patrick ruby

In all seriousness...

I think we ought to give kudos to Pete for how much quality time he spends with his sons. Almost every day on Snapchat when he’s not on tour, they’re either out hiking (which they seem to do regularly) or today launching a model rocket in a field. Or Pete is in the car selfie-ing…while waiting to pick up Bronx from school. I think that goes for all the guys, especially on their days off tour when they’re home for large chunks of time, such as now, they’re the Mr. Moms of the house. Remember that interview when Patrick says, “I spend most of my day cleaning up after my son and my dogs”? That’s just what every day is like for them. It’s better than leaving your kid so you can party and get paparazzi attention. I love how these guys are such normal people. I think that deserves appreciation. 👏👏👏


TDM filming starts this week. THIS WEEK. This week the actors and actresses that we’ve seen come together right before our very eyes are going to become our favorite characters. They’re going to act out the scenes that we’ve read 100 times. They’re going to say the lines that made us laugh and cry and scream.


Here you have most of Yuzu’s reaction during Nathan Chen’s FS.

(Yuzu clapping for Nathan’s jumps and to me it looks like they count the quads and Yuzu discusses the quads with Patrick and Shoma.)

St. Patrick's day.
  • Ruby: Tried fish and chips. Loved them, now has indigestion from trying to mix them with cookies
  • Weiss: Had a few sips of wine and some food, stuck caring for Ruby's stomach. Very annoyed.
  • Blake: Hid in a corner and red smut till Yang told her how the fish and chips were unlimited at the bar.
  • Yang: Drunk under a table.
  • Jaune: Didn't notice the date, got pinched (clocked in the eyebrow) by Cardin for not wearing green.
  • Phyrra: Beat the shit out of Cardin, took Jaime out to dinner to make him feel better.
  • Ren: Was going to make a special dinner for everyone before they went out to eat instead. Somewhat sad.
  • Nora: Drunk under the table with Yang.