Do you ever just remember that the ultimate glory for Greek heroes was to be remembered after death?  That their names would be passed through history and remembered?

And that Achilles asked to be buried with Patroclus so that their names could live on as a pair.  They belonged together even in death, and their names have lived on for over 2000 years and do you ever just stop and wonder how you have contributed by just remembering them?

On the night of my death,
your despair was so loud
that I could hear it
clawing through the earth to find me.
All the men screaming, begging,
still could not drown out the
wailing of your hands.

I once held your soldier heart
between my war teeth, shook it
like a dog with a bone until
it knew the fear of good love.
Do you remember?

I wore your
armor just to feel deathless.
I wore your armor just to know
what it meant to be inside of you.

I will dream of kissing your ankles again,
of pulling the weeping arrow out of you
and cutting through the earth
so that we may walk among it.

My love. My life.
What I would give to be
the only pile of ashes here.
What I would give to be
a sleeping body beside you.
—  Caitlyn Siehl, Patroclus to Achilles