The NFL suspended Ray Rice only 2 games for beating his wife unconscious and no one batted an eye. Everyone still bought his jerseys and protested his suspension. Now you all want Brady suspended for an entire year over deflated footballs and only “more probable than not” as evidence. 

What a joke.

“My wife only speaks Portuguese to our children,” said Brady. “In our house, we have people who help us take care of the house — they are Brazilian and my wife has sort of imported Brazil to here. I feel like I am in Sao Paulo when I am in my house. I don’t like it when they start talking so fast that I don’t know what they are saying. Most of the time I know the context of what they are saying and I can kind of figure it out. My favorite line is, ‘Papai não sabe de nada,’ which is ‘daddy doesn’t know anything.’

“So eventually I will have to figure it out and spend the time trying to learn Portuguese. I’ve tried on numerous occasions, but football has kind of gotten in the way. I’ve always thought I’ve spoke two languages — English and football.”