patrick warwick

Murder House Characters Based On Zodiac Signs

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Tate Langdon: Aries or Scorpio 

Constance Langdon: Leo

Violet Harmon: Aquarius

Vivien Harmon: Virgo or Aries 

Adelaide Langdon: Pisces

Moira O’Hara: Taurus or Gemini 

Ben Harmon: Pisces or Libra

Hayden McClaine: Cancer 

Larry Harvey: Capricorn or Virgo

Nora Montgomery: Cancer or Sagittarius 

Chad Warwick & Patrick: Scorpio & Pisces Or Libra & Sagittarius

Charles Montgomery: Capricorn or Aquarius 

Billie Dean: Pisces

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The Signs As AHS Murder House Characters
  • Aries: Patrick Warwick
  • Taurus: Larry Harvey
  • Gemini: Moira O'Hara
  • Cancer: Vivien Harmon
  • Leo: Hayden McClain
  • Virgo: Constance Langdon
  • Libra: Billie Dean Howard
  • Scorpio: Tate Langdon
  • Sagittarius: Dr. Ben Harmon
  • Capricorn: Violet Harmon
  • Aquarius: Adelaide Langdon
  • Pisces: Chad Warwick
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† Patrick Warwick † 34 † Dead † American Horro Story † Estranged Marriage † Teddy Sears † Open

Patrick hasn’t really changed much in the past twelve years, though him and Chad have been growing further and further apart, until it’s become that they maybe see eachother twice in a year. He’s often frustrated during his time trapped in the house, and each Halloween he still goes out and sleeps with almost anyone he can. He feels lonely now, as Chad was all he had left after they died, but he thinks he’s slowly coming to peace that Chad won’t forgive him, no matter how much he apologizes.

The Good:

  • Flirtatious
  • Caring
  • Charismatic

The Bad:

  • Sleeps around
  • Lonely
  • Unfaithful

Secret: He’s starting to worry that now that Chad is pretty much gone, he’s starting to fall for him all over again.