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Nolan is such a blushy bab, can you imagine if he’s drafted by Philly or Dallas?? (I know the Devils get first pick but I only know hallsy there really) but like imagine G taking in another rookie and this ones almost too sweet and looks like a raspberry and he becomes buds with TK who’s got a crush that’s a mile wide and Ivan and him get along really great or sharpy just teasing him good naturedly all the time to see him turn pink and seggy loves getting him to smile and he gravitates towards bish and wants to be so good for jams and ugh I can’t believe how much I like this kid.

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Um ... for the May 4th Fic requests, could you do a Rex/Wolffe armor swap please?

I… tried, but it ended up a bit angst and humour??? Mixes some headcanons from various AUs, and a headcanon I hadn’t thrown out to the world yet, but uh, yeah, here ya go.

Warning: mentions of someone’s eating disorder/starving themselves, and implied abuse from a Jedi.

Rex chuckled as he watched Wolffe struggle into his armor. There was a debate going on among the Wolfpack and the 501st, about whether or not their commanding officers would be able to switch armor and infiltrate the other without anyone noticing. Rex had heard about this debate from Dogma and Tup, and was a bit surprised that it was Dogma that was saying it was possible, while Tup was saying it wasn’t.

Umbara had changed everyone, but it had affected Dogma the worst, was the general consensus among Torrent. Maybe that was why Rex decided to contact Wolffe, and suggest they try. Wolffe had snorted, said he had too much of a soft spark for Uj'ika, which was still something Rex had a hard time wrapping his mind around. Dogma had been through so much, and had only been able to recover while in the care of the Wolfpack, under a new identity. It still felt strange, that Dogma would respond to Uj'ika instead of Dogma. Rex still had trouble getting the names right.

“You’re too small, vod'ika.” Wolffe grunted. Rex rolled his eyes, but started putting Wolffe’s armor on himself.

He basically swam in it.

“Maybe you’re too big,” Rex scoffed, but Wolffe winced, and Rex remembered the report from Dogma, when he’d been reassigned to the 501st for a while.

Commander Wolffe has a eating disorder; as in he generally doesn’t. He’s been doing good lately, and General Plo said he’s actually a lot healthier now then before Umbara,

“Sorry,” Rex said, “I… Dogma… He, he told General Skywalker, Commander Tano, and I about…”

“About my eating disorder? Don’t worry, it’s not exactly a secret.” Wolffe sighed, “I’m pretty good about it, now, anyways.”

“What happened?” Rex asked.

“Uj'ika wasn’t the only one who worked under Krell first,” Wolffe answered, “I was just the lucky one out of the two of us.”

Rex didn’t know how to answer that. Still, he pulled Wolffe’s helmet on, and snorted.

“So, if I make it longer than you, you have to make me dinner. I you last longer, I’ll make you dinner.” Wolffe smirked at his words, and Rex grinned under the helmet.

“You’re on, vod'ika.”

Apparently, Wolffe is really good at cooking.

Want some Robin Hood retelling recs?


B O O K S:

  • sherwood by parke godwin. this take is set in the immediate aftermath of william the conqueror’s invasion in 1066. robin is a minor landowner’s son, here actually named edward, and proud of his saxon background. with the normans now in control of his country, he has to fight against oppression through guerrilla tactics. marian is a refugee of the conflict, guy of gisbourne is a norman knight who fancies marian and can’t understand these saxon dogs, and the familiar cast of merry men are subtly altered in a variety of ways. the historical research and visceral authenticity of this version makes it one of my all-time faves. (and if you enjoy this, i also highly recommend godwin’s firelord, his take on the legends of king arthur.)
  • lady of the forest by jennifer roberson. it’s robin hood told through maid marian’s eyes; set during the first crusades as most versions of the myth are, where robin is a shell-shocked soldier returning from the front amidst rumors that he was king richard’s paramour – a misconception because robin shares the same fair appearance as the king’s actual lover. marian is a lady of the court drawn to the wounded robin, and dares societal conventions in order to be with him. this is definitely more in line with the outlander series: a rousing historical tale that’s heavily focused on the legendary romance. i love roberson’s take on the characters and her prose is really exciting.
  • lady of sherwood by jennifer roberson. the sequel to the above; if you loved the first you’ll enjoy this.
  • outlaws of sherwood by robin mckinley. mckinley is one of my all-time favourite authors and her fairy tale retellings are DAS BESTE. much the miller’s son, an oft ignored/forgotten member of robin’s merry band features prominently in this, sharing equal “screen time” with robin and marian (who is by far the better archer, which i fucking LOVE). just a great adventure.
  • hooded man by paul kane. it’s robin hood in a post-apocalyptic future. enough said.
  • king raven trilogy by stephen lawhead. CONFESSION - I HAVEN’T ACTUALLY READ THIS TRILOGY YET. (i know, i know, IT’S ON THE PILE DIRECTLY NEXT TO MY BED.) so why am i reccing it even though i haven’t read it yet? because i’ve heard overwhelmingly good things about it and i know a lot of robin hood fans treat it with reverence. so add it to your list just as i’ve added it to mine.

M O V I E S:

  • the adventures of robin hood (1938), starring errol flynn, olivia de havilland, basil rathbone, and claude rains. it’s errol fucking flynn at his most dashing, for chrissake, in technicolor tighted glory. de havilland’s gowns are bloody amazing (if totally, ridiculously inaccurate), and rathbone and rains are perfectly slimy as gisbourne and prince john respectively. this is the one that set the mold for hollywood’s take on the legend.
  • robin hood (1973). it’s the disney take with the foxy fox robin, gr8 songs (“A POX ON THE PHONY KING OF ENNNNNGLAAAAND!”), and memorable voice-work. this is the movie that jump-started my whole obsession with the story. BEST BELOVED.
  • robin hood: prince of thieves (1991), starring kevin costner, morgan freeman, alan rickman, and mary elizabeth mastrantonio. i know, i know: it’s the ridiculous version with an obviously american robin (i think costner inexplicably attempts an accent in just, like, three scenes?) and christian slater as will scarlett but WHATEVS. this is such cheesy fun! the costumes! the epic music! ALAN FUCKING RICKMAN CHEWING THE GODDAMNED SCENERY FLAVORLESS. and freeman does a gr8 job as the perpetually done-with-everything azeem.
  • robin hood: men in tights (1993), starring cary elwes, amy yasbeck, mel brooks, and roger rees. once you’ve watched prince of thieves you’ll get even more of the jokes in this parody, which is a deliberate send-up of the costner version (“unlike other robin hoods, i can speak with an english accent.”). if y'all don’t already have this memorized from repetitive childhood viewings, though, i really and truly pity you.
  • robin hood (1991), starring patrick bergin, uma thurman, and jurgen prochnow. okay, so this isn’t by any stretch my fave adaptation. BUT maid marian gets to be pronouncedly more badass in this take, so i’ll rec it for at least one viewing.
  • robin hood (2010), starring russell crowe, cate blanchett, and oscar isaac. there are just three reasons to watch this film: 1) OSCAR AS PRINCE JOHN JFC, 2) the merry men are amazeballs, and 3) cate blanchett is fucking fierce as shit as an older marian.