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62 Thing you didn’t know about BrBa (one for each episode)

56 - Buried Ep. 5x10

Huell and Kuby, stretched out on that pile of cash in Walt’s storage locker, is one of the series’ funniest visuals, and, fittingly, it came courtesy of two comedians: Huell and Kuby portrayers Lavell Crawford and Bill Burr are both stand-up comics. They’re also among a contingent of “BB” cast with stand-up comedy in their backgrounds, including Bob Odenkirk, Steven Michael Quezada (Gomez), Matt Jones (Badger), and Bryan Cranston, who tried his hand at stand-up comedy early in his career

the signs as breaking bad characters
  • aries: hank schrader
  • taurus: gustavo fring
  • gemini: saul goodman
  • cancer: jesse pinkman
  • leo: skyler white
  • virgo: marie schrader
  • libra: walter white jr
  • scorpio: mike ehrmantraut
  • sagittarius: patrick kuby
  • capricorn: walter white
  • aquarius: jane margolis
  • pisces: lydia rodarte-quayle

Magic: the Gathering - Money Bath

When I watched Breaking Bad’s ‘Buried’ (Seaon 5, Episode 10) when Huell Babineaux and Patrick Kuby visit Walt’s storage locker and lie down on the pile of cash, I did not really have any emotion.  When I tried hard and imagined it was a pile of legacy staples, I was nearly moved to tears.