patrick kane is the worst

shoulderskneesandtoews requested  ;; patrick kane/jonathan toews → high school au

hockey is all pat has. its not that he’s an idiot with school, its just hockey means more. he loves it, he loves the team and the ice and game. so when jonathan toews arrives, and with him the potential to bring pride back to the school and their team, pat loves him - and then hates him, deeply, when he leaves. only somehow they end up working together, and learning from each other becomes learning about each other.

eiirene requested ;; patrick kane/jonathan toews → neighbours au

former hockey star patrick kane moves into trump international towers and hotel and meets a weirdly attractive stranger in the lobby. they continue to bump into each other as patrick takes up a position coaching kids hockey. when he attends one of the ‘hawks games, his attractive stranger becomes star captain, jonathan toews, and their encounters progress from casual neighbours to something much more. 

tictactoews  asked:

Top 5 hockey players (you brought this upon yourself by promising pictures, now deliver :P)

nobody wants pictures of my top five hockey players, mariola, you brought this upon yourself ;) (there are actually terrible people on this list? but screw that, people have judged me for worse things)


.four a & b | sidney crosby & jonathan toews

sidney is just - one of the best players in the league right now? he is just amazing to watch on the ice. he can score on his knees, for crying out loud! 

jonathan toews is just amazing on ice. he’s a great captain and he gets shit done. i will never tire of watching his shifts on the ice. 

he’s joint with sidney because i honestly cannot decide between them and i didn’t want to cast one off, to be honest. SO YES. equal!

.three | claude giroux

i get that i’ve committed some cardinal sin liking claude giroux at the same time as sidney crosby (and even more than him at that) but seriously, i do not even understand it. i like who i like and i’m not going to apologise for that. claude is amazing at hockey and whatever, whatever, i like him. 

.two | evgeni malkin

not only a flawless human being, but a GREAT HOCKEY PLAYER. if he’s not made a penguin for life, i am 5000% done with hockey. (well, no i’m not but do you want to make sidney SAD?)

.one | patrick kane

hate him or hate him, patrick kane is good at hockey. feel free to dislike him as a person but if you tell me he is bad at hockey you are wrong. he has problems and he’s a fucking dickbag but i like him anyway, so. 

i am not even sorry for this order or who is on this list. I LOVE THEM. 

anonymous asked:

Tell me more about your Kaner/Carts thoughts, though.


It’s possible I’m a little insane about jeff carter and patrick kane both but the idea of them sleeping together because jonny and mike are off somewhere fishing and manitoba bonding or whatever, is just really good for me. PAIRING OF MY HEART.

anonymous asked:

Would you ever ship Patrick Sharp/Patrick Kane?


sorry, i know it’s pretty hot on my dash right now, but i just can’t. it has nothing to do with sharpy being too married, because i’ve heard that being a reason for not doing it? mine is just because i honestly don’t see them like that.

i’m OTPish about kane/toews and that’s obvious, but i’ve shipped kane/segs (and i would even ship kaner/carter OKAY), so it’s not that, but god, like, i don’t know. i just do not see sharpy and kaner like that /0\