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harry potter rates by mention of ducks
  • philosophers stone: (5) the dursleys duck hagrid’s letters which is amazing and I hope that creased parchment gave them paper cuts. children duck from peeves on several occasions, and chaser pucey ducks two bludgers. glad Hogwarts students are agile but if i were a mum receiving these letters from home I’d have questions. (5/10)
  • chamber of secrets: harry ducks under a table to keep people from seeing him laughing. joy because harry is actually laughing. someone ducks molly’s soapy frying pan, which i hope is a metaphor but probably isn’t. harry ducks as hagrid tries to pat his shoulder again. ron ducks and vomits slugs, the babe. four random evasive ducking maneuvers. wizards are dodge af. i do not duck this much in my real life. bonus for the only movie add on that matters: “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” what were /you using for, Arthur? (8/10)
  • prisoner of azkaban: jo’s editor clearly got cottoned on because the we only have three duck mentions. ducking beneath diggory (it starts). harry randomly ducks. and a warning: duck, angelina that's a bludger. (1/10)
  • goblet of fire: (13) ducking in and out of tents and to avoid awkward social situations. ‘I don’t think there can be any ducking out at this stage’ which is utter bullshit. i’d be asking for the terms and conditions and finding out exactly what would be worse than facing a dragon??? krum is on multiple occasions described as duck-footed, which i take to mean literally and you can’t stop me. (3/10)
  • order of the phoenix: wondering if 'duck' is code for 'fuck' because it's mentioned a lot (23 times) and jk’s editor wouldn’t let her swear. harry ducks his abusive uncle more than once. sirius /ducks bellatrix's jet of red light, but only one. every single adult ducks out of their responsibility in effectively helping traumatized harry james potter. (-10/10)
  • half blood prince: FAVE: herbert chortley, junior minister, loses his quackers and impersonates a duck. he will spend the rest of his life believing he's a duck, which is...the dream. harry ducks under and out from the cloak so he can relentlessly stalk draco malfoy. lots of ducking under arms and under tables and ducking and running. (9/10. for herb)
  • deathly hallows: shout out to the experimental charms committee for accidentally-on-purpose creating a poisonous duck. wizarding galleons at their finest??? harry would not duck out of, excuse me while i sob, going to meet voldemort, not when he knew it was in his power to stop it. (4/10 but only because harry lives)
  • bonus: Lego Harry Potter, Ducklifors Jinx turns anything into a duck. (10/10)

So @nyiro sent me for my b-day a set of Jack Morrison full HD screenshots to use as references (plus other characters) and I’m like doing such a proper good use of them, I bet. (aka istant new desktop image AND screensaver! Ahaha!) Just joking, I will use them a lot in the future!!! I’m so grateful!!! Thanks again, Pat <3

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those Yurio x taller s/o hc are so cute!! would you mind doing a scenario? 💕

“If you laugh, I’m going to punch you.”

“But Yuri, you’re so cute.”

“Viktor made me wear this, it wasn’t my idea!”

Taking another look at Yuri’s costume, the girl burst out laughing. 

Yuri was currently dressed in a Christmas Elf costume, Viktor’s humorous way of referencing his height.

“How did you even agree to this?”

“I didn’t.”

(y/n) chuckled again, patting his head.

“Well, he’ll probably let you off the hook soon.”

“Don’t laugh just because you’re taller than me! I’ll get my revenge!”

“Sure you will. Little elf.”


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6 - yoonseok

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”  ((This got nsfw-ish))

Send me a pairing and a number!

* * *

* * *

Yoongi stood in the doorway and wiped away the toothpaste on his lower lip. Hoseok grinned at him from the bed, eyebrows wiggling. He patted the pillow next to his head.

“Hobi, is there a reason you’re in my bed?”

“Do I need a reason, hyung?” Hoseok patted the pillow again.

Yoongi stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. “Generally a reason is needed to crawl into someone’s bed, yes.”

“Maybe the reason is I love you and Jin-hyung’s away so I thought we could make use of the empty room.” He winked and wriggled a little so that his shoulders appeared over the top of the covers. “Come a little closer, Yoongi-yah, let me keep you warm. I’m your angel. I’m your sunshine.”

“You’re a bother.”

“A very handsome bother.” Hoseok sat up, pulling the blanket up to keep covering him. Then he started humming and moved the blanket down slowly to reveal his collarbone and chest, fluttering his eyelashes the entire time. “I’m just sitting here, naked and handsome and minding my own business. Maybe there’s another handsome man in this room who will come over here and ravish me. Maybe a handsome man who likes to whisper filthy things in my ear and leave bite marks wherever he can. Hmmmm, is there anyone like that in the room tonight?”

Yoongi walked forward so he was standing in front of the bed. His mouth twitched into a smile. “You’re really lucky that I love you too much to kick you out.”

“So will you ravish me?”

“Sure. Hands and knees, or however you want to do this.”

And Hoseok whooped, kicking the blankets off before shuffling up the bed with his ass in the air. Yoongi rolled his eyes and shucked off his shirt. It had been a really good idea to ask Seokjin to go out that night.


“Wow…I am having a real hard time picturing Pimmie as someone’s mom.  She stopped been as open and giving with others after we lost our parents.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s been a great big sister, she’s just a little closed off and quick to anger.”

*patting shoulder again awkwardly*

“Relax, Tycho…she’s going to make the right decision.  She’s knows neither of you are ready.”

“That’s just it, Manuel…I think I am ready.  I know I’m not the most put-together person but when she told me…well, I want this.  I want to be with her and I want this baby.”

“…I didn’t see that coming…”

the amazing chelsea from 8123 gave us the opportunity to interview Kennedy Brock from the Maine as promo for their American Lines tour they did with Mayday Parade this past spring. He was so sweet & adorable, he was supposed to call the previous night but his phone died. love him -ash

march, 2016

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maybe kags isn't a huge fan of ppl touching him but no one knows this (including suga) and one day kags does real good and suga is like YEEEEE and pats his head and ruffles his hair and kags is AAaahhooooh. oh. /oh/ this feels??? nice??? but like only from suga??? so he's like "how do i get him to do that again????" cue kags trying to make suga proud as often as he can so he pats kags again. someone else notices so they do it and kags flips and suga is like "??? OH." and now he pats him a lot

That’s adorable omfg