patrick smear

no more on the side of the angels

one thing i am really looking forward to in Benedict’s upcoming projects is the moral ambiguity of some of his characters.

we’re used to see BC - with a few exceptions - play essentially good people. awkward, spiky, single-minded and selfish, yes. but at their core, people who are trying to express themselves and build relationships with others around them. 

but christian karl gerhartsreiter (charles rockefeller), and arguably thomas alva edison, patrick melrose and the protagonist from rogue male are all of much murkier constitutions.

gerhartsreiter beats up a government worker, kidnaps his daughter and lies and cheats his way through decades. edison whilst beloved by many, was single-minded to the point of neglecting his wife, contentiously cheated tesla of $50,000 and took part in a brutal smear campaign. patrick melrose - due to horrific childhood trauma - betrays people he loves, becomes a drug addict and is supremely self-obsessed. even the rogue male lead character shows a degree of sociopathy and a marked absence of morality in his initial stalk of the despot. even if historically it will be justified.

i’m glad for these tricky roles not just because we’ll see BC unleash his acting arsenal, but just as importantly he’ll be seen in a different light by the wider public.