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so… i really love everything that @elithien does. all of her work (whether fanart, trinkets, fashion design… i can keep going) is absolutely stunning. when i found out Constellations was coming out, there wasn’t even a question as to whether i’d be supporting it.  she’s one of the artists on here that’s inspired me to get back into my own (Infinitely Worse™) art after years and years of creating nothing (and filling a void i didn’t realize was there as a result). for that alone, i’m thankful that she’s willing to share so much of her work with all of us.

anyway, that’s a lot of gushing and i just really love her work and her aesthetic and yeah and the end. thank you SO much @elithien​ for all of your beautiful work!! ♡ i’m so happy i found your creations, and i can’t WAIT to see what else you have in store for us. ( ´ ◡ ` )

H A P P Y  3 5 T H  B I R T H D A Y  P R I N CE  W I L L I A M

HRH The Duke of Cambridge was born William Arthur Philip Louis on 21 June 1982 at St. Mary’s Hospital, London.

He is husband to Catherine; father to George and Charlotte; son to Charles and Diana; brother to Harry; and the future King William V

He is a Prince | Duke | Patron | Pilot


The Duchess of Cambridge holds her son, Prince George, as they look at the airplanes and helicopters during The Royal International Air Tattoo on July 8, 2016.

My gorgeous reylo artbook by @nemling arrived earlier this week, and I couldn’t be happier to add it to my collection. :)  So many great pieces in here (my personal favorite is The Death of Kylo Ren).  For folks outside of Japan, I used the From Japan service and it was a breeze (and super fast!).  Thank you again @nemling for your lovely work! <3


A Patron requested Prince Kai for May’s Request Box so I decided to add to my Rampion Crew Croptop series after months of neglect! I also drew Jacin for it but I hadn’t posted it because I wasn’t quite pleased with it at the time. 

In the Series: Scarlet // Thorne & Cress // Iko 



He doesn’t want to go to the gala opening, but as the crown prince and patron of the arts, he must. It isn’t that he doesn’t enjoy the spectacle, it is just that he hates having to travel with guards. And Prince Finn has brooded ever since the ball where he held his true love in his arms for the space of a dance. He broods even still, as he settles in the royal box awaiting the entertainment.

The curtain rises, and he is in disbelief. In the midst of the dancers … is her. The music swells and she dances alone, flawlessly. She is the prima ballerina of the company! No wonder she danced so divinely at the ball! The gold of her outfit and of the lights reflect in the prince’s eyes, but he only has eyes for her.

Her name … now he must find out her name!

Drawn by the amazing @iraya!

Prince Harry, Patron of @WeAreInvictus will attend @InvictusToronto from 22 – 30 September 2017. HRH will meet  some of the 550 competitors from 17 participating nations, and watch as they compete across 12 sports.

Kensington Palace on Twitter 

Prince Harry founded The Invictus Games for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women to use the power of sport to inspire recovery.

Prince Harry will also attend a few additional events including visiting the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada’s largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital, present The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and attend CIMVHR | ICRSMV.

A Rainy day (P5 Fic)

“Today will be sunny…” A certain brunette mutters while holding his glove-clad hand out under the torrential rain. “That’s what the weather forecast said earlier…” he pauses and let his hands fall to his side. “That is why I didn’t bring an umbrella.” he heaves a tired sigh, tousling his own hair. “Damn, I overwork again,” he said to himself, looking at the gloomy and dark sky that endlessly continues its downpour. The famous prince sigh once more and walk underneath the heavy rain. Letting himself to get soaked, letting himself to get lost in his own thoughts.

He would go back to his apartment but he’s craving for coffee… Leblanc’s in particular albeit he’s afraid that the cafe is closed already. He didn’t know why yet, he gradually found his comfortable spot in the place. Ludicrous it may sounds he considers it as a place he can call home than his empty apartment. The ambiance in that place soothes his heart even for a bit. Truth to be told, at first he thought he’s not welcome but gradually, he did. Letting his mask that became his permanent face, slid off. Away from the public’s prying eyes, away from his fans that would swoon every time they see him.

Away from his own fabricated lies. Yet he knows that he can never stray from stardom. It makes him want to puke. He barely knows himself now. Who is he? Is he Goro Akechi, a famous charismatic detective prince, patronized by the masses yet they’ll scorn him whenever he’s on the wrong side or he’s Crow, a member of the infamous Phantom Thieves, donned in his princely attire he will eradicate shadows and steal those rotten adult’s heart with Joker and the other or he’s…?

He snapped out of his reverie when a hand holds his wrist, the detective looks at the person and it’s…

“What are you doing under the rain, Akechi?” the bespectacled teen asks the other with a perplex expression, a plastic bag of garbage in his other hand. The brunette looks around, as though trying to figure where he was… Did he absently walks his way to Leblanc instead of going to the train station. “Ah… I was going to the train station but decided to take a detour to get some coffee although it seems that you’re already closed,” He said with a smile, it wasn’t his brightest smile yet it’ll do, he thought. His clothes are sticking uncomfortably on his skin and his hair was in the same predicament wet and clinging to his face but he can’t seem to care at all.

He’s too tired to paid any care for his looks right now…

Akira stares at him, noticing the tired look on the other’s face. “…Have you eaten dinner?” he asks with concern while pulling the brunette inside the cafe, sheltering the detective from the harsh rivulets of rain and putting the plastic bag back to the trash bin. “I ate an apple earlier… I should get going, sorry for bothering you—” Akechi stops speaking to cover his mouth and sneezed “A-Achoo!” Oh… shit, he thought inwardly as he begins to sneeze like it’s the end of the world. Akira quickly sets him on the stool, grabbing and putting the attache case on the next chair before running upstairs, to the attic and get a towel to dry the brunette’s head with. He then prepares some clothes that would fit the other’s physique. Basing on what he sees, the other is slender than him. “He only eats an apple for lunch, after all, Gods… I’ll treat him and Yusuke to Big Bang Burger tomorrow, they will eat…” he mumbles with such dedication as he lays the clothes down. With that’s done he left the room and go downstairs.

The raven haired briskly walks to him then handed the towel to the older who hesitantly takes it, mumbling. “Thanks…” and begins to rub his hair dry.

“You should stay.” the younger teen inquires as he watches the brunette dries his hair, who looks at him before tilting his head to the left. “The rain looks like it won’t stop until tomorrow. Why didn’t you bring an umbrella?” the raven haired walks behind the counter and washes his hands before brewing coffee. “Coffee with cream…?” he curtly suggested.

“Huh… Um… Yes, please thank you… The weather forecast said it won’t be raining so I never bothered…” Akechi replies putting his left hand on his chin. “Although, are you sure I can stay? What will Morgana say about this?” he asks while removing the towel on his head, gently setting it on top of his case.

“Mona was with Futaba and boss, he’ll stay in their house for tonight, he said it’s too cold here.” the bespectacled boy replied, not really bothering to peer at the older. “You should change too, you’re soaking wet. Borrow my clothes,” he said brusquely, pointing towards the attic. “Change and stay there.” Akechi was about to say something but really, no words came out so he complies, tiredly treads his way through the stairs.

It wasn’t long when Akira followed the brunette suit, a cup of hot coffee in his hand. He enters the room and sees the brunette face down on his bed as half of his body bent awkwardly, the older teen barely made it to his bed. His wet clothes long forgotten on the floor. The raven haired smiles at the sight before him, the prince detective is so he exhausted, he passes out after changing. Poor guy. He set the cup down on the table and adjusts the brunette so that he was in a comfortable position as he tucks him under the blanket. Akira tucks a few hair strands away from the brunette’s face. A few pictures won’t hurt. Pulling out his phone, the raven haired took some private photo of the sleeping beauty.

Smiling delicately, he whispers: “Sleep tight, Goro…” and plants a soft kiss on the brunette’s forehead.

The cacophony of the rain and the breathing of the sleeping person on his bed makes him at ease. He wistfully wishes tomorrow never come. It’s a selfish wish… Tomorrow… Everything will be back to normal.

Bitterly smiling, Akira drinks the lukewarm coffee. It was too sweet for him.

Too sweet.


Waitress: “Here is your Big Bang Burger XXXXL, SIR!”

Goro: “…Are you sure we can eat this?”

Yusuke: “This could feed me for the next 2 years…!”

Akira: “Eat up my kids, you need to have some stuffing.”

Yusuke: “…”

Goro: “…”

Morgana: “There goes his mother instinct again…”