“I Want My Boyfriend Back”, a touching tale of a young demiurge looking for the missing love of his life.

THIS MONSTER TOOK ME FOREVER TO DO but it’s finally complete!  It can be considered a fanwork, a (late) new year’s gift to Gillen and crew, or whatever!  I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope it’s enjoyed. <3

The Thinkfast ship could actually set sail

So let me run something by the fandom here. In the preview art for the After Party issues, we see David sitting next to the Patrinot, and then we also see him kissing someone. What if that someone is Tommy. I mean, that plot line needs to be resolved before the end and we know that the Patrinot is holding Tommy captive. It could happen right?

beyondstaturesque asked:

fuckin’ nerd

how my muse clicked with yours : immediately┆almost right away┆slowly┆after several interactions┆they haven’t
a thought my muse has about yours: She’s awful tall today.
a strange thought my muse has about yours : Maybe we should carpet the ceiling.
a thread/plot i’d like for our muses: Maybe a catch-up thread where she wants to check in because she heard he was kidnapped by Patrinot   

Young Avengers 15

This issue was so perfect. These last two no wait last three were one big perfect ending. Our heroes grow, they get resolutions to their stories and are ready to face what ever may come next.
This issue, like the entire run was about the future. The whole series the kids have been planning and asking what to do next. For the most part (except when the answer is breakfast) they’ve been kind scared or in a panic. Now they are embracing the future. They aren’t running from themselves or their mistakes. They know who they are and know they kick butt. The are ready for anything.
The example that struck me the most was David charging into his future head on.

And then there’s Noh-varr. Finally thinking about someone else and doing something for Kate just for the sake of doing it for her. He’s taking the first conscientious steps the make a new  future for himself and everyone around him.

And of course Billy is going to be incredibly obvious and upfront.

While I am sad to see this book end, I’m left feeling optimistic and upbeat. The future is wide open and ours for the taking. This issue said goodbye so sweetly and appreciatively. Thanks YA team.