Lovely day with lovely people :3

As I climbed into bed earlier, I wondered why my feet hurt so much! And then I realised how much I had actually DONE today D:

I was woken up by Luke this morning and begrudgingly got out of bed, went home, showered and changed.
I then drove into town to meet the wonderful Madison and Jesse :D we had lunch at this super uber “secret” place called “sad cafe”, and everything about it screamed hipster. I was just happy that I actually tried with my outfit for today! Hahah. We at salmon salad and brie and apple sandwiches. Everything was amazing and all was great in life :D 
Madison and I had to say goodbye to Jesse as he left to see his boyf, and we went and found cooling shelter in Target to wait for Patrick.
Pat showed up after we spent a while giggling at useless toys, and we headed to Rundle. I wanted to look in EB Games to see the prices of some stuff… and then walked out with a brand new PS3. I’ve always wanted my own console so I can actually play some good games (my brother has 2 XBOX’s, a Wii, PS2 and a Gameboy.. but I can never use any of them D:).
We then all drove to Harbourtown and came out with some pretty good purchases. I bought 3 new shirts for spring/summer, new leggings and 2 new games :) We then all said our goodbyes as Maddi and Pat embarked on their date night.
I then met my parents at IKEA and had a good little catch up with my work friends while having dinner. My parents left with half of IKEA and didn’t even buy what they originally came in for. 
FINALLY home, I set up my PS3 and started playing Catherine. Not sure if I really enjoy this game -the sales clerk said I might not. It reminds me of that old school game Q*berts.. but then you watch this anime unfold in between levels. It’s kinda weird and twisted.. but I guess I’ll finish it and return it later for something else.
But now I’m all comfy in bed and enjoying my time with my new baby. My laptop wanted a sibling, so now it has a baby brother, Sony :P