patrick wolf

I’ve created a pair of playlists to listen to on those nights you’re feeling particularly witchy. I’ve named them “Evening” and “Night,” for the second is darker than the first, musically. Hope you enjoy!

This is Part 1.
(You can find Part 2, “Night: Moths,” here.)

The Mystic’s Dream
~ Loreena McKennitt
Rhiannon ~ Fleetwood Mac
How to Be Invisible ~ Kate Bush
Pagan Poetry ~ Björk
Sister Janet ~ Tori Amos
Pink Moon ~ Nick Drake
Godrevy Point ~ Patrick Wolf
Horse and I ~ Bat for Lashes
Take Me as I Am ~ October Project
Clowns ~ Goldfrapp
Freely ~ Devendra Banhart
shadowshow ~ iamamiwhoami


IT WAS 12MB OVER AND I HATE TUMBLR, anyway, heres me singing with my beautiful chubby face :))))))))))))
(Also, the noise in the background is Tim playing The Godfather bc I didn’t want to tell him to turn it down :P  )

patrickwolfpalisade As a boy on march the 17th my grandmother would send me a card from Ireland on my saints day, reminding the opportunity to seek out and get rid of the snakes In my life… passing the message to you today! “Light of sun Brilliance of moon Splendor of fire Speed of lightning Swiftness of wind Depth of sea Stability of earth Firmness of rock"  🌈🕊⚡️Xxx p