patrick daley

This team continues to put everyone in disbelief!
Since the beginning they said they wouldn’t get this far:
#1 defenseman will not play in the playoffs: Kris Letang
Murray gets injured. Marc Andre Fleury, steps up and puts on a show! (So freaking proud of this man!!)
Everyone has played a ridiculously amount of hockey, they’re too tired…
half the roster is out…
But this team continues to prove that they are capable of greatness!
One person goes down and the whole team rallies because they have belief in each other. The believe that they can be great together.
Ugh I am so proud!
Playing for the Stanley Cup once again, ready or not, here they come!!!

i dont think that us hockey fans appreciate action shots enough

i mean, they’re a blessing in disguise, and there’s always someone making a really dumb face 


(okay, this isnt an action shot, but still…) 

artemi bread

psycho artemi bread


mutt barking at god only knows who??

kaner doin’ his thang

trevor daley 

tiki holding his breath

a very angry desi

brandon mashinter freaking out

tazer mid-punch

a very happy desi

brandon mashinter mid-fight

seabs doing….idek

more seabs

what even, jonny…?

kaner mid-celly

shawzy and his flow

and if all else fails, there’s always q

and guy who i dont know but is wearing a suit so he’s probably important

and the fans….

“I have read every word of what you have written and I am both impressed and staggered at the breadth and scope of your project. It is a massive undertaking and I commend you for having the courage to attempt something of this magnitude and the ability to pull it together. The characters sound fascinating and their backgrounds as you have detailed them will make for extremely interesting reading. I can’t even begin to imagine how you have been able to create their lineage and the backstory that goes with each of them.”–Patrick Daley, author of the Janus Chronicles.

That was just the part that made me squeal. The rest are a multitude of questions regarding what will happen next including whether it is a stand alone novel or will become part of Tolkien and whether or not I wait to publish the entire book or move ahead with “Book II: The Saga of Thranduil” first.

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Thranduil, the Elvenking of Mirkwood, has gone further than I ever thought possible. Thanks to you. ❤U 4-Ever.