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Patrick Rochon’s Motion to Light

Extreme sports and art don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but photographer Patrick Rochon has found a way to counter that. The area of photography in which Rochon specializes is light-painting, which in itself is its own artistic genre. Setting the camera to a longer exposure time allows light-painters to create photographs that, you guessed it, look like they have been painted with light. The result is mesmerizing.

In Rochons’ Motion to Light series, he attached LED lights to wakeboards, and allowed the professional athletes the freedom to create their own compositions, as he snapped away on the shoreline. This was the first time the photographer had ever done such a project, but the experiment was a success.

Not only did the LED’s mimic large, vibrantly-coloured brushstrokes, but the reflection in the water added to the texture of the overall piece. Like seeing two different, traditional, art styles come together in one photograph, through an un-traditional method.

It seems that even sports and technology, are able to inspire creative works.

-Anna Paluch


What happens when you combine professional wake boarding with one of the world’s premier light painters? Some rather incredible imagery, to say the least.

Patrick Rochon teamed up with Red Bull and a few professional wake boarders to produce the series. Along with the photos, there’s an exceptional video detailing the process behind the complex shoot.

Wake Boarding Collides With Light Painting

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Radiant Light: Beautiful Light Paintings Try to Capture that Which Cannot Be Seen

Inspired by that which we cannot see — such as the shapes of sound, the feelings we experience, the relationships of the various patterns in this world, and the energy constantly emitted by matter — photographer Patrick Rochon has created a beautiful series of light-painting photographs called Radiant Light.

“[Playing] with light in the dark,” Rochon likes to “imagine all the beauty that hides beyond what we see with our eyes and the key it holds to evolve into a conscious and connected life.”

Taking advantage of his intuition, feelings and instinct, he uses his own physical connection with the world to bring to life the energy unseen and create these photographs, shown to us exactly as they leave the camera without any digital manipulation.

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And after an amazing summer! Here are the works and projects of the last weeks/months.

The really amazing and beautiful work of Roberto Kusterle.

Perfect, beautiful ideas, merging nature, animals, human bodies and creating creative, sometimes surreal scenery and portraits. I love them.

(see them here @ His website)

Strong black and white photography by Antonio Biasiucci.

(see them here @ His website)

The amazing and powerful hand-made works of Michal Macku.

These works express so much and are done in a perfect and amazing way. I truly love them.

(see them here @ His website)

“Butoh”, one of the amazing light-painting projects of Patrick Rochon.

This is really an amazing way to use light, it’s poetic and strong.

(see them here @ His website) + (new website)

“How to be alone”, an interesting work by Nich Hance McElroy.

(see it here @ His website)

The really beautiful polaroid works of Andrea Ehrenreich.

(see them here @ Her website)

“Here comes the Sun”, a really great project by Laetitia Molenaar.

A wonderful mix of hand made background and post-production, inspired by paintings of Hopper. A really well made work.

(see it here @ Her website)

Beautiful and intimate projects by Linda Tuloup.

(see them here @ Her website)

Works by Daniel Garzee.

(see them here @ His website)

Interesting and mixed works by Abdul Abdullah.

(see them here @ His website)

“Aerial”, a great and beautifully done project by Joseph Ford.

It’s really a great idea. How creative.

(see it here @ His website)

Strawboys, a very interesting project by Gráinne Quinlan.

“This project is a collaboration with a number of performance groups found in rural parts of Ireland. 

United under various titles such as Strawboys or Mummers, these groups perform through traditional song, dance and raw mischievousness. [..]”

(see it here @ His website)

Really beautiful photographs and projects by Manu Fauque.

I really love his style and the soft beauty of his photographs.

(see them here @ His website)

Nude and artistic photography by Jan Scholz.

(see them here @ His website)

Photographic works by Lisa Wassmann.

(see them here @ Her website)

Urban photography by Julien Coquentin.

(see them here @ His website)

Advertising and creative photography by Andreas Smentana.

Really a great photographer.

(see them here @ His website)

Houses and interior photographs by Michael Kelley.

(see them here @ His website)


- “Stranger than fiction: Should documentary photographers add fiction to reality?”, a really interesting piece (here) @

- Beautiful interview with photographer Hans Wilschut (here) @

The LiteBlades Are the Latest Tools for Light Painting

The LiteBlades Are the Latest Tools for Light Painting

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All images by Patrick Rochon

If you’re looking for a new tool to paint with light and play with long exposures, then photographer Patrick Rochon has just what you need. They’re called the Liteblades–and they’re not anything like what you may see out of Star Wars. In fact, Patrick used them to make the Super Chromatic photos that we featured a while back.

The Liteblades are new brushes for…

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