patrick santucci

Deadpool Comic Appearance Details #247

X-Factor #200
Written by Peter David, Art by Bing Cansino with Marco Santucci, and Patrick Piazzalunga

Siryn, at a very low point in her life (Her father is recently dead, she slips in and out of alcoholism, she was involved with Jamie Madrox, but he was two-timing her with Monet, and she had a child with Jamie who turned out to be one of his dupes.) So she apparently hooks up with Deadpool. There is no context for this single page, no lead up that I could find in the few issues before. Seriously, none. And no follow up either. I think this might be their last interaction in the comics, at least from what I can remember.

Considering their previous interactions, she probably was feeling low, called him up, he immediately came over, and she took advantage of his old feelings for her.

[Deadpool]: *Yawn* You’re up already?
[Siryn]: Half the day’s gone.
[Deadpool]: That sucks. Come back to bed, Terry.
[Siryn]: Can’t. Have things to do.
[Deadpool]: You’re the mistress of the castle. Have someone else do them so you can do me. I’ll let you be on top. Hell, we can BOTH be on top. We’ll just need a chin-up bar, duct tape, and some WD-40.
[Siryn]: Don’t you have someone to assassinate?
[Deadpool]: Sure, but if they have to wait a day, it won’t kill ‘em.
[Siryn]: Seriously… this was great, but we’re done now. Okay?
[Deadpool]: Okay.. Sure your loss, baby. I’m outta here. [to himself] *choke* I miss her already…