Live-Action TF2 Casting: NPCs

Ashly Burch as Miss Pauling

I had a lot of trouble finding someone initially who I thought would be good for this role. I have an issue with the dull sameness I see in most young, pretty actresses, but then someone suggested the lady who’s Miss Pauling’s actual voice actor, and it was like YES OF COURSE. She’s adorable and perfect!

Ellen McLain as The Administrator

Going off of the logic of using Ashly Burch for Miss Pauling, I thought the Administrator’s VA would also be a likely fit for the screen! Her voice is so integral to the character that the thought of having someone else imitate her is just distasteful to me. All you’d really need is good make-up and wardrobe.

Sirs Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart as Blutarch & Redmond Mann

CAN YOU EVEN FUCKING IMAGINE. I wanna see these guys have a ridiculous slapfight over gravel. They’d ham it up so good.

Sir Anthony Hopkins as Gray Mann

This is the dude to play the creepy brother, for sure! It’s ANTHONY HOPKINS. Do I really need to justify myself here?

Nathan Jones as Saxton Hale

Saxton Hale is a larger-than-life adventure man, so I went with another wrestler, possibly the largest Australian man alive today. He’s 6′11″ (2.11m), and he definitely has the chops to handle such an over-the-top character. He was in Mad Max: Fury Road, for god’s sake!

Gwendoline Christie as Maggie

I knew I needed someone who’d be able to stand next to Nathan Jones without being completely dwarfed by him, if their relationship were to feel believable. I finally settled on Gwendoline Christie because I know she’d be able to handle it, having enjoyed her as Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones. Not Australian, but I’m sure she can fake it.

Laura Prepon as Zhanna

Okay, hear me out. First off, once again I needed a taller actress if she wanted to be believable as Heavy’s sister. My pick is 5′10″ (1.78 m) tall, which was the minimum for me. I also just have a real soft spot for this actress because I watched so much of her on That 70′s Show back when it was airing. I’m certain she could do Zhanna justice, including a suitably exaggerated Russian accent. You’d also need her to bulk up a bunch, put on some extra fat and muscle, but that’s pretty reasonable, right?

(Oh, and she’s not so young that I’d be grossed out watching her kiss my Soldier pick, Randy Couture.)

Christopher Lloyd as Merasmus

Like with Zhanna, a lot of my reasoning for this pick comes down to personal affection, but how perfect is this guy, for real? He’s awesome at doing both serious & creepy and histrionic comedy roles, which is exactly what you need for a powerful yet somehow incompetent ancient, screechy wizard.

Anyway, those are all my picks. I could go deeper, but I nailed all the important ones. Go look at the #casting tag on my blog if you want to see all of the actors I picked, aside from these guys. I put way too much thought into it!

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| i. blue foundation - eyes on fire | ii. of mice & men - my understandings | iii. foster the people - pumped up kicks (butch clancy dubstep remix) | iv. the misfits - helena | v. my chemical romance - mama | vi. billy talent - fallen leaves | vii. mumford and sons - the enemy | viii. green day - know the enemy | ix. bring me the horizon - sleepwalking | x. father john misty - hollywood forever cemetery sings |

None of us were monsters. That was what so upset the police. They believed the story I’d told them but they didn’t want to accept it. The implications were too awful. The fact that it could have occurred anywhere. It just happened that it was us. Easier to believe us freaks or monsters. Easier than admit the truth.
—  Patrick Redmond, Something Dangerous
"L'allievo" di Patrick Redmond terza parte #mierecensioni #Redmond

Un giorno jonathan racconta a richard di paul e gli racconta che paul essendo “anziano” aveva qualcuno tra i “giovani” che erano addetti al servizio per lui e questo compito spettò a jhonatan..
Ma Alan , professore universitario, ricorda di quindici anni prima quando frequentava il diciottenne Alan e divennero amanti….Alan però dovette abbandonare Paul e quindi Paul compì il tragico gesto.

“Currently reading” is a lie, as I’ve just finished… the ending wasn’t what I expected, and seemed to jar with the feeling of the rest of the book, but it’s definitely haunting (and completely gripping, evidenced by the fact I read it in one go!) I’ve Amazon wishlisted (that’s definitely a verb right?) the rest of his stuff - oh Patrick, as if I needed any more reasons to spend the student loan irresponsibly.


Kirkston Abbey is no place for the weak. Standing stark against the Norfolk sky, its aim is conformity and control; its rules harsh, its discipline savage. To 14-year-old Jonathan Palmer, it is a prison; a world in which he feels threatened and powerless. When he is offered the chance of escape, in the guise of an unexpected friendship, he accepts it gladly. But all is not as it seems. In combining his frustrations with a nature that is far more intense and destructive than his own, Jonathan is unleashing forces more powerful than he can ever hope to control. In the bleak winter term of 1954, something terrible happened at Kirkston Abbey school for boys. Now, more than forty years later, journalist Tim Webber thinks he’s found the key to uncovering the truth. But is he prepared to live with the consequences …?

Wszyscy jesteśmy samotni. Tak jest bezpieczniej. Kiedy się z kimś wiążesz, narażasz się na zranienie. Zaczynasz kogoś potrzebować. To pragnienie staje się najważniejszą rzeczą w życiu, a kiedy pewnego dnia uczucie zostaje ci odebrane, wraz z nim znika wszelka radość życia.
—  Patrick Redmond, Gra w życzenia