patrick j. kennedy

Cast & Crew shaing their congrats/love on Tatiana winning the Emmy! (more of the cast) (other reactions)

I love how Joan looks adoringly at little Patrick and then she’s like woopsie gotta be serious now ! lol ^^

“Where” the journalist asked “did Patrick get that orange hair? You’re blonde and the Senator has brown hair…”

“Everybody asks us that” Joan said with a laugh. “and we didn’t know the answer ‘till last winter, when Ted caught pneumonia. While he was recuperating, he let his beard grow - and, sure enough, it came in reddish !” (1970)

September 1969, Joan & her two boys - Teddy & Patrick. This pic was used for a Good Housekeeping cover and article. I don’t know if they colored the picture because Teddy actually had bright blonde hair and Joan has green - not blue - eyes. Best quality I’ve found so far !

Addiction is no joke.

But hysterical anti-marijuana organizations like S.A.M. and D.A.R.E. can be a real hoot to make fun of!

Alcohol addiction saturates our culture. Tobacco (nicotine addiction) kills more people than all other drugs combined. But let’s be honest: marijuana “addiction” is primarily a propaganda campaign generated by financially-motivated political organizations with no interest in public health.

This artwork was done on behalf of MPP, which opposes S.A.M.

1994, Joansie is so proud of her youngest son :) I think Joan & Patrick share a special bond. He is now the one who cares for her, choosing not to run for a third term as a US representative for Rhode Island because he thinks his mom’s well-being and safety is more important ♥

This is why Patrick is my fave Kennedy from the third generation. He is a very caring person and seems to possess a very rare quality among the Kennedy men (hell, the Kennedy family) : introspection. He got it from his mama ! :)