he had ever looked into them for so long before.

“Just… Leave her alone for a while. You can’t rush these things. Whilst you know she’s yours, she’s still just a human. She won’t understand if you’re suddenly all over her.”

Jimin sighed, long and resigned.


“So…” Jimin said, feeling slightly embarrassed from his seemingly random near-exclamation of love. “Do you wanna go do something else? I’m free all day.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Anything!” Jimin said. “Let’s do something fun!”

Three weeks passed in a similar fashion and suddenly, Jimin was a constant in your life. He was everywhere that you went and usually, that would have annoyed you, but it was different with Jimin. You liked it.

The two of you did everything together. You went shopping (or, rather, attempted; most of the time was spent dressing Jimin up in the ugliest clothes you could find) and would go for coffee and spend hours in the café just chatting until it went dark. You would have your normal movie nights every Saturday evening but he had started to stay over and the two of you would make pillow forts in the living room and sleep downstairs on the floor together.

“What are the plans for today?” Jimin asked, coming out of your ensuite bathroom and flopping onto your bed, hair dripping water everywhere.

“Jimin! Why are you like this,” You whined, pushing him away from you slightly when he tried to rub his soaked hair all over your clothes. “Mina just text me, actually.”

His body froze up and he closed his eyes, lips moving in a fast prayer.

Has she told you?

“She said that we hadn’t hung out in forever and we should all meet up. How about it?”


“Yeah, sure. What is she suggesting?” Jimin asked, rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling.

“She didn’t specify, but I want to go to the cinema. That new film came out today that I was telling you about the other day!”

He sat up, using the towel that he had previously draped across the back of his neck and scrubbing his hair furiously.

“Sweet, good idea. Look online for movie times and I’ll go and get ready. Tell her the plans.”

With that, Jimin disappeared back into your bathroom to look for the hairdryer.

Usually he left his hair to dry naturally because it was better for it and his hair felt like straw anyway, but Jimin wanted to get ready as fast as possible. No time for air drying now.

“There’s a showing at two!” you called from your bedroom and Jimin smiled despite himself. You sounded so excited, how could he not find that adorable?

“Okay, good! I’m driving.”

“Should we pick up Mina on the way?”

Jimin almost dropped the hairdryer as he lifted it up to his head. It had only been about a minute and he had already forgot that this was a group outing with Mina. It was like fate was throwing a cruel reminder of his grave mistake into his face.

In all honesty, however, Jimin would take that cruel reminder and all of the guilt that came with it a thousand times over if it meant that you were in perfect health like you had been since that night.

“Sure, whatever.” Jimin replied to you, before turning on the hairdryer.

He didn’t want to pick Mina up. He didn’t want to hang out with Mina, or see Mina, or even be near Mina. She was the personification of the hate that Jimin had for himself  and whilst he had nothing against Mina personally, he hated the mere thought of her.

How could he have possibly thought that she was the one for him? How could he have been so goddamn ignorant?

“Blasphemy, Jimin”

“I don’t give a God fucking shit, Namjoon.” Jimin hissed through his teeth, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to hear him over the sound of the hair dryer.

“Jeez, what’s got your panties in a bunch?”

“Like you don’t know. You’re always listening to whatever I’m doing.”

“Well, I have to give it to you, yours is one of the most interesting cases I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks.” Jimin gritted his teeth, running his hands through his hair with perhaps too much strength and winced when he tugged painfully at the roots.

Namjoon was silent, just watching the younger boy try not to have a breakdown whilst drying his hair. To anybody else watching, Jimin would look like he was just being unnecessarily dramatic about his hair, but even to Jungkook, who literally could not care about Jimin’s problems on top of his own with his charge, Jimin’s case was worthy of attention. And, surprisingly, perhaps for the first time in his entire existence, Namjoon was at a loss with what advice he could give. Jimin was, quite literally, entirely on his own with this.

He finished with his hair and quickly patted some BB cream across his face so he didn’t look quite as shit as he did before, and then he returned to your room where you were just finishing up on your eye makeup.

You turned to face him when he came out of your bathroom and smiled at him fondly, the sight of your joy making his heart tug painfully. Sighing long and hard, Jimin flopped back down onto your bed and groaning dramatically.

Laughing, you went to sit next to him and smacked him really hard on the ass. “Stop whining. I thought you’d be happy to see Mina!”

He groaned again, deep in his throat, at your obliviousness. He had never considered it before but perhaps you were dim?

“Actually, thinking about it, we haven’t spent any time with her at all for the last few weeks…” You sounded troubled by this thought, so Jimin sat up and took your wrists into his hands, then proceeded to stare into your eyes with as much sincerity as he could muster.

You looked at him bewilderment, wondering what he was about to say that was worthy of such a build up, but all he said was;


“Oh for God’s sake- Park Jimin!” you scolded him, smacking him lightly on the chest and shoving him away. He whined loudly again, pressing his face into your pillow and you smacked his butt again. He laughed despite himself. “If you get makeup all over my bedding again, I’m going to murder you myself.”

He turned over and watched as you flung your wardrobe open. “What are you doing?”

“Getting dressed, what does it look like?”

“But you’re already dressed?” Jimin questioned, watching as you rifled through the dresses you owned. “You hate wearing dresses?”

“I know, but I have to look somewhat decent next to Mina,” you said casually. “I can’t go out with her dressed like this, I might as well have come out of the sewer if I stand next to her looking like this.”

Outraged, Jimin leapt off the bed and placed a firm hand on the door of your wardrobe, shutting it sharply.

“You look perfect literally all the time Y/N, what the hell are you talking about?”

Blushing slightly at his comment and sudden proximity, you just shrugged. “She’s so much prettier than I am. I need to at least-”

“No, she isn’t,” Jimin said, reaching suddenly and placing a hand on the back of your neck and guiding your face so you were staring directly at him. “You are so, so beautiful that it makes my heart hurt. What your wearing now is perfect- actually, I love it more than anything else you’ve ever worn.”

It was true, Jimin was quite taken to the fact that you were wearing one of his shirts and just some ripped skinny jeans. It was just the right level of casual that suited you so well and he’d be damned if anybody, even yourself, thought that it wasn’t good enough.


“No buts,” Jimin said, turning away from the wardrobe and settling on your bed again. “Except for yours maybe, It’s really cute.”

“Jimin!” you gasped, rushing to the bed and grabbing one of your cushions to smack him around the face. He stood up quickly to dodge your weapon, and as he stood up he pulled you down by your arm. As you went flying back down onto the bed, your free hand swung up to grab onto his sweater and you yanked him down ontop of you, knocking the air out of your lungs.

The two of you lay there in shock, his mouth dangerously close to yours, and the two of you stared at each with no movement to get away from this compromising position.

His breath blew over your face and he had never, ever, been this close to you before. You could see every detail of his skin, every colour in his eyes that you adored so much, and you could have sworn he inched ever so slightly closer. His lips, so luscious that you caught yourself staring at them, pressed together before they parted again and this time the way he moved closer was noticeable. He inched closer and closer to your lips and yours parted in preparation and he was so close you could almost taste him-

Your phone rang.

Cursing loudly, Jimin all but leapt off you and the way he was so eager to get away from you stung slightly, but you shook it off as you reached for your phone.

It was just Mina.

Shaking your head, you answered your phone and walked out of your bedroom; seemingly just to take the call, but your cheeks were burning, in embarrassment at the position the two of you were in, and hurt that he had all but ran away from you.

Did he not see you like that? Did he think you were unappealing, and that was why he jerked away from you so fast? Did he not want to kiss you? Because you sure as hell wanted to kiss him.

In your bedroom, Jimin was running his hands through his hair frustratedly, ruining the perfectly done hairstyle. How could he have been so stupid? He didn’t even know if you liked him, how could he dare to put you in that position and all but force himself onto you? He was ashamed of himself and his cheeks were burning in embarrassment. How could he look at you after he had behaved like that?

Sighing, he messed up his hair again before returning to the bathroom to take a breather and fix the mess on top of his head.

He would calm himself down and then act like nothing happened. If you wanted to talk about it, Jimin would talk about it, but he didn’t want you to be embarrassed because of his hasty actions.

It wasn’t right to act like that. He should have asked permission, he should have made it much more romantic, he should have-

“Jimin? Mina is ready, we can go and get her and get something to eat if you want?”

Great. You didn’t want to be alone with him anymore.

What had he done?

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Guys why is there no one talking about Kaner’s interview in JR’s new podcast??

In which he talks about the team and the trainers getting a kick out of him and Panarin yelling at each other on the bench. 

About that one yelling battle that was so heated in Calgary that the Flames were raising eyebrows. 

About Panarin trying to tell Patrick about his home and summer.

About the team seeing them as brothers and he sees Panarin as his little brother.

And a lot of other hockey things!!!

WHY? (starting 27:00)


For some reason, BB-8 was upset.

Poe had tried everything he could think of to comfort the droid. He gave it that oil that was expensive, but he knew BB liked. He tinkered with its wiring for a whole two hours. Poe had patted the top of it in the nicest ways he could think of, but nothing worked.
When Finn was released from the medical bay, Poe momentarily forgot his droid’s problem and focused his attention onto the ex-stormtrooper. Poe had it bad for Finn, ever since he saw him in his jacket, but he didn’t want to rush anything. Finn needed time to recover. It didn’t stop him from casual once-overs and biting his lip to stop him from using it in a way that wasn’t talking.
But then while Finn was helping Poe fix up his X-Wing (aka handing him tools that Finn didn’t know the names of. “No, buddy, it’s the one I’m pointing to.”) BB-8 dejectedly rolled into the hangar.
“Hey, BB-8!” Finn called happily. BB kept its top half rolled forward as it glided over in the way that suggested it was sad.
“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”
Poe had stopped his ministrations in order to look over at the two and frown.
BB-8 just paused at the box of tools, settling itself there and giving a lackluster beep-boop (“Oh nothing”). It produced a grabber and tossed one of the smaller knuts upwards, catching it over and over.
“Poe, what’s wrong with it?”
Upon seeing the genuine concern in Finn’s eyes, Poe internally beamed. None of the other pilots cared for BB-8 that much, usually writing its problems off. But Finn, beautiful amazing Finn, cared for his droid after only knowing it a short time.
But his happiness was short-lived once he realized that he had not yet diagnosed the issue that was bothering his buddy.
“I wish I knew.” His frown deepened and he decided that his X-Wing could wait another day.
“I tried to help it while you were out,“he continued, wiping the grease from his hands. "But none of the usual stuff worked.”
Finn’s mouth formed a tight line as he thought, eyebrows furrowed. He glanced at BB, who was now turned away and dabbing a rag at its eye as though it were crying.

“Well, we have to figure it out.”

It was said with a resoluteness. Finn scooted closer to BB, gently placing a hand on it. BB let out a screech and jostled up and down. It wiped the rag at its eye more furiously than before. It now looked as though BB was weeping.
“Aw, buddy,” Poe said automatically. He jumped up from the ground and moved to where BB was. His hands gathered the droid up, placing it in his lap.
“It can’t be that bad. It’ll be ok.”
Finn was on his knees in front of them. He lifted a hand and moved it near to BB, as though to pet it, but stopped mid-reach to look at Poe. Poe realized Finn was asking permission. Poe’s heart swelled and he nodded vigorously. Finn closed the distance and stroked BB on its head. The droid was still shaking and screeching, but had dropped the rag.
“Shhh, BB. We’re here for you.”

We. The idea of them both caring for BB was almost too much for Poe. He’d always been able to handle his friend pretty well on his own. He knew his droid’s parts very well and was good at protecting him in battle. The only problem was that sometimes he was busy training other pilots or fixing up his X-Wing and BB-8 felt left out. Sometimes Poe needed to take a walk alone or spend a few days in his room with nothing but his thoughts, and BB-8 was always waiting for him. His droid craved attention, which was no one’s fault.
But between Poe and Finn, BB could have all the love it wanted.
The droid was calming down and had snuggled into Finn’s hand. Finn was smiling at BB, patting its head and saying, “You’re ok.”
Poe tightened his hold on BB for a moment before releasing it completely and placing it in Finn’s lap. The younger man’s eyes lit up.
“Are you sure?”
How could he tell him that he’d never been more sure of anything? How could he convey an admiration he had no words for?
Ok, so he conveyed it pretty well.
Finn’s smile widened. That was enough to make Poe happy for the rest of his life.
It was so wonderful to watch Finn play with BB-8. His droid had lightened its mood considerably and was now showing Finn some old holograms from when Poe was younger and wanted to learn about the galaxy. Finn was lying on his stomach, legs crossed in the air and head resting on his folded arms.
When BB started beeping excitedly, Poe translated and sat near Finn. He had his feet flat on the ground, arms resting on his knees. Occasionally he’d interject and correct BB, to which the droid would always give an indignant beep and roll back in a manner that said, “Me?! Wrong?! Impossible.” Finn laughed at the antics between them.
Poe didn’t know how long they stayed there, sharing stories. Poe learned some of the easier tales from Finn’s past, like his job and how dull it was. Finn explained how sometimes he and the other troopers would throw old gear into the trash compactor and listen to it crack and groan as it was destroyed, giving them a sense of hope when none was to be found. Poe returned the favor with stories of his childhood and of his mother.
They were brought out of the reverie when Finn mentioned throwing Phasma into the trash compactor before saving Rey, and BB-8 gave a hoot and a whistle before lowering its top half once more. Finn and Poe went to grab BB at the same time, and they both smiled at each other before Finn gestured for Poe to do it.
“He’s your droid.”
Poe was going to tell him otherwise when BB-8 rolled over to Finn and whirred brightly. Finn looked surprised and silently asked Poe to translate.
“He said what I was going to say-he’s no longer my droid.”
Poe’s easy smile was the reason Finn didn’t seem very perturbed but instead just gaped.“Are you saying it’s mine now?”
Again before Poe could answer BB-8 gave a pointed click and rolled over to Poe, nuzzling his leg. Poe patted it affectionately.
“I’m saying it’s ours.”
Finn moved from his position on the ground and sat up, moving closer to Poe. He sat so close Finn could smell him. BB moved so it was in between them, making contact with Finn’s right leg and Poe’s left.

“I’ve never had…I mean…I feel like I’ve gotten everything from you. A new name, a jacket…now this.”
Poe knew that looking into Finn’s eyes was not going to end well, but Poe Dameron was not one to shy away from danger. Hell, sometimes he felt that danger shied away from him.
“You deserve it all. And more.”
The kissing that followed was the stuff of fantasy. Poe didn’t want to say that it was magical, because the Force was about as close to magic as he got belief-wise, but there was definitely something at work he couldn’t quite place.
Finn broke away much too quickly and Poe pouted, eliciting a laugh.
“Sorry, I just…what did BB-8 say when it got sad again? It rolled over to me and beeped. Or booped. Or maybe it was a bop…?”
It was Poe’s turn to laugh, and he did so while tugging Finn’s jacket tighter onto his body.
“It said it misses Rey.” Poe wasn’t surprised that his droid was missing the girl. It had told him how she’d helped it, both before and after Finn had stumbled upon them. He was indebted to her for her help, but seeing as she was out god knows where in the galaxy, the thank you would have to wait.
“Oh. Yeah, me too.”
Finn wrapped his right arm around Poe, the left reaching out to rest a hand on BB-8, who chirped sadly a few times. (“Maybe she’ll bring us back a souvenir.”)
Poe relayed this to Finn who smiled, holding Poe tighter.
“She’s souvenir enough.”
Poe wrapped both of his arms around Finn and kissed his temple.
Finn and BB-8 were both a little bit sad with their friend gone, though now they had each other. It didn’t mean it would hurt any less.

It did mean Poe would have to work that much harder at keeping them both happy. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


                                                   THE RESCUE

Request: “Can I request one, where its Ben solo and he hasn’t turned to the dark side bc he isn’t force sensitive and you meet in a Han-Solo and Leia-esque way?”

A/N: Literally, that gif doesn’t even match, but I’m tired and this took my like two hours to write and I couldn’t wait to post. Enjoy some Ben Solo (Ft. Leia, Poe, BB-8, Hux and Phasma) amongst our lovely reader and her *made up* BB unit! Thanks for the request anon, hope you can see the many similarities as the first time Han and Leia met :) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 4.4K+

Warning: A few curse words…


It seemed like a story that was oh too familiar, the moment you realized the First Order troops, along with their General and Captain, infiltrated the blockade runner you had been on along with a few Resistance members and some astromech droids–including your own BB unit–BB-3. “I need you to get this message along to the Resistance’s General, Organa.” You patted the BB unit, crouching down in front of it. “General Organa, it seems as if our luck has run thin and the members of the First Order have intercepted our ship, I leave the map in the compartment of my BB unit in hopes it’ll make it out safe and over to D'Qar. Although I am afraid to say I will be going down with this ship as only one of us can escape. I leave BB-3 in the safe hands of the Resistance. May the Force be with you.” Standing up, you placed the small map in the the compartment before letting out a small breath. “Be safe out there, BB-3.”

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Rude Awakening (Part Twelve - Kylo Ren)

In Part Three when Kylo is interrogating Poe he sees a memory of y/n smiling on a hill to Poe. The flashback seen in this part is a recall of that moment. 

Start from the beginning here.

Masterlist here.

Poe landed his X-Wing back at the Resistance base and hopped out to check it over for damages. He thought he’d caught a shot on the back of his right wing, and that might need some looking over. The second his feet touched ground his plans changed.

A loud series of bleeps and buzzes caught his attention. Across the landing strip, BB-8 was rolling at top speed towards him. “Bb-8!” Poe knelt down to greet his excited droid. He really had missed BB-8. Some people regarded droids as disposable pieces of technology, but BB-8 had been there for Poe through countless confrontations and battles. This droid had saved his life. It was family.

The chirps and beeps were a lot more urgent than usual, but Poe got BB-8’s general message. Finn… saved… from Jakku… with Han Solo.

“Finn?” Poe looked around the landing strip and saw the former Stormtrooper watching from a few feet away. Patting BB-8 absently, he stood and marched over to Finn. “Hey Buddy,” Poe smiled and gripped his friend into a tight armed hug.

“I thought you were dead!” Finn exclaimed in absolute relief.

Poe shook his head fervently, “Nah, I got thrown from the crash. Woke up at night, couldn’t find the ship or you and…” He trailed of pulled out of Finn’s grip to examine him. “Is that my jacket?”

“Oh yeah!” Finn realized and slid an arm out.

“No don’t,” Poe smiled and patted Finn’s shoulder. “It suits you.”

“Finn!” A girl in traditional desert clothing came striding straight for them with a determined look in her eye. “Han wants us to meet him before we speak to the General.” The girl didn’t even give Poe a glance, her attention on Finn. “We’re going to brief her about what happened on Jakku, but Han wants to go over what we say about (Y/n). Apparently, she was close to the General, and he’s worried how she’ll take it.”

“Wait,” Poe interrupted. “(Y/n)? She’s… What happened to her?” His gaze darted between Finn and the girl. He couldn’t keep focused on one of them for longer than a second.

Finn sighed and gave over the information. “She was a Jedi working with the Res….”

“I know who she is,” Poe brushed off. “She’s my friend.”

“Oh,” Finn looked at the ground sadly. “Then, I’m sorry to tell you Poe… They sent her out to retrieve your droid, and she was there when the First Order ambushed us.” Poe’s fists clenched involuntarily. “They got her.”

He didn’t wait for any more than that. Poe marched past the other two towards the bunker. Finn and the girl followed behind anxiously, calling at him, asking if he was okay, where he was going. He didn’t dignify them with a response.

Doors were slammed into walls in his wake. People dodged out of his way in the halls. One of his pilots, a girl named Sanna, froze as she saw him coming. “Poe, are you alright?”

“Where’s the general?” He demanded without stopping. He already knew the answer in the back of his mind.

“Central office,” Sanna called after him as he passed. “She’s being briefed!”

Poe burst into the room moments later, and all eyes darted towards the door. Finn and his friend were still following after Poe and stood awkwardly in the doorway. It was incredibly rare to see new faces on base, but even with two of them and the unusual circumstances of the day, no one could look away from Poe. He was fuming. Anger was ebbing off of him into the very air around him. He couldn’t control it.

Leia heard him the second he came in the room and turned slowly. She’d hoped she could be the one to mention it, break the news to him gently, slowly. Of course, that was too much to ask. News spread quickly on a base.

“Poe,” Leia sighed and took a step towards him. He closed the gap the rest of the way. “Han told me what happened.”

“I’m going after her.” Poe told Leia, not asked.

“Of course,” She didn’t hesitate to agree. Leia was just as upset as Poe. She just didn’t have the luxury of displaying her emotions, given her position. “We’re trying to put a plan together now.”

“I’m going after her,” Poe’s anger started to break into worry. “I swear to God, if he lays a finger on her…”

Leia looked away. She wished she could console him. She wanted to tell him he had nothing to fear of Kylo Ren hurting you, but she couldn’t. Ben Solo would have never even raised a finger in your direction, but then again Ben Solo wouldn’t have kidnapped you. In truth, it worried her more than anyone. If he felt at all vengeful about your survival, if he was trying to eliminate his competition, if he needed to prove himself to the dark side, if he was trying to cut all ties to Ben Solo… There were so many reasons for him to kill you. She could only think of one reason he might keep you alive, and she wasn’t entirely certain it was still there.

Poe Dameron walked briskly up the hill. He knew he’d find you at the top. The general had told him as much. However, it still came as a surprise to find you there.

You were lying back on a blanket in the grass. Your hair was splayed out behind you, and your arms were stretched out high above. It was like you were trying to soak up as much of the sun as possible before you forced yourself back to hiding in your hole. For once, in all the time he’d known you Poe actually thought you looked quite… peaceful.

“You’re outside!” He called happily as he traipsed up the side of the hill towards you.

Your head rolled to the side, and your eyes slowly peeled open to observe his approach. “We’re all allowed to break character once in a while.” You replied with a wide smile that fell almost in the same instant.

“Why today?” Poe settled himself into a spot on the grass. He was looking down at you with a very calculated glance, but you could see the hopeful expression hiding behind it.

Progress, that’s what he was hoping for. He was just too anxious to admit it. He didn’t want to get his hopes up only to be disappointed. You knew it. Your eyes turned back to the clouds hanging above you.

You wanted to tell him that he was right, that tomorrow you’d come back in some shining wave of greatness and join your place in the fight, that you were firmly planted on the Resistance’s side right next to the General come what may, that he could always trust you to watch his back for the First Order, that you wouldn’t hesitate to help their cause, their fight…

You couldn’t, though. You couldn’t tell him any of that. Because, as much as you wanted it to be true, as much as you knew it was right, deep down, you knew it was all a lie.

Your body was here, your mind too, or at least what was left of it. Your heart, though, that was out there.

Your eyes fluttered closed to the sky and clouds above you, and your imagination took you far away, to happiness. Of course, happiness is relative.

Poe thought of happiness, and he thought of a place. A place like this, with green grass and a blue sky, with warmth and calm, with beauty. To Poe, happiness was peace. You thought of happiness, and you thought of a person.

It was cold and dark. There was no light, no grass, no sky. Your mind had you standing in a room, four metal walls that were completely void of personality or humanity. You turned in the room, or at least imagined you did. There was only one possession in the room, a bed, shoved up against one of the walls. Sat on it was a man.

He was cloaked in black robes; a red lightsaber hung from his hand crackling with vicious intent; his boots were stained red, not from the light of his weapon, from blood. To his left side rested a mask, just as dark and intimidating as his clothes, but to his right lay a frame.

Stepping closer, you recognized the faces it held. Two young Jedi in training, smiling up in the picture and holding each other tight, blissfully naïve to what was coming for them and too in love to care.

As you stared at it, a single drop of water splashed against the glass casing. The tear didn’t come from your eye. You didn’t look up to see it’s source because you already knew. More fell, and you didn’t look away as they pooled over the handsome face of the young man in the picture and rolled down to puddle on the metal floor.

No, to you happiness wasn’t a place; it wasn’t peace. Happiness was a person, and hope.

Your mouth curled up involuntarily at the edges. “I saw an old friend of mine today…”

Jonty rewatch, Season 2, Part 1.  Now arranged by episode!


  • Monty runs to hug Clarke.  It’s adorable.
  • Don’t even talk to me about the look on Jasper’s face when he tells Clarke that Bellamy and Finn didn’t make it.  He thinks he killed them. He almost cries about it later in the episode..
  • The pie scene.  My heart.  They’re so happy and carefree and it lasts for like five whole seconds.  It hurts me.
  • It’s such a good microcosm of their dynamic, too.  Jasper prompts Monty into action, Monty provides resistance and challenges Jasper for fun.
  • Jasper to Clarke: “For the first time in our lives, we’re not hungry.”  Not ‘since we got to the ground.’  These kids have been hungry their whole lives, probably because scarce resources on the Ark ensured they never got more than what was absolutely necessary for them to survive.
  • When Jasper leaves because Clarke is bumming him out, Monty looks so worried about him.
  • Monty and Jasper are both hella handsome in their little suit jackets at the end of the episode.
  • Monty’s card trick is great, and makes me wonder what other sleight-of-hand tricks he knows.  As an engineer and electrician, he’s got to have some pretty skillful fingers.


  • Jasper trying to keep Clarke out of trouble.  Even when he disagrees with what she’s doing, he’s willing to follow her.  And he’s not the only one who wants to stay there and thinks she is jeopardizing their chance at safety.
    • Jasper: “What would you do with a guest who kept calling you a liar and generally acted like an ungrateful ass?”
      Miller:  “Kick their ungrateful ass out.”
  • Jasper looks almost sick after he tells Clarke that she is the biggest threat to their safety.  It’s not something he likes saying, but he honestly thinks it’s true and that she needs to hear it.


  • Jasper to Maya:  “You should know I don’t like surprises.  Hate them, actually.”  Gee, I wonder if that’s because surprises for him tend to involve unplanned trips to the Earth and spears to the chest?
  • Monty worrying about Clarke.  Jasper just wanting to stay in his happy place.  My heart.
  • Jasper almost cries again when he thinks he called Clarke crazy and was accidentally right.  Clarke is like a big sister to him and HE LOVES HER SO MUCH.
  • “We’ll see about that.”  I love determined Monty.  You tell em, babe.

2x04 - No Jonty. :(


  • When Dante offers to let Jasper leave to find Clarke, the way he very quietly, hesitantly asks “can I come back?” just makes filets of my insides.  Jasper Jordan is CHILD WHO WANTS TO BE SAFE.
  • “Jasper, this is your home now.”  The entirety of Mount Weather seems to be focused on emotionally manipulating Jasper.  Tsing and Cage target his budding romance with Maya, and even Dante plays on his need to feel safe and welcomed.  It says a lot about how open and vulnerable Jasper is that even the relative good guy in Mount Weather sees enough of his heart to play him like a fiddle.
  • This is a total reversal of their normal dynamic: Jasper paralyzed by fear and not wanting to leave, Monty pushing him into action because he knows they’ve got to go.  And it worked, too.  If not for the breach, Jasper would’ve tried to leave and Dante’s gambit would’ve failed.
  • I know we like Sassy!Monty, but I almost feel like sassy isn’t a strong enough word for how he acts here.  He is straight-up defiant.  He runs fresh out of fucks wherever Jasper’s safety is concerned, especially when he already suspects something is up.


  • Look at that entire box of Get Well Soon presents that people gave Jasper. This skinny little child, who has been hungry his whole life, is now being well-fed and showered with gifts by people he just met.  This kid, who was thrown like garbage off the Ark along with the rest of the 100, now feels loved and appreciated by an entire Mountain.  How can you blame him for being sympathetic to their plight?  How can you possibly blame him for wanting to help?
  • When Jasper realizes that he was being played, you can tell by the look on his face that he feels so stupid.
  • Jasper to Monty: “He (Dante) knew I’d be too scared to leave.”  What he doesn’t say: “And he knew you wouldn’t leave without me.”
  • “I won’t leave the others behind if it means they end up in there.”  This is the point in the season where Jasper shifts gears.  The actual second he learns of the deception, he goes into Clarke mode.  It’s no longer about him, it’s about all of them.
  • Jasper to Monty:  “How high are you right now?”  These fuckin stoners, I swear to god.
  • The way Jasper lies to President Wallace without even breaking a sweat. ♥
  • Now, to Monty in this episode: in stark contrast to Jasper, Monty is pissed at the Mountain.  He already suspects something is amiss, but what he knows for a fact is that they made his best friend in the world so sick he had to be hospitalized for three days.  They hurt Jasper.  They took advantage of him.  And once he learns the depth of the deception, his quiet rage nearly pushes all sympathy out of him.
    • Maya: Without the treatments, we’d die.  What were we supposed to do?
    • Monty: Die.
  • AND HE IMMEDIATELY FLINCHES AFTER HE SAYS IT.  Because he didn’t actually mean it.  That’s not something Monty would normally ever say, but he was so FUCKING MAD at these people that it just jumped out of him.


  • Jasper to Monty: “And they said we wouldn’t amount to anything.”  Who?  Who said that?  Did they die?  I hope they died.
  • The whole conversation on the beds makes me joyous.  Clarke usually had only Finn or Bellamy at her ear giving her advice; Jasper’s got his own little small council going on here.  But make no mistake– Jasper is still the leader.  Even though everyone else wants to make an escape attempt, they still follow Jasper’s lead into gathering intel first.
  • I love that Monty tells him “You know you’ve thought it, too.”  Like Monty knows how Jasper thinks.  This worst-case scenario thing isn’t something Jasper hasn’t thought about, and Monty knows that.
  • “I’m the mastermind.”  I know it sounds blustery and kind of funny, but it’s basically true?  Gathering intel was Jasper’s idea, and he’s the one who is directing the mission.  I know it looks like he just stands around a lot, but he’s the one who called the mission together, and he’s likely the one who decides when to call it off.  To do that, he needs to be in the center so he can get relevant data from everyone– whatever Monty and Miller find, and whenever Harper sees someone coming, Jasper needs to know so he can decide what to do about it.
  • I’m kind of wondering where the ‘Miller hates Jasper’ idea came from, because Miller seems fine with Jasper to me.  When Jasper picks up the sword like ‘awwwwww yeaaaaa,’ Monty rolls his eyes but Miller smiles at him, like ‘yea bro, i feel u.’
  • Flighty, distractable Jasper and hyperfocused Monty. ♥
  • Damn, I’m good.”  I love how fucking confident Monty is when he’s in his wheelhouse.  Like hell yes, bb, pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it.

2x08 - No Jonty.  >:(

Part 2 coming later, to prevent this from getting too long.