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OKAY BUT DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN the companion who stayed with the Doctor the longest was a piper’s son named Jamie McCrimmon from 18th century Scotland who couldn’t read or write and had no idea what a radio or a toaster or an elevator was, much less a time-and-space-ship? And who probably mentally catalogued Daleks and Cybermen as “metal beasties” and “the other metal beasties”, and made fun of the Doctor for never, ever landing the TARDIS even remotely where he intended, but still called him a clever wee chappie and would follow this rumpled-looking little Englishman to the ends of the earth without hesitation?

And then remember how the Time Lords ripped the Doctor’s companions away from him and wiped their memories, and Jamie woke up in the middle of the Battle of Culloden with a redcoat shooting at him, and the Doctor was exiled on Earth with a broken TARDIS so he could never find them again?

And then remember that one time on the Scottish moors when Ten used the name Doctor McCrimmon.



Happy Birthday, Deborah Watling! Victoria is a companion who deserves WAY more love than she gets. Victoria has one of the most heartbreaking journeys of a companion. She lost EVERYTHING and still did her best to be brave. When she leaves the TARDIS, it’s just plain SAD. I can’t listen to the ending of “Fury from the Deep” without crying. None of this would be possible without Deborah Watling, who worked extremely well with Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines, in addition to being just downright adorable. Thank you for being amazing, Ms. Watling.


Frazer Hines doing the voice of both Jamie and the Second Doctor


- What do you think you’re doing, you idiots? Unhook the thing! You’re meddling with things you don’t understand! 

22nd March

On this day in 1969: The Space Pirates (Episode Three)

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe join Clancey aboard his ship which is being pursued. Clancey takes them to the planet Ta which they discover is the base of operations for the pirates.