patron babe


SO i decided to whip up some doodles of my headcanon patron minette designs!!! i’m really proud of these to be honest, and i hope everyone else likes them too!!

(ALSO i didn’t mean for babet to end up looking like daveed it just kinda happened whoops)

anonymous asked:

Character A and B are in public. A notices that B has something smeared on their face (sauce/paint) & is really distracted by it & keeps glancing at them. B thinks A is flirting & flirts w/ A. B is embarrassed when A tells them but it all ends well.

Hey, Anon. I kind of twisted your prompt, because I wanted to expand it a little. I’ve been hankering to write some more Hot Mess!Tony for a little while, so that’s where this went. Enjoy!

i’m @ the bar down near bathrooms

don’t see you

Steve craned his neck, but Tony disappeared in the press of the crowd, and seeing through all the bodies was nearly impossible. They shouldn’t have come on a game night, but a few drinks out had seemed like a good idea, especially since Tony had finally turned twenty-one and they could do this in public now. So Steve had come straight from his tiny cubicle to the bar, only to be met with a cloud of beer fumes and raucous shouting about the football game playing on all the TVs. Maybe some place a little closer to home would’ve been quieter, but Tony had wanted to meet near Steve’s office building.

Slowly but surely, he squeezed himself through the crowd, yelping when someone took the chance to cop a feel. God, he hated these kinds of crowds. Hated them. His phone buzzed again with another text.

i see u. get over here loverboy

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