Happy last day of #Absentia to the whole cast & crew! A huge thank you to all of you who had a part in bringing this show to life. We appreciate all your efforts, no matter how big it was. We cannot wait to finally get to watch what you’ve created for us. It can’t be anything but amazing! Much love to the whole Absentia family, from your fans. 💋


On this day in music history: March 21, 1989 - “Like A Prayer”, the fourth studio album by Madonna is released. Produced by Madonna, Patrick Leonard, Stephen Bray and Prince, it is recorded at D & D Recording in New York City and Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood, CA from September 1988 - January 1989. Taking a nearly three year long break between studio albums, Madonna returns to the studio in the Fall of 1988 to record the official follow up to “True Blue”. Deeply introspective in nature, many songs are inspired by Madonna’s Catholic upbringing, her family, and death of her mother. The album is dedicated to her mother’s memory (who was also named Madonna). Madonna works with her long time collaborators Stephen Bray and Patrick Leonard as well as collaborating with Prince on the track “Love Song”. Prince also contributes guitar to the albums closing track “Act Of Contrition” (a deconstruction of the title track). A huge critical and commercial success upon its release, it spins off five hit singles including “Express Yourself” (#2 Pop), “Cherish” (#2 Pop) and the title track (#1 Pop). Initial pressings of the album are scented with patchouli oil, and also come packaged with an insert with safer sex guide lines and information on AIDS prevention, in tribute to friends Madonna has lost to the disease. The singer supports the album with the now iconic “Blond Ambition World Tour” in 1990, which is captured in the documentary film “Madonna: Truth Or Dare”. “Like A Prayer” spends six weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Me: *finds cute and interesting character*
Me: yes!
Me: *learns that the character or the actor who plays him, has a nontraditional orientation*


On March 26 1986, Live To Tell was released as a single in North America by Sire Records. The haunting and dramatic ballad, written and produced by Madonna & Patrick Leonard, was the first commercially released collaboration between the pair – a songwriting partnership that is viewed by many fans as one of her most creatively successful.
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28 years ago today, @Madonna released her 4th album Like a Prayer under @WBR. Entirely produced with Patrick Leonard (with the exception of Stephen Bray co-producing 2 tracks & even @Prince co-producing 1 track), the album uses live instrumentation & it incorporates elements of dance as well as funk, gospel & soul into a more general pop style. As for the lyrics, they mainly revolve around Madonna’s childhood & adolescence. Personally, this is my favorite Madonna album
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