patrick wagner

Patrick Wagner
Paint on wall
Bucharest, 2008

I don’t care if #tbt was days ago. This is me working in Bucharest in 2008, the place where printmaking was superduperfun and I met a cool cool friend of mine. Throwing back, proper.

Also: it’s Saturday, I’m in Stockholm and I’ll now go out to join the millions shopping. I don’t have to do this, the few people I meet offline are all seen too, gift wise. I’m joining the pre xmas gift scrabble madness for the sheer fun it. One of you, among you.

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2015 Stars on Ice one hour broadcast



Finally got around to uploading it, please enjoy! 

& at a point you’ll hear me and my friend fangirl over something T/S do, excuse us! (even though you’ll probably have the same reaction as us)


I recently got access to high resolution scans of a new lithography (plus an alternative version) created by Patrick Wagner of black heart press, already featured on this tumblr a while ago.

Enjoy them here (first two images), as well as some details of them.

I FEEL UNWELL 1/3 53 x 66,5 cm (20.8 x 26.1in)
Lithography and ink on Arches 88
Edition of 4, hand-colored.
Stockholm 2014

Consider the work to be in line with other pieces presented partially already in this post: expect more soon.

Patrick Wagner
33 | Black Cats
Etching on Hahnemühle 300g/m²
Helsinki 2013

Older posts of “33” works: herehereherehere (the print pictured above refers to this print)here and here.
Almost done with series now. One more weekend or so, then time to do bind some nice portfolios.

Something completely different: 
Does anyone else out there working as an intaglio printer for their day job have muscle issues? When editioning / proofing from Monday to Thursday, 8-10h work days with ~4-6 plates per hour, by Wednesday evening my shoulder is like “yo dude”, and by Thursday evening just proper sore. I have a really nice horse saddle kinda chair on wheels (wtf are they even called?), work with a straight back and have my table at a proper height. I usually switch between hands a couple of times during the day. What gives? Just too frail for my chosen profession?
Anyway, enjoying the long weekend now, Finnish Independence Day tomorrow. Editioning all week next week.

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Worm Tamer:


Patrick Wagner
Hand-coloured stone lithograph.

Printed by Emily Diehl aka diehler in an Edition of 7.

Colour variation post. Yet to be scanned: the ones that have more white paper showing, coloured almost inverted from the ones shown here.
Share and enjoy!

for all other HOW TO LIVE info see:



Reloaded. You’ve seen the print, you’ve seen the tattoo, and now, with much added delay thanks to the USPS, behold the badge!
Colours obviously are a lot better irl, the phone pics do the shininess of the thread no justice. I for one am all <3.

I’ve decided to relase these badges in an edition of 42, all individually numbered and signed. There’ll be no remakes or re-editions.
5,3" or 9cm diameter, 8 colours plus white outlines on black cloth, clear plastic back, edges cut, not merrowed.

One of those 42 beauties can be yours, for 100SEK or 12USD, worldwide shipping included. Treat yo self.

Numbers can be selected by early birds, but no guarantee. Best to ask first via email, otherwise paypal direct to 
blackheartpress gmail com
(make sure to leave shipping address in comment field)


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Patrick Wagner
Sunrise On The Moon
Lithography on Indonesian paper
Edition of 4
Helsinki, 2012

Bad mood day + print #2 in a new series I’m working on atm. (See #1 here).

This one is dedicated to Emily and our upcoming hike to Mt Bolton Brown. In the good old days at Tamarind they made all the trainees scale Mt Bolton with a well-grained stone strapped to their backs, because in general printmaking should be taught more like Shaolin Kung Fu.  

Printed on Indonesian paper I got from a good friend years ago. Wallpaper? Wrapping paper? Who knows - it’s nice and strong asian paper, very receptive to ink despite the green print.

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Consulting business in Indonesia? 

In later stages along the printmaking path the trainee is then initiated to the arts of punching through silkscreens and bare handed copperplate drypoints. But all of that comes after Mt. Bolton. Dort wird die Spreu vom Weizen getrennt.

33 | Wilder Shores of Love
Patrick Wagner
Etching on Hahnemuehle, 2013

A day too late for proper Twombly referencing. Title is from a novel by Lesley Blanch, Twombly later named two of his paintings the same way.
Long days, a friend visiting, mapping inexact thoughts, wording things previously felt, unthought. Fixing leaking faucets too.

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Patrick Wagner
Etching on Hahnemühle 300g/m²

Another sneak peek into the cycle of prints I’m currently working on (see also hereherehere and here). Not sure what tumblr will do to readability of this work, but whatevs.

Recently I’ve applied for a pretty .. pretty .. pretty .. great job that I’d really like to get. Three people were invited for the final interviews, me being one of them. I was overprepared, ready to answer and defuse every technical question that could possibly be thrown at me. Of course there were very few actual technical questions and a lot more about broader aspects of the position, for which I was equally prepared. I’d like to think that I did well, but then again, so did the others, I’m sure. After a while they reversed the interviewing process and asked me to ask questions - for this I was a lot less prepared, somehow. Or maybe rather - the question that was on the tip of my tounge right away was: what do you want from me? - which, albeit legitimate, can’t possibly be formulated that blunt. To stall for time I asked some other, rather random questions and then somehow forgot to make the turn to my initial question.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: I’ve tried to not hope or be enthusiastic about this job too much, but fuck, I want it so bad - when walking there in the morning fog, my prints under my arm I crossed a bridge and thought to myself how much I’d love to take this walk to work, how beautiful the city looked and and and, all the passion for the actual work.. the decision will be made within the next month, and following the classic maxime “be your own worst enemy” I spend my nights grinding over the same thoughts, how much smarter better quicker and wittier I could have been, how much less superfluous words could have been used; conciser, sharper, more to the point.

Second Chance Boy ofc knows how pointless this nightly prayermill of selfdestruction is, but the machine is well oiled and basically running on its own. Not even tumblr works.


Working on that Fantasy Future. Print related.

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