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My Fave Five Episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil (so far)

Man, that last promo got me shook. I was cursing more than Cartman at the end of that episode of South Park where he starts a Christian Rock Band. It’s just after having several shows either disappoint me or just plain give me the finger (RWBY, Teen Titans Go!, Voltron Legendary Defender) I was angry that I might have to add Star vs to that list. I spent my day off from work feeling sorry for myself and watching a bunch of old episodes to remind myself of days when the world made sense. But then I realized something. I can never bring myself to hate this show. For over two years this show has been a part of me. It’s something my niece and I love together. My friends reminded me that the show hasn’t let me down before and to trust that it isn’t going to start now. So here are

My Fave Five Episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil (so far)

5. Star on Wheels

In my opinion, there are two kinds of Star vs episodes: Earth episodes and Magical episodes. This one falls under the former. Marco gets tired of pushing both himself and Star up hills and stairs on his bike, so he decides to teach her how to ride a bike. However, Star loses control of the bike and the only person around to help is Star’s crush, Oskar. This episodes goes from normal to crazy really quickly and it’s a bunch of fun. The only thing I think is kinda weird is that the ending almost made it sound like the moral of the story was that Star has to accept that she’s not on Mewni? But I thought she already accepted that considering she loves living on Earth. Whatever. But I effing loved that hug at the end. Also, one time my mom came to my apartment for dinner and I had that episode playing on the TV. I told her Star and Marco were boyfriend/girlfriend and she believed me. Ha!

4. Blood Moon Ball

The episode that told the world in Jon Oliver’s voice, “Yup, starco is a thing we are doing. Strap in for the feels people because you’re in it for the long haul. I’m talking slow burn, baby.” Star’s demon ex-boyfriend, Tom, shows up to take Star to the Blood Moon Ball. She’s hesitant, but Tom says that he’s changed and has his anger totally under control. Marco doesn’t want Star to go, but when she does, he followers her anyway. The music is beautiful. Brian H. Kim was so excited to do a waltz and it shows. All the jokes are funny and hit their mark. The last scene of the episode really shows what separates Star and Marco from other characters. Star is hurt by Marco’s lack of trust in her and she tells him. Then Marco does the craziest thing that other men rarely do. He apologizes. He doesn’t try to argue or justify his actions. He sees that he’s hurt her feelings and admits he’s in the wrong. The fact that he was right about Tom doesn’t matter. The reason it’s so low on the list is because I really just don’t like Tom. I don’t enjoy his character and I can’t see why others would. My friend tried to explain it to me but I think I’ve reached the point where I just don’t care. Starco 1, Tom 0.

3. Face the Music

I could not get enough of this episode when it first came out. Star has to prepare for her song day celebration where the people of Mewni are formally introduced to their princess via a musical performance. Star tries to avoid doing any of it until she learns that her songstral, Ruberiot, shares the same opinion and want to make a princess song that actually means something. Meanwhile, Moon tries to investigate what Ludo did with the Book of Spells. There are great jokes on both stories and Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) did a great job. The princess song ends up being this fantastic rock opera and I listen to it everyday. Drama ends up hitting the fan however when Ruberiot reveals that not only did Star lose Glossaryk to Ludo, but that she’s also in love with Marco! The drama bomb is so big, people are still talking about it. This episode is a crazy ride of emotions that leaves you wanting more. It’s funny because when I showed this episode to my sister (who is more of a casual fan) she was so sure that Marco was going to fall in love with Star first. Oh well.

2. Camping Trip

I love the River episodes. Royal Pain was my favorite for a long time until they topped it with this one. The Diaz family goes on a camping trip, and Marco wants to show Star what camping is like on Earth. Again, things go from normal to crazy when Star’s dad joins them through sheer force of will. I’m serious. He had no dimensional scissors. He just said, “Fuck it,” and fell from the fucking sky. Every joke lands and shows the contrast between Marco’s character and how Star has learned from him. As much as I love the starco stuff, River was the real MVP of this episode. He is insane and it really turns up the wild whenever he gets an episode. An overall fun ride.

1. Freeze Day

I’m giving this episode my number one spot because to me, this is the quintessential Star vs episode. This is the episode I use to show people basically what the show is like. Star and Marco mess up and have to go to another dimension to fix it. This time they actually froze time and have to travel to the plains of time to convince Father Time to push the wheel of progress. The only thing more creative than the imagery is the music as Brian H Kim uses sound affects to really push the idea that Star and Marco are in another dimension. The chase sequence is fun, and Jim Gaffigan is a laugh riot as Father Time. We learn more about Star and Marco and the moral at this end is timeless (lol). It has fun, heart, humor, and a little adventure. Everything I love in my cartoons.

This actually did make me feel a lot better. No matter what the promo says it doesn’t change that fact that this story is about Star and Marco. They grow as characters and influence each other in positive ways. My niece loves this show as much as I do and we’re going to keep watching. It’s our favorite combination of fun, heart, humor, fighting, drama, sense and nonsense that will keep us coming back.

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