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‘Teresa Lisbon. It’s… It’s a nice name.’ - Patrick Jane

Did Jane think she’d be his destiny when they just met? Did we think they’d end up together? Many of us hoped so.

For the one we met was a woman of character, someone strong and honest, someone who this lost and hopeless man saw as his hope as of the start, someone he - and we - trusted instantly. Teresa Lisbon, a person of integrity, not perfect but with a giving heart, a woman knowing what it is to suffer and lose someone, full of empathy, unselfish, and loyal. The character we gradually fell in love with and so did Jane. Someone he chose to share his life with, someone who became the love of his life, and we know why.


“Aren’t you the romantic?”

Love makes Jane’s ever present romanticism come to the forefront and he likes surrounding Lisbon with demonstrations of devotion, big and small, expensive and those that don’t cost anything but take his mentalist skills of an observant man. He likes to plan things, and details are important, be it Lisbon’s coffee in the morning or a throw on the log he put there for them to sit on getting ready for the proposal. He notices things Lisbon likes, knows the colors she’d wear, senses what she’ll be touched by and plunges into this process with pleasure and thrill.


“I’d rather be here with you.” - Patrick Jane

Love seeing how their private relationship merges with the professional one smoothly, after the latter came back on track following all the awkwardness and estrangement in S6. It flows between them as they savor each other’s company at work and at home, sharing the same space 24/7. Their new status gives a new taste to what they are used to – working together – and managing to be discreet, they still sprinkle their communication with little gestures of attention, and smiles, comments that no one else hears, and meaningful glances. Routine is full of new colors, new excitement, and they seem to enjoy living it so much. 


“I could kill you with my bare hands.”

How many times we saw Lisbon struggling and trying to remain composed faced with another escapade of Jane’s, and how much it cost her to bear with him. She forgave the unforgivable always finding forces within her and enough nobility to put their friendship and her duty as well as her deep understanding of Jane’s tragedy over her hurt feelings and egotism. She saw beyond Jane’s armor and believed in the good in him, more than he did himself, knowing who he really was and wishing she could brighten up his life. And as they got together, she came to discover more and more often the man she’d fallen in love with, someone truer to himself and to the world around him, less in need of hiding his feelings, more serious and more comfortable with who he is – because he knew that was what she wanted to see. She’d always wanted that man in him to come to the forefront, and when he did, she started expressing her feelings of love with the same fervor she would express her indignation when he’d resorted to his tricks of a conman before, giving him what he’d lacked.

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