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Patrick Stewart applying for US citizenship so he can ‘fight’ Trump

“You know, we have our own problems. We have Brexit. But I’m not a (US) citizen. However, there is, maybe it’s the only good thing as the result of this election, I am now applying for citizenship. Because I want to be an American, too.” The “X-Men” star continued: “Because all of my friends in Washington said there’s only one thing you can do: fight, fight, oppose, oppose. But I can’t do it because I’m not a citizen.”



It’s like every week something weird happens.

Happy St. Patricks Day to all our fans!

From this image it is easy to see how we got the name “The Emerald Isle”- with most of the country covered in green vegetation, primarily grassland. If you are familiar with the Irish climate, you may be in awe at this image captured by NASA’s Terra Satellite. Yes, there is apparently nothing NASA cannot do; including getting a photo of Ireland without any cloud cover!! Given Ireland’s temperate climate and the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, Ireland rarely is cloud free. In fact, the sky is entirely cloudy more than 50% of the time, according to the Irish meteorological office- 99% of the time according to most Irish people.

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Dad Patrick’s like, 5 outfits:

I think the bandom is very much aware that Patrick re-wears clothes. He’s not *that* celebrity. But the funny thing is he tends to cycle through like the same five outfits lol

1. Standard black skinny jeans

Patrick has said in some interview (can’t remember but if you know it, please send the link!), he has maybe five or so pairs of the same black skinny jeans that he wears for everything. You will very rarely ever see him wearing any other type of pants (except for *cough* khaki pants *cough* on some forbidden photo that we’re not allowed to speak of).

2. Standard black leather jacket

Patrick has a solid black leather jacket that he uses to “rock star” whatever it is he’s wearing, whether it matches or not (see: Cubs jersey pictured above). It’s like, “Oh Cubs jersey. Yay it’s a Cubs fan!” *puts on leather jacket* “Oh! A rock star Cubs fan!”

3. Moto jacket with red lining

But most often, he wears this black moto jacket with red lining on the inside. This one he wears for and with eeeeverryyyythingggggggg.

4. His ratty solid shirts (specifically a brown scoop neck and navy v-neck)

Sometimes Patrick insists on wearing these ratty solid-colored shirts that are just plain and wrinkly-looking lol, specifically the brown one and blue one pictured above. Oh dad!


Oh and this we all knew. Patrick looooooves his space shirts.

And finally, some examples of how he mixes it up:

(Also: Cardigans. Because they’re so soft and warm. There’s not one in particular he wears ALL THE TIME though.)