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The many suitors of Lady Mary Crawley -

Duke of Crowborough

Evelyn Napier

Kemal Pamuk

Sir Richard Carlisle

Matthew Crawley

Charles Blake

Lord Anthony Gillingham

Henry Talbot

My last bit of art therapy before I get back to the art work.

As always, I am on top of the trends! The style meme was, what, like 6 weeks ago? Yeah, well… life and all that.

Doing my own was probably the toughest. Do I go with loose and sketchy, clean and cartoony or lean on the realism? Then it hit me like a derp, my style is ultimately to open a blank canvas and see what takes shape. It was fun. Even though I cheated a lil since two were already done.

God, I fucking love Dazzler.


Hey, guys!  It’s sure been a while since I posted here.  I’d thought the trail on this had all but dried up, but just the other day, out of the blue, I got a LENGTHY and super-detailed email from an individual named Andy Shepherd!

Mr. Shepherd has apparently been looking for Phantaman separately for quite some time, though fell out of it recently due to getting busy… go figure!  How cool is that, though?

I’ve included most of it here under the read-more label.  Have a look-see!

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anonymous asked:

You realize by law Hillary had to defend the rapist as if she believed he was innocent right? Trump is being taken to court for raping a 13 yr old and said he would fuck his daughter, but yea sure, he's obviously the better of the two lol

I do realize that, but she thought it was humorous after the fact. 

She also left four Americans to hang out and dry in Benghazi, those four Americans are:

John Christopher “Chris” Stevens

Sean Patrick Smith

Navy SEAL Glen Doherty

Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods

If she didn’t care enough to save these 4, what makes you think she cares about you?