I want Dragon Ball Super cut out the romance and have Trunks talk Goten into becoming galactic patrolmen when they grow up.  Then I want to see them grow up and do it then they could meet their wife figures sometime afterwards.  It would have action and adventurer with Trunks and Goten traveling through the galaxy with Jaco tagging along once in a while.  What made me think of this is when Jaco asked Bulma; I thought why not Trunks and Goten as adults.  It would be a way for Goten to keep training and make Chi-Chi happy because he has a job. 

I would also like to see Trunks meeting Tights.  

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“Are you resisting? Time travel is a serious crime, mister, and as a galactic patrolman I can’t sit back and let you hop around changing whatever it is you feel like.”

Of course Jaco had to do something. Earth is his responsibility and if word got out that time-distortions were happening on his watch, he could lose his job.

@supergalacticpatrolmanelite - continued from here

“Oh. Uhm. Okay, then.”

He hadn’t understood exactly what Jaco was trying to say there, but he supposed it meant they could get up and hunt for some food. He hadn’t really had the chance before to get to know the alien patrolman - or super elite, or whatever he was - but Goku had figured food would be a great way to at least start to understand the alien.

“Wait,” he blinked, pausing in his steps. “You only eat milk and cheese?”

The Shit In My Head

So, I came up with an idea to document some if the shit that happens in my diseased brain and make periodic postings of it. This first incident happened early this morning. I know some of y'all can relate.

I was having this dream where I was once again a patrolman. There is more to this dream as far as the events leading up to this point, but I can only remember fractions of it. But I end up fighting some guy, trying to arrest him. We are both rolling around on the pavement, punching and kicking. Meanwhile, I am also trying to keep an eye on his two buddies while trying to find my handcuffs.

For some reason, my cuffs aren’t on my belt where they are supposed to be. So I am trying to get this guy under control, he’s trying to bite me and I’m punching him in the face, trying to keep him from doing so. Then I notice his buddies moving around behind me, slowly, and I am yelling at them to get back where I can see them.

I finally find my cuffs, which, for some reason, were on the front of my belt rather than the back, where I normally kept them. I got one cuff on the guy and I’m trying to get ahold of his other arm, then notice that the two buddies were gone from my line of sight. I start yelling out for them to get back where I can see then, while still struggling with the guy I’m arresting.

Suddenly, I feel a hand in the small of my back, which starts moving around to my gun side. I wake up yelling and thrashing. It turns out that the hand on my back belonged to the ol’ lady, who immediately backed off and rolled to the other side of the bed.

She later told me that she thought I was going to hit her, which was a distinct possibility in this instance. But, as it turned out, when I woke up, the dream immediately faded and I realized pretty quick what was going on. Anyway, it was 3 am and I never did get back to sleep.

The thing is, what happened in this dream happened to me in a similar situation in real life, except my radio shoulder mike got knocked off and I couldn’t reach it, and I couldn’t get to my cuffs or anything else because it was taking everything I had, including both hands, to defend myself and try to get the suspect under control. And it wasn’t two buddies, but more like a dozen. I was eventually able to call for back up and get the guy cuffed without incident, but the entire time I was in the fight, I kept waiting, expecting, for someone to jump me from behind and try to get my gun. It was an eerie fucking feeling, and it apparently left some residual shit in my head.


Happy birthday to Jamie Glover!

As well as voicing Darth Malgus in Star Wars: The Old Republic and several characters in Awakening and DA2, Jamie Glover lends his voice to the Mad Hermit, Slim Couldry, Denoel, Denerim Patrolman, Bannorn Refugee, Howe Estate Guard, Circle Tower Mage, and Franderel House Guard in Dragon Age Origins.

“This is the face of every lawman ever who stood to in defense of life itself. Courage is the tenacious state of mind which renders cowardice obsolete via the individuals choice to force upon themselves the willingness to press forward towards potential oblivion.

The Reluctant Warrior.

This is a DPD patrolman during the shooting. "One riot, one Ranger.” Observe, orient, decide, ACT.“ - @ericgkirsch

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revanmeetra87 replied to your post “I hate making “delete me if” posts, because normally, I find them…”

Thank you for this. My grandpa was a patrolman, and my sister was military police, so it is really nice to see this in light of a lot of what I am seeing on my dash right now

You are quite welcome. :) I too, have family and friends who are law enforcement, and it’s disheartening to see all this going on.

Originally posted by molang-official

I’m sorry you have to see a lot of negativity on your dash.

I understand people are angry, and you know what? They’ve got every right to be. A life lost, a family member gone…it’s a sad thing no matter who you are.

But dividing and terrorizing one another isn’t going to help anything.

Because only the innocent are going to suffer, and nothing is going to get resolved.