If St. Patrick’s Cathedral Paid Its Fair Share of Taxes...

The cathedral takes up one whole block in midtown Manhattan and is acoss from Rockefeller Center. The transept in the middle is 57,768 square feet or about ¼ of the total area (not including the rest of the cathedral, other buildings and grounds). I compared the footage to other homes in the area and did a thing:

The cathedral’s 57,768 square feet x $2,000 per square foot = Real estate value of $115, 536,000 (for ¼ of the cathedral). 

Assuming a 5% tax rate (which I know is wrong but whatever I’m not an economist) St. Patrick’s Cathedral would owe NYC $5,766,800. Every year.

“The divorce between Church and State ought to be absolute. It ought to be so absolute that no Church property anywhere, in any state or in the nation, should be exempt from equal taxation; for if you exempt the property of any church organization, to that extent you impose a tax upon the whole community.”  
 ―   President  James A. Garfield

40 in 40 for 40 #4: History is alive. ALIVE! This afternoon I saw a reenactment of beggar/chooser/Gadsden flag personified Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech at St. John’s Episcopal Church, where he first delivered it in 1775. I had to recite it in elementary school, but it must’ve been a Reader’s Digest condensed version. No way I could’ve memorized all of that. Patrick Henry raised the roof!