patrick is everywhere

I found out I had an Amazon gift card, which was probably the best news ever


too hot, hot damn

Dog edition 

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weird au idea i had - if something makes patrick really, really embarrassed or sad, he shrinks. he's really 6'3 but he's always 5'4 because of how self-conscious he is. sometimes when he's in a really sad mood, he'll only be a couple of inches tall and he has to sit in someone's pocket.

Pete gets so worried about him because as if he wasn’t defenceless ANYWAYS. He carries Patrick everywhere like the most precious of cargo and Patrick gets pissed of that Pete never lets him have any independence and isn’t afraid to resort to things like biting to fight back at Pete. Pete always rocks him gently and tries to convince him to talk about it and Patrick just folds his arms and explains that Pete swaying him like he’s on a roller coaster and his giant face just looming there doesn’t really make Patrick want to talk about his feelings

I just realized….

Arthur must really fragging hate St. Patrick’s Day.

Green is everywhere, Everyone is wearing green, and you get pinched if you don’t. And it’s a slow buildup as people put more and more green things on display till you can’t help but be surrounded by it.

I imagine on that day Arthur just hides in his work room and refuses to come out till it’s over.

if you ever feel like you’re not good at anything, just remember that patrick stump spent the first fifteen years of his life thinking he couldn’t sing and he only found out he had the voice of an angel because some weirdo college-age guy decided to start a emo band

so if you can’t see how great you are, then don’t worry. your pete wentz is out there somewhere and they are going to show you.