Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, smiles during her visit to Caerphilly Family Intervention Team (FIT), run by Action for Children, to learn about their work with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties on February 22, 2017.

Things happening in this scene that should be addressed:

  • Yuri’s cat eats at the table
  • Yuri’s cat thinks the food is for them so either a) they’re naughty or b) Yuri feeds them human food
  • Either way, Yuri is thrilled they want his Pirozhki
  • Yuri is wearing an apron so he clearly made the priozhki for Lilia and Yavok
  • At first I thought Lilia might not be eating because she’s worried about the nutritional value
  • But judging by Yakov’s face I’ve come to another conclusion
  • Yuri is an awful cook
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Updated 12/9/16

So while the concept of Otabek pinning for Yuri for five years is charming consider Otabek literally just being very inspired by him in a platonic way

Then Yuri losing his shit and developing the fattest crush on Otabek while Otabek is oblivious. Yuri calling Otabek at all hours of the day and at odd hours of the night, double texting, triple texting, tredecuple texting, posting bears on instagram and tagging him (even if Otabek doesn’t know how to social media), sending him songs, making 8track playlists for him, sending selfies, skyping with him so he can show off his new routines (and get praised), making Otabek a care package for Almaty (but never sending it because THAT would be embarrassing)

All the while Otabek is just, “Wow, why do people think this smol russian is antisocial?”