patrick mohr k1x

Patrick Mohr k1x 

The collaboration of German designer Patrick Mohr and the urban brand K1X have managed to cook up a huge success in the release of their much sought after trainer ‘Patrick Mohr K1X' , it seems that whenever these limited, exclusive trainers/sneakers have been released or re-stocked, they have flown of the shelves, showing how in demand they are, and their rarity! This is one of the reasons I would love to have a pair of these on my feet. The most recent design of these trainers are made up of suede, which I think always makes for a nice pair of trainers/sneakers rather than the basic leather or mesh you so often see these days. The triangles that feature on these trainers are also very intriguing and eye catching, showing good attention to detail on the trainer/sneaker and originality in its design. For me its the ripple strip going through the middle of the laces and the attachable triangle (trademark) logo that make the trainers/sneakers, i honestly think that it makes the trainer stand out from the crowd and gives it great character. The Patrick Mohr K1X has to be one of my favorite trainers to ever land, due to its exclusivity in both design and availability pretty much everything I look for in a trainer/sneaker! I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for any restocking or new releases of these beauties! 


Price £150-£200 retail                   eBay £300 - £400

 Out of stock when available will be announced

Rating 5/5               Rarity 4/5