“ …a volcano can destroy the town – but so can all of this! you’re so worried about yourselves that you’re turning against each other. you’re so frightened about the future that you’re ruining now. look at the sun! it’s still shining! look at the kelp! it’s still… kelping! and look at us. we still have each other

the spongebob musical. 2016. dir. tina landau.

this isn’t really anything special, i just wanted to make a colour palettey type thing so if i want to draw these guys more then i have a better ref for dem colours

can u tell i love the costumes from the SB musical? ‘cause i do, i love em so much.

The Signs as Random Gifs of Patrick from Spongebob

(My favorite thing to do with gif sets like this is imagine my friends with their respective signs as what is happening in the gif)













this has been keeping me up: okay, so you know Lord of the Flies… right, given that Ralph would be Spongebob and Jack would Squidward, which character would be Patrick

grumpyowl27  asked:

Night owl, I love hearing what people dreamt about

Yeah, um. I have one, but, for how memorable it is, it’s also very incoherent. Thus, I suggest any readers sit down for this one:

Basically, I ended up in the ever-so controversial sacrifice scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Literally, the whole thing, but, I was the one being murdalized or whatever.

When I was dunked into the lava, though, everything got triply and weird. I ended up in some white room where about fifteen(?) average litters of puppies climbed on me and licked me. Then, PewDiePie came into the room in Junkrat cosplay, and was droning the fucking FitnessGram Pacer Test recording, WORD FOR WORD.

Then, Robbie Rotten and the Wiggles came in and started dancing around with these long legs covered in only fishnet stockings.

THEN, I was in some GTAV setting, where Butt-Naked!Patrick from SpongeBob was pole-dancing on the street and getting hit by cars in the process. Falcor from the Neverending Story was flying around, screaming ‘WHO CAN SAY WHERE THE ROAD GOES?!’.

Then, I was surrounded by nothing, and all that I heard around me were just words I can’t remember.

I think that covers it?

Thanks for asking…hope you’re all happy…

im sorry

was tagged by @mamanamjin to do this, thanks!


relationship status: single like a mutha fudging pringle

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, ya girls crusty ass lips needa stay moist.

last song i listened to: oh nana - KARD

top 3 shows: how I met your mother, pretty little liars, stranger things… 

top 3 characters: can it be from books too? whatever. Anne from the book Anne Of Green Gables, Brenda from the movie The Scorch Trials (she badass af. Teresa can go swim in bumble bee sweat that bish), and patricks sister Sam from spongebob (don’t think she’s lit? f i g h t m e)

top 3 ships: Anne & Gilbert (im an aogg hoeee), Hazel & Augustus (original book), and ROSE & JACK BOI THAT MOVIE IS W O W.

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