patronuslight  asked:

Top 5 orphan black moments!

this is the first year ever i haven’t done a complete rewatch so this might not be accurate

  1. Sarah Manning, con artist: the montage. Live fast die young bad girls do it well. YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT. 
  2. The Beth hallucination in S3. We do terrible things for the people we love.
  3. Sarah’s suicidal bender and confronting Beth on the bridge, Felix saves her.
  4. Alison lets Aynsley choke to death. TO HELL WITH YOU AND YOUR CHRISTMAS ANGEL. 
  5. Felix visits Krystal at the nail salon.

patronuslight  asked:

Top 5 places you've ever visited OR top 5 places you want to visit?

Top 5 places I have visited because I have no specific geographical ambition, and my fair complexion limits me a lot lol 

  2. London
  3. Various areas of Spain, I guess
  4. Peak District. I’ve been out there like a dozen times this year, it’s so close to Sheffield and so pretty.
  5. Canal Street, Manchester