patrick monty

Me: *Immediately gets attached to Uncle Monty*

Patrick Warburton: This character with which you’ve become infatuated is fucked, a word which here means “doomed beyond hope”, though it can also mean “recently engaged in intercourse.” However, Uncle Monty’s only lover is the study of Herpetology, an abstract concept that is difficult to achieve coitus with, and with Count Olaf on the loose, the usage of the word “fucked” lends itself much more easily to describing the untimely death that awaited him.

Me, teary-eyed: Fuck you, Kronk.


‘What has the European Convention on Human Rights ever done for us?’

Roosterteeth is more than a company to me

they’re the family I’ve always wanted. They’re the family who stick up for each other and make sure they’re okay. They laugh together, they cry together, and they do stupid shit together. Without Roosterteeth, I wouldn’t be happy.

I love my family, and I’m glad I have them