EXCLUSIVE: Texas Massacre Hero, Stephen Willeford, Describes Stopping Gunman | Louder With Crowder


Published on Nov 6, 2017

An exclusive interview with Stephen Willeford, the hero who ended the killing spree in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Stephen recounts the actions that lead him to confronting Devin Patrick Kelley outside First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.


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Imagine: Being chased by demon Patrick through the hospital, after you fail to kill him…

After your failed attempt to kill Patrick at the church you decide to run. However once outside you discover the whole town has become abandoned, this wasn’t in your notes. What had your brothers gotten you into?

Behind you the church doors slam open and you jump backwards as Patrick emerges.


You shake your head and start running in a random direction not really knowing your way around town. Patrick’s words ring in your mind as you pull out your phone and dial Sam’s number. It goes straight to voice mail and you curse, had Patrick really set the rest of the band on your brothers?

You stumble across a hospital and decide that there has to be people in there because it’s a hospital for gods sake. However when you stumble through the doors just like the rest of town its abandoned. 

Y/N: ‘There were people in town before.’

You slap your hand against your head cursing your stupidity. You were facing off with a demon and you had angels on your side, why hadn’t you thought to call Cas?

Y/N: ‘Cas if you can hear me I really need your help like now. Get your winged butt down here now.’

You wait a few seconds and the familiar flutter of wings puts you at ease. You turn around and come face to face with a confused Castiel.

Castiel: ‘Y/N what’s the emergency? Your brothers are being chased by demons…’

You scoff and fold your arms across my chest, of course Cas is more concerned with your brothers safety then yours.

Y/N: ‘Cas their being chased by lesser demons which they can handle without your aid. Meanwhile I have their yellow eyed leader chasing me around town like some sick game.’

Castiel: ‘PATRICK!’

You quirk an eyebrow at Castiel’s sudden stiffened stance, how did he know Patrick’s name?

Patrick: ‘Castiel, the loyal servant to the Winchesters.’

Castiel pushes you behind him protectively as he glares at Patrick who smirks. You can’t help but poke your head around Castiel’s side and lock eyes with Patrick who winks at you.

Patrick: ‘Let me have the girl Castiel. Go back to guarding her brothers.’

You duck back behind Castiel who sighs heavily, was he considering Patrick’s proposal? After all you were the annoying little sister with no real purpose in future events involving heaven and hell.

Castiel: ‘I’m guardian of the Winchesters and that includes Y/N Patrick.’

You let out the breath you’d been holding, Castiel was on your side but only because he knew your brothers would never forgive him if something happened to you.

Patrick: ‘I was being polite Castiel, you’re still weak so I say LEAVE!’

Patrick snaps his fingers and before your eyes Castiel disappears, you gasp and stumble backwards falling to the floor. You remember the concern in his eyes before Patrick made him vanish.

Y/N: ‘Did you kill him?’

Patrick: ‘I’d never kill an angel, I just sent him back to your brothers. Tut tut Y/N bringing angels into my town…they won’t be coming to your aid any time soon.’ 

You scurry backwards and mutter Gabriel and Balthazar’s under your breath, at least those two liked you more than your brothers but neither come to your aid. Patrick throws his head back and laughs.

Patrick: ‘You’re all alone Y/N. Did you ever think why your brothers sent you here alone? Maybe they never cared for you, I see your true nature…’

You look up at him with confusion laced on your face.

Y/N: ‘My true nature?’

Patrick nods and crouches in front of you, his eyes back to normal.

Patrick: ‘Let me show you…’

He smirks and next thing you know your world goes black.

Bittersweet Flower Arrangements

super late, but @lapidot-week-2016​ by insominiacarrest

prompt: weddings

genre: humor, UST, gay weddings

summary: Lapis and Peridot are rival wedding planners who are hired to work on the same ceremony, they fight over everything from flowers to venues to who’s the better kisser. It’s a strange arrangement.

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My words are my faith 

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I LOVE UR ART SO MUCH!! it's so good thank u for blessing my dash

*that one picture of patrick praying at church* thank u i Would Die for you