Not winning - Pokemon Go gets Alberta brothers detained for crossing U.S. border
Pair 'lost track of where they were,' officials say

Two Alberta teenagers were apprehended after they accidentally crossed the U.S. border into Montana while playing the game Pokemon Go, U.S. Border Patrol officials say.

“Both juveniles were so captivated by their Pokemon Go games that they lost track of where they were,” the service said in a release on Friday.

Border Patrol Agent John South says the teens wandered into the United States near Sweet Grass, Montana, which borders the town of Coutts in Alberta.

South says agents briefly detained them while contacting their mother, who was nearby on the Canadian side.

The agents then released the children to their mother.

South declined to release the teenagers’ names, ages or describe what sort of terrain they crossed.
SDCC: DC's Young Animal with Gerard Way
SDCC: DC's Young Animal with Gerard Way - The Young Animal imprint looks to make DC Comics a little weirder, and Gerard Way, Jim Lee and more discussed what to expect from the line.

Castellucci talked about the central conceit of the series a bit: “When you have a superpower of madness, it’s kind of like, what is that? Madness is very strange. How do you, as a writer, keep a story narrative that makes sense but also try to push off the page in order to get to somewhere new?”

Castellucci also clarified how her version of “Shade” relates to past incarnations. “If you’ve read the [Steve] Ditko or the [Peter] Milligan ‘Shade,’ you’ll be like, 'Oh, I see what she did there,’” “You want to pay homage to what’s come before, but I also want it to be very much its own thing, so a person doesn’t have to have read all of 'Shade’ – you can just jump in.” Mahan pointed out that it is Rac Shade’s madness coat, from the Milligan run.

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I really loved your writing SO MUCH! And this is my first time doing this, so I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly… But could you do a continuation of #10 & #20 with Alex? Love the angst! Cheers~

Hi I was wondering if u could write a part 2 for alex summers “things u said that made me feel like shit” + “things u said I wasn’t meant to hear”

plus like, several other asks about it ngl v overwhelmed by the response to it but in a good way

A/N: Bonus points if you listen to set fire to the third bar by snow patrol while reading, and here is where you can read the first part

You feel like you’re viewing everything from a great distance as you sit, curled into a corner of the couch, staring at a closed book on your lap, tears still welling in your eyes. Alex enters the room, and you can sense his presence without looking up. He comes to sit at the other end of the couch, still tense.

“Hey, baby. Something’s come up at the mansion,” he starts warily.  “They asked if I could help them out, so I’m-”

“Gonna be gone for a while?” You interrupt him, still staring blankly at the cover of the book. “Yeah. I heard.” The tension in the room is so thick it’s hard to breathe

“It’s,” He takes a deep, shaky breath. “It’s not what you think. It’s not what it sounds like, I promise.”

“How could it not be what it sounds like? God, Alex. You’re going to war in a few months. You could die and I’d lose you forever and you can’t find in you to spend these last few months with me. Fucking how else am I supposed to interpret ‘I can’t be around her’. You could’ve fucking talked to me about it.” By the time you finish, you’ve given up trying not to cry in front of him and your voice is shaking, and he physically flinches, but you don’t care. Why shouldn’t he be hurting too?

“Because you’re not like me” the words explode out of him, your pain and bitterness sparking his own. “We are fundamentally different. What was I supposed to say? ‘Good morning, sweetheart. Lovely day, isn’t it, oh and by the way, I could lose control and kill you painfully at any moment. Shall we go out to brunch?’” He’s on his feet now, pacing across the room. “Jesus fucking Christ, I can talk and talk and talk but you can’t understand how this feels because you’re normal. I’m a fucking weapon and being around you is like balancing on a razor because if I slip up, everything literally blows up around me, and I can’t think about anything else because it’s not something I can fix, it’s just what I am.”

“Just because I’m not a mutant doesn’t mean I can help how I was born any more than you could.” You snap back, rising from the couch. “I’m fucking sorry that the world is afraid of you. I’m sorry that people are so shitty and divisive about people who are different, but I have never ever given you a reason to think I would walk out on you because of something you can’t change. Fine. We’re fundamentally different. But you didn’t even try to talk to me about it. I love you so much. I would do anything for you. Is it really so hard to believe that I could help you with this?”

“Sympathy and empathy are two very different things and you fucking know it.” Alex’s voice is flat and cutting. “Sure you could feel sorry for me but, but pity is as good as revulsion, and you still can’t possibly know what I go through every goddamn day. I’m deadly. I’ve killed people and I don’t know how to come home to you with that eating away at me every second of every day. I don’t know who I am anymore without this-this poison I carry around with me.” The rage in his expression is ice cold, his eyes desperate and furious. “I’m one of the ‘dangerous ones’ and I don’t know how to be around someone who’s not.”

There are still tears running down your face, but your voice is cold and ugly, a stark contrast to your explosive pain from only moments ago.

“You’re right. I probably don’t understand. Maybe I can’t understand, but maybe I don’t need to understand something to want to make it better for you. Just because I don’t understand something on the same level you feel it doesn’t mean I can’t try to make it hurt less for you.” You sound hollow. You feel hollow. Everything about this fight has burned you out, and you can barely find the strength to remain upright, much less sustain the all-consuming anguish that had been fuelling your ire. “But clearly I don’t get a say in this.” You cross the room, heading for the bedroom but you pause just before you exit. “Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who wants some space right now.” You spit, venom lacing your tone. As you shut the door behind you, your legs give way and you collapse against it, sliding to the ground and hugging your knees to you as your body is racked with silent, choking sobs.


How Gerard Way Is Creating Weird Doom Patrol and Batman Comics with Young Animal - Comic Con 2016
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mad-madam-m replied to your post “im sure youre aware that teen wolf season 6 has basically the same…”




  • If there was one thing Jason was grateful for his stint in Arkham for it was the ability to freak Tim the fuck out.
  • Tim:*sipping coffee during patrol*
  • So, what was it like? Arkham?
  • Jason:Oh not too bad. Like they had this rule right? After 9pm no caffeinated drinks were allowed. Good bye coffee, hello warm milk.
  • Tim:*eyes widening* No!
  • Jason:*sprawling back against the rooftop casually* Oh yeah. I ain't kidding ya kid. Arkham is big on the sleep hygiene thing. TV is off by 10 pm, in fact no technology is allowed at all until morning.
  • Tim:*looking pretty terrified* Oh my God Jay!!
  • Jason:What? Made no difference to me -oh!
  • *sly smirk before patting his brother's head*
  • Well you just carry on being a good boy and maybe B will let you keep that latte and your mobile.
  • Bruce:*over coms* Hood! Are you winding Red Robin up again?
  • Jason:ain't winding up if it's the truth!

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In HTTYD2 when Valka defended her side when Hiccup called out on her and the alpha destroying the dragon trapper's base, she was being overtly aloof of said situation. Did she NOT care for the people harmed? She WAS from berk, so why the hypocrisy?

The alternate opening of HTTYD 2 seems to suggest that Valka had no intention of severely harming any of the dragon trappers at their base. She very carefully creeps around Eret’s base and seeks minimal contact with members of her own species, focusing on freeing the dragons. Valka chooses to knock one man unconscious because his patrol rounds pass directly over the dragon she seeks to rescue, but this man only received one crack to the head and will recover from the injury. She could have killed him. She didn’t. Frankly, if this man were not in Valka’s way, she would not have touched a hair on his head.

The reason Eret’s base is destroyed is because Valka was discovered. A large number of Eret’s trappers notice her and start a fight. With the entire base alerted, Valka now is fighting on the defensive. Drastically outnumbered, she calls on the Bewilderbeast to help her, and only then does the alpha act. The alpha shoots ice over the base and destroys it, allowing Valka and the dragon she has freed to flee. Had Eret and the other trappers not surrounded Valka, I do not believe the base would have been destroyed, nor the dragon trappers directly attacked. Her mission, had it gone smoothly, would have been very peaceful indeed.

This does seem to imply Valka is not actively going around killing humans. It suggests she harms humans only when she believes she needs to. She’s sticking to freeing dragons and that is all. The fact Valka is not killing these dragon trappers when she could have easily cost them more lives suggests she does, in fact, care about the worth of human life.

Valka even expresses grief for putting human lives in danger: the lives of her husband and son. She tells her son, “You and your father nearly died that night, all because I couldn’t kill a dragon.” This hurts her conscience greatly. Indeed, part of the reason she never returns home to Berk is because she does not want to endanger Hiccup and Stoick again. That’s quite the care for human lives, at least those of her family.

Now as Valka sees it, humans and dragons are at war. The two species are in irreconcilable conflict; they cannot coexist in peace. In her youth, Valka sought for the species to live at peace, but ultimately concluded these efforts were futile: As she says to Hiccup:

“Believe me, I tried, as well. But people are not capable of change, Hiccup.” 

According to Valka’s perspective, there is no simple manner by which to protect the lives of all humans and all dragons. At times, even in her youth living on Berk, Valka has had to make a choice about who she protects first.

Valka chooses the dragons first. She sees the dragons as the victims of the conflict. The humans are the aggressors and the killers. Since Valka sides with the dragons, there will be times where she will have to act counter to human action, which does mean putting human lives at risk sometimes. That’s what happens with instances like Eret’s base.

And it’s also good to consider that Valka, even though she grew up on Berk, feels alienated from the culture and the people. In fact, her experiences on Berk have led her to stand even firmer in the belief that dragons should be protected and humans’ actions against dragons should be prevented. Because Valka saw all the violence against dragons on Berk, she wants to do something to counter it. Her experiences on Berk in many ways will not make her sympathetic with the human cause, but make her more uncomfortable with what her species has done.

So if she has to choose between humans and dragons getting harmed, she chooses the humans. Humans are the aggressors. Dragons are the victims. She’s done all she peacefully can to try to prevent humans from harming the dragons, but the humans have shown they cannot change. It means that the only choice left for her is to stand as a dragon vigilante, fight for the dragons, and do what it takes to give the species some safety and peace.

Even if it means endangering some human lives and crushing forts.

okay but consider:

-after they defeat hawkmoth adrien gives up his miraculous because of his father

-(his papa is the man)

-and adrien finds out and so does mr. gabe

-so however it happens adrien is forced to give up plagg and chat

-but instead of giving it to mr. dad he finds a way to give it to the old man man that I forgot the name of (the guardian)

-and his mr. dad is upsetti over this but he’s like whatever

-but ladybug

-ladybug didn’t know what happened bc
adrien didn’t get the chance to talk to her about any of it

-last she saw they fist bumped and agreed on some patrols and to meet up later to talk about everything

-but that didnt happen

-so ladybug freaks, searches the whole town but with no luck

-she realizes that hes no longer chat anymore bc she goes to the old man guy

-she cries

-she then decides to do something about it

-she does posters

-flyers, even conferences and rallies

-teams up with alya to get the word out to chat that she still loves him (as a partner) and is super worried and wants to meet

-and shes all over the town man

-like all over

-and adrien is just so so scared bc what if she doesn’t like him??? how can I face someone I betrayed and haven’t spoken to in months???

-but ladybug doesn’t care bc she just wants her best friend back

-but adrien eventually does it and posts something on alyas blog to meet ladybug

-ladybug is resonably suspicious

-but omg adrien is such a dork he thought it would be better if he made a mask like chat noirs (bonus if he asked mari to make him one !!)

-and so they meet and everything’s dandy?