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Johnny Depp, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ (‘84)


Just because BATES MOTEL is over doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to this KILLER cast. Here is where you can see them next! You’re welcome.

signs as '80s actors

Aries: River Phoenix

Taurus: Matt Dillon

Gemini: Rob Lowe

Cancer: Andrew McCarthy

Leo: Corey Feldman

Virgo: Patrick Swayze

Libra: Johnny Depp

Scorpio: Will Wheaton

Sagittarius: Corey Haim

Capricorn: Anthony Michael Hall

Aquarius: C. Thomas Howell

Pisces: Judd Nelson

I found out I had an Amazon gift card, which was probably the best news ever

When one is writing about the Royal Navy of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries it is difficult to avoid understatement; for so very often the improbable reality outruns fiction. Even an uncommonly warm and industrious imagination could scarcely produce the frail shape of Commodore Nelson leaping from his battered seventy-four-gun Captain through the quarter-gallery window of the eighty-gun San Nicolas, taking her, and hurrying on across her deck to board the towering San Josef of a hundred and twelve guns…

Patrick O’Brian, Author’s Note to Master and Commander

I feel like I need to get these words framed and hung above my desk, because I have so many moments when I’m writing where I stop and think, “oh, hang on… is this incident maybe a bit too implausible?” only to find out later, no, the problem is it’s not nearly implausible enough

(And it’s so true, no author would ever dare make up something as outrageous as Nelson’s Bridge.)

Screws fall out all the time…the world’s an imperfect place.
—  John Bender (Judd Nelson), ‘The Breakfast Club’, '85


The Reports.

I only wrote ONE of these! 🅱 wrote the rest, and I think the change in style might be enough to signify which is mine. If not, I wrote the report specifically stated to be by Henrik Von Schneeplestein on SCP 3025, every other report is the work of 🅱  who is amazing.
Also note- more of these will be put out in the future!

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