patrick ruby


Here you have most of Yuzu’s reaction during Nathan Chen’s FS.

(Yuzu clapping for Nathan’s jumps and to me it looks like they count the quads and Yuzu discusses the quads with Patrick and Shoma.)

The Signs As Beautiful People
  • *Reposted because I forgot Capricorn, my apologies*
  • Aries: Ray Toro
  • Taurus: Taylor Swift
  • Gemini: Ruby Rose
  • Cancer: Frank Iero
  • Leo: Gerard Way
  • Virgo: Halsey
  • Libra: Patrick Stump
  • Scorpio: Hayley Williams
  • Sagittarius: Josh Dun
  • Capricorn: Laverne Cox
  • Aquarius: Tyler Joseph
  • Pisces: Tina Fey