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I know Madpat is the official part of the AU but whenever I watch GTLive it always feels (to me) that he's the one with a gentle soul. Like, this is your AU and i don't wanna sound like I'm trying to change it (I'm not because I love it) but I propose this thought- Natemare and MadSteph (?) with oblivious Matt who wonders why his wife smells like blood or his friend is always busy "with other things"

You can have your own versions of the au that are completely separate from mine! Thats no problem at all! 

but I’m also gonna end up having like 20 versions of the sAME FRIGGIN AU LIKE. because I love the idea of CrazyCordy/SerialSteph in general. ESPECIALLY after happy room.

but I wouldn’t say Mat has a more gentle soul than Steph. they’re both equally cinnamon rolls and both have their moments. I mean, how could anyone forget the pure innocence of “So is yiffing like….when the internet mashes two words together so ‘yiffing’ someone would be like to yell and sniff someone!! owo ” 
Like christ Stephanie. HOLD ME.

theyre both too cute and wonderful for this world wowie and we put them in murder aus. life is beautiful.

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Gonna write something dumb.

Imagine…Patrick, exhausted, pulsing back and forth on the rocking chair, the weight of a sleeping baby in his arms. Back and forth and back and forth. As if into oblivion. As if this is all his life has come to.

He yawns, briefly staring off into nothingness, before regaining consciousness to glance quickly at the little creature he is holding.

Suddenly, something hits him. Who is this child? His eyes analyze the tiny face. The tiny eyelids. The little nose. They look familiar – they look like his. Again.

He turns his eyes to the bed nearby, where he sees his wife, wrapped warmly under the covers with her curly black hair pressed into the pillow. Her face pokes out of the blanket. Beautiful. He notices her arm, wrapped gently around their older son, whose little fingers are curled up into a soft fist beside his face.

Patrick, still on the chair, stares back into the nothingness, pondering the life he created…pondering who he used to be…pondering his fears and insecurities of ever reaching a moment when he’d have the courage to talk to a girl…when someone would actually love him back…when he would ever have a family.

And now, he’s right in the middle of it.

He closes his eyes and leans back, rocking back and forth and back and forth. As if all is right in the world.

This is the most fic thing I’ve ever written ew.

The fact that Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, and Fall Out Boy toured together once and pulled pranks on each other at one of the shows breaks my heart daily. Like the fact that I did not get the chance to see something so perfect in person eats away at me everyday. 


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, Make-A-Wish - Lauren (x)

happy birthday (a day late) to the most amazing @musainrules! this is for you <3

“The Face Of Displeasure” - Digital Oil Painting

Took another little animating break to do a new painting! This is MatPat and Steph from @thegametheorists (with bonus photobombing Peepachu!). Painted while I was watching their Sister Location epic livestream. Aren’t they adorable?

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