fuckingbirds  asked:

Did you see the tweet where Dan basically said that the lesson we learned was that we don't need to know everything because savage Like I'm still reeling from that tweet (But you know what good for him like letting his audience know that there's still boundaries even though he is more open)

that tweet gave me such mixed emotions. on the one hand, yes of course. the importance of privacy and boundaries between their personal lives and what they share with the internet has always been such a vital part of dnp’s approach to their careers in the public eye. and honestly most of the time i wish they were more open and straightforward about how much that distinction matters to them instead of trying to sugarcoat and make like they just want to be our friends. but at the same time i fucking hate the tone of that reply specifically in the context of this bahamas debacle bc dan literally invited the scrutiny about this particular bout of travel. he quite literally designed tweets to confuse people about his whereabouts and then voluntarily shared his flight info and passport details after that, all of it done knowingly, with full confidence that it would drive people to the extremes of speculation and ‘detective work’ trying to piece together a rational explanation for why he was apparently in two places at once that day. idkkkk man, like pretty much any other time i’d be fine w him talking about how much privacy matters to him and phil and state the very obvious point that the audience doesn’t need to know everything about their lives, but it rly rubs me the wrong way to hear him say that in this context when he literally did this for a laugh, so that ppl would have fun w speculating what he was up to lmao. jst strikes me as being super fucking patronizing

korokage  asked:

First of all, I'd like to say that your blog is a god send. Secondly, in one of my stories I have an antagonist that gets shot in the lumbar region of the spine (twice even), would it be realistic to have him, after some number of years/months later, able to walk with the assistance of a cane? I will admit that the setting the story is in has healing magic, but I imagine that something like getting double tapped in the spine would be too severe for that to help much.

Hey there nonny! If you want a spinal injury where someone could conceivably walk, you’ve hit on (ouch!) the right place! 

Here’s the thing about the lumbar spine: the spinal cord proper ends at L2, which is fairly high up. So injuries below L2 tend to produce numbness and severe weakness in the legs and the feet – but not total paralysis thereof. 

So with some good PT and a little magic, yeah, walking with a cane (after many months of recovery) is a reasonable outcome, though they’ll likely get tired quickly and may get shooting pain down their legs. 

More info here: 

Thanks for the ask! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Easy Ways to Connect More Strongly with your Deities
  • Say Good Morning when you wake up, say Good Night before you fall asleep
  • Share your food with them. If you’ve ever wanted some of your friend’s french fries, you know how they probably feel. 
  • Donate to causes that fall under the jurisdiction of your deity. Are they a goddess for women? Donate to a women’s shelter or Planned Parenthood. Is your deity a patron of the arts? Give to PBS or local theatres.
  • Cook a full meal in honor of your deity. Seriously. It sounds silly but you can definitely find a regional cookbook based on your pantheon to cook a full ass feast for them.
  • Write them letters or notes. Keep a little notebook of notes and letters to your deity. Did you see a cute cat that you think Frigga would’ve liked? Maybe you saw a girl’s outfit that would’ve made Aphrodite drool. Let them know, or give yourself a reminder to tell them about it later.
  • Change your phone background. Does your deity have a temple or built pantheon? Put that shit as your wallpaper! Did you find a picture that so perfectly captures the spirit of your deity? Make it your lock screen.
  • Make them a Mix Tape. You know, so you can belt out songs in their honor while making your way downtown. Faces pass. And you’re home bound. 
  • DIY your Altar. I’m not going to lie, I’m not to altar type. However, it is a fantastically personalized space that you can do anything with. So don’t let anyone stop you from knitting that mini statue of Hecate a scarf.