patrick s young

so there was an ask talking about how i should continue the palming with peterick, and i ACCIDENTALLY deleted it like A FOOL so let me redo this shit.

ok, so, like??? tbh they’re just lightly fucking around, like, patrick’s young and he’s just surprised someone likes him, and that someone is a hot, older man. he’s just shocked, so he doesn’t mind how he’s getting attention or how pete’s hands keep landing on his thighs. he likes it, he really does. and he doesn’t even expect to get hard? he doesn’t know it’s gonna happen until it does and then he’s awkwardly shifting away, like, “holy shit, what am i supposed to do?” and pete just kind of notices it and gets the biggest fucking smirk and just politely asks what’s wrong, not getting a real clear answer. he finally just moves and pushes his hand into patrick’s crotch and patrick gives the worst noise- a fucking laugh mangled into a moan- completely ignoring how he bucks his hips into the touch. it’s not even executed right, but soon he’s straddling pete, who’s just palming at this kid’s, this barely 18 yr old’s, clothed dick with the biggest damn grin until patrick is practically shouting, having to be told to be quiet, with his bucking hips, before he’s just slack, with his head thrown back, cumming in his pants with some goddamn wild whimper that pete can only describe as a symphony for the ears of perverts.

pete falls in love with gentle cuddling and patrick saying he feels ‘sticky’ as he falls asleep.