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im not the previous anon... but i am always here for a kaner's mouth picspam. im sure it's been done before, but there can always be more. hope youre having a nice summer <3

so many possibilities but. TIME FOR A MOUTHGUARD PICSPAM

“It’s something I’ll catch myself doing, and I’ll be like, ‘Put your mouthpiece back in your mouth,’” said Kane. “It’s just a habit I guess.”

THE MOUTHGUARD: Where the oral fixation thing all started :P
(see also this post for a history of the mouthguard and its demise) (x)


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My last bit of art therapy before I get back to the art work.

As always, I am on top of the trends! The style meme was, what, like 6 weeks ago? Yeah, well… life and all that.

Doing my own was probably the toughest. Do I go with loose and sketchy, clean and cartoony or lean on the realism? Then it hit me like a derp, my style is ultimately to open a blank canvas and see what takes shape. It was fun. Even though I cheated a lil since two were already done.

God, I fucking love Dazzler.