patrick kruger

the chicago blackhawks as "drunk, stoned, or stupid" cards
  • patrick kane: finishes every wounded solider at party
  • jonathan toews: will find a reason to take shirt off
  • brent seabrook: always makes the executive decision
  • duncan keith: would survive in the woods with just a hatchet
  • artemi panarin: has no idea what's going on
  • vinnie hinostroza: gets trapped by a revolving door
  • ryan hartman: builds a fort and sleeps in it for a week
  • marian hossa: is always right
  • corey crawford: plays drinking games for glory not drinking
  • trevor van riemsdyk: gets popcorn bucket from trash for free refills
  • artem anisimov: is never impressed
  • niklas hjalmarsson: refers to themselves in the third person
  • scott darling: goes to taco bell sober
  • johnny oduya: has heart-to-heart with homeless guy
  • marcus kruger: goes missing within 15 minutes of going out
  • john hayden: knows all three stages of charmander's evolution
  • 1988: has sex on a treadmill
  • coach q: would take the last parachute

No matter what happens tonight the Blackhawks will still be my team and I’ll still love them.

I’m not even pissed that the Hawks are not playing well. I’m really sad because everyday of my life, I somehow end up talking about them and thinking about the fact that they won’t make it to the second round again, makes me cry. I love this team so much but they really have to step it up. Shout out to Crawford, Kruger, Kane, and Rasmussen for actually being there at the game.


2016-17 Goals Game 72/82 (vs Colorado Avalanche)

Goal 1: Kane
Goal 2: Toews
Goal 3: Panik
Goal 4: Panarin
Goal 5: Toews
Goal 6: Kruger (empty net)

**Game Notes**
- with Toews’ two goals tonight he and Patrick Kane become the 6th teammate duo in NHL history to both score 20+ goals in 10 consecutive seasons.
- Hawks score 3 goals in 34 seconds in the 3rd period (5 goals in one period)
- With Calgary beating LA the Hawks clinch their pass to the 2017 playoffs

Jennifer Tootoo, Lauren Storhoff, Elina Hjalmarsson, Alexandra Berhe, Malin Molander, Alisa Znarok, Nikola Panik, Amanda Grahovec, Alexandra Stewart, Annie Shields

Kristy Muscolino’s Baby Shower 4-8-17

Hawks Queue (26/∞): Hey Chicagooooo


Chicago Blackhawks singing “We Are the Champions” 

(Source: nhl)

Remember when:

•People doutbed Crow in Nashville

•Pekka losing the puck

•Darling came in and kicked ass

•Crow came back and kicked ass

•Those two goalie switch games where the new goalie remained perfect and Keith got the winning goal in double OT

•Sweeping Wild and Kane owning them

•How fucking scary Anaheim was yet we fought back Game 6 and 7 to move on

•Shaw with the headbutt

•Winning Game One In Tampa

•Shaw biting Hedman

•Teuvo kicking ass

•Losing two in a row

•Oduya’s hand injury

•The Mystery of Ben Bishop

•Saad’s goals

•Vermy Game Winning Goals with Versteeg set up

•Crow scaring everyone and diving back in net to make the save

•Sharp ending his drought when the Bishop collision happened

•Hjalmarsson blocking shots

•Krugs leaving ice

•Winning three in a row to win the cup at home Game 6

•Kane scoring

•Crow with his shutout

•Keith Con Smythe

•Kimmo raising the cup